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Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by The Jumping Dwarf, Apr 29, 2015.

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Whose team are you on?

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  2. #TeamTammy

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  1. If only youtubeying was a thing back then!
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    Triggered Fivehead

    Triggered Fivehead Talk to the ham, bitches!
  2. Does Amy really think kids watch her? I sure as fuck hope they don't.

    I love her excuse of stealing was her Grandfather died. Yes Amy, we all steal when we experience the death of a loved one.
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    xenomorph Headshrinker.
  3. [​IMG]
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    xenomorph Headshrinker.
  4. She must be desperate for that youtubie monies.

    Stanley_Buttkiss Public menace
  5. IMG_2682.JPG
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    FatFuckingClown *pins you to the ground and force-feeds you crack*
  6. Of course she stole something from Walmart.
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  7. I'm surprised she didn't get away with it consider all the flabs could e excellent hiding places for small items
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    Bugaboo I have to kill fast and bullets too slow
  8. No, someone dying brings out all the thieves. It's just other family members stealing the dead person's shit, not stealing from the store.
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    [Insert Meme Here]

    [Insert Meme Here] Bonjour--I mean, Buenos Diás!
  9. Since someone posted a NSFW of Tammy, here's one of Amy. You can't see her face but it's her.

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  10. There is no god
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    vittek Cause Commodore is keeping up with you!
    True & Honest Fan
  11. My soul feels filthy
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    smallmilk Lol Lol Mılk

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    xenomorph Headshrinker.
  13. Why would you do this to us
    Why would you hurt us like this
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    SaladV Uses Zanuka as a Fleshlight
  14. Please one was enough
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    Zach_Kun Nyoom!
  15. I think I died and went to hell.
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  16. I'm gay and that gave me an erection.
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    Clintonberg Grabbed by the Pussy
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  18. I am convinced that there is no hope left.
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  19. upload_2017-2-14_19-22-55.png

    From the video
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    Vitriol Moderator
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  20. So the racist Amy tweet was faked by some kid some teenager fucking around. Anyone ever sit in on those google hangouts these you tube gossipers have? Its so much cringe and apparently within that group there is dissension in the ranks.
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    xenomorph Headshrinker.
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