The Slaton Sisters / Amy Slaton / Tammy SlatonFat.

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by The Jumping Dwarf, Apr 29, 2015.

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  1. Well... At least Amy had the sense to crop most of her face out of that picture.

    These two girls need to go live in a half-way house for sad, dumb, tragically fat, redneck inbreds. It's strangely specific but lately the Internet has shown me there are far more of these women than I previously thought possible.
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    Dog Prom 3D

    Dog Prom 3D Like a bullet made of chorizo
  2. Where the hell are all these topless picture's coming from all of a sudden? Let's just all pray that those are it and there's not any full body nudes.
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  3. It's not like you'd see anything other then a gut hanging and some saggy tits. You'd need dora the explorers map and a flashlight to find that vagoo
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    Darndirty Just the kink.
  4. Tammy and Amy are so obese and don't have much in the way of boobs that you could shop a fat neckbeard's face onto them and pass it off as a fat, shirtless guy.
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    King n Yellow

    True & Honest Fan
  5. Why did she leave the door open?

    Also, that stomach must hurt like hell.
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    Triggered Fivehead

    Triggered Fivehead Talk to the ham, bitches!
  6. All you'd need is an unclogged nose tbh
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  7. IMG_1482.PNG

    Saddle up everyone :oops:
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    xenomorph Headshrinker.
  8. I've seen better tits on a walrus.
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    Stanley_Buttkiss Public menace
  9. Ask if she'd smash Tammy. She technically counts as a youtuber.
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    Zach_Kun Nyoom!
  10. fucking ripper, dude. the slatons are pathetic and sad in a way that many lolcows aren't. they're not as much contemptible as utterly pitiable.
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  11. You read my mind.
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    FemalePresident In office.
  12. lmao!!!

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  13. Given how these two share everything online, do we know much about their family? I'm pretty sure that the "inbred rednecks" may just be an exaggeration, but they look weird even for obese people. Currently my avatar is Trigglypuff, and while she does look enormous, she doesn't look like she had a reverse liposuction on her forehead like the Slaton sisters do. What's up with that, really?

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    FatFuckingClown *pins you to the ground and force-feeds you crack*
  15. Try to stop a freight train with her face, probably.
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    muh_moobs Lord of mspaint shitposts
  16. tam-tam da hutt.jpg

    Maybe Tam-Tam can score a cameo in "Last Jedi".
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    muh_moobs Lord of mspaint shitposts

  17. People in the comments section are saying she might have gotten some dick from her man, David. Shes very happy and giddy.
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    xenomorph Headshrinker.
  18. Who is this David? Sorry, I've been missed out on the Slatons for a while.
    Triggered Fivehead

    Triggered Fivehead Talk to the ham, bitches!
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