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If you really had to who would you sex?

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Gloop Gloop
Jumpscare at 0:04

Also note that at the one minute mark Amy is sorry about the way she acted in the last video regarding Dobby. She says she went into detail more on her Instagram. You will also hear her redneck mumbling about how it wasn't really her idea to give him up. I knew there was more to it than just a hole in the couch pissing Amy off. Fatty didn't want to lose her man. I guess Michael don't like no holes in his brand new couch. To a redneck a couch that wasn't taken from the dump or found discarded on the side of the road is a status symbol. That's living high on the hog. If yer lucky y'all might find yerself a mattress that ain't too stained up. Then you'll be the envy of the whole trailer park.

Watching Amy fumble with a curling iron like she is 12 and insists on doing it herself is a sight. Especially with those Michelin Man arms flailing about. Dem rolls. :cryblood:

Tammy was supposed to film the wedding too. Damn. i was hoping to see a sample of her work. The camera probably trained on her gigantic face with a quarter of the happy couple partially visable behind that sack full of Christmas hams that Tammy calls an arm. All while making sure to tell Dustin to shut up several times during the ceremony.

I think that she knows she looks really bad and doesn't want to be stared at. Especially when she doesn't even fit in her wheelchair. And she is probably more than a bit jealous. That whole girlfriend thing turned out to be really one sided and Tammy pretty much admitted to that. Tammy lonely. Her size and her attitude will always get in the way of any happiness she could have. At least Amy, for all her flaws, seems to try to improve herself the best a Slaton can. It's not much and they are both terrible. But she is at least a bit better than Tammy.

Can't wait for the next "diet" update. TamTam claims that a 4x almost fits her. Sure, Jan.:roll:

She can totally wear it ugaiz. It's just a little tight. :lol:

We should start taking bets on how much weight she gains from this diet. She is headed for being bedbound. She can already barely move around in the wheelchair. How much longer before the ambulance has to haul her ass to the vet at Sea World again? Next time she may really need that supersize coffin.

"As for Minnie the cat, that was the one that she dropped off at the Slaton Doublewide because he was going all over the floor. He was a male cat that Amy stupidly missexed. They renamed him Mickey. Not to be confused with the MIA guinea pig. At first Tammy claimed he was given away to a nice family. Then in another live she was asked again and said he was run over by a car, prompting the "it was just a cat" debacle that got her tons of hate. So Tammy lies about animals too. "

Oh no! That was the cutest little cat. I always wondered what became of "Minnie/Mickey" after he disappeared from Amys videos. I mean, I knew he went to live with Amy's mom but I could never get an answer from Tammy or Amy when I asked in their insta stories or live shows it was conveniently always ignored. Although I did take a hiatus from the slatons around the time Mickey/Minnie disappeared. Anyway thanks for the information I have been asking about that little cat for about 2 years....
Tammy could have avoided all the bad comments by telling the truth in the first place and not screaming that it was just a cat every time someone brought it up. Taylor Nicole Dean made the same mistake with "It was just a fish". Although in her case she gushed over the fish when it was alive because she just had to have another exotic fish she couldn't properly take care of. People need to realise that you will piss off subscribers if you act like this over deceased pets. Even if you have to fake it at least try to look like you have some humanity in you. Otherwise have fun bleeding subscribers.

Tammy is mean to animals. There is a video where she is tormented Dustin's cat with a fat people grabby stick that he is clearly terrified of. Someone also mentioned, either here or on Youtube, that Tammy once smacked a tiny chihuahua in the head and send it wimpering with its tail between its legs.

Tammy is the worst type of exceptional. At least Lennie from Of Mice and Men didn't mean to kill the puppy. His tard strength was just too much.

Tammy couldn't ignore the cat questions anymore I guess. She was being asked a lot and finally started saying they didn't have him anymore. Then she made up the story that he was with a nice family. Then her tardness got the best of her and she let the truth slip. I cannot imagine the state of litter boxes at the Slaton doublewide. The cats do go out. But that probably makes everyone even more lazy.

I hope Amy never gets another cat and no more animals enter the Slaton Doublewide. The Slatons should not have pets at all. Dustin genuinely loves Uta. So I hope that nothing bad happens to him.

Well it's not like a professional is going to be able to make her look pretty either
Amy said that she can't afford a salon. The last time she had her hair done it was $70. But you would think that for her wedding she would have planned ahead a bit. A few less makeup palettes and she could have at least gotten a new outfit. She didn't even have the foresight to try and find a date where more family members were available to attend. So she says she may have a second ceremony at Maw's church at a later date.

You'd think that in Redneckville everyone has at least one friend that achieved the high falutin' career goal of butishun. She doesn't have any girlfriends that can do her hair? Then again who the hell would want to be friends with Amy?:lol:

Francis Dollarhyde

And the woman, clothed in the sun.
We should start taking bets on how much weight she gains from this diet. She is headed for being bedbound. She can already barely move around in the wheelchair. How much longer before the ambulance has to haul her ass to the vet at Sea World again? Next time she may really need that supersize coffin.
She cannot properly fit a bariatric wheelchair and can only get her big fat ass to the toilet and the fridge for food, this is not helped by her sedentary lifestyle, she is already effectively immobile, if not exactly bedbound yet. As soon as she is, she will die rather quickly. She has been too close too often before. Even if she could walk, the knees, feet and hips are done because of all that weight on em. I could not finish a day of physical work at 215 without discomfort in my knees, what the fuck is 500+ going to do?

She can lose the weight if she really tried hard, but she is too dumb for that. She did a stream weeks ago where she had the usual excuses of family members that all were big, and her food is not that unhealthy, and portionsizes are the same like the rest of her family. The light did not go on at that remark. Remember when Amy collected cash for her coffin? Tam Tam said the nurses were cruel to her and starved her on purpose. She does not understand the link between a lot of food and being fat, she does not understand genetics has very little to do with what calories will stick to your gut. Like the alcoholic that insists ascites is a genetic condition and nothing to do with 24 beers a day for 3 decades as he lays there dying and cursing doctors (yes there are people that actually do that). Whenever she streams you can hear the wheels creaking in that bloated head of hers. She never had a chance of being a theoretical phycisist and the fat just rots the brain beyond what Slatongenes did to it. She is just gone, a lost cause, and I am not even being cruel.

Tammy can barely get out of her own damn trailer, so that whole wedding is too much, especially keeping up those 40-60lb a piece arms with a camera for as long as the wedding takes as she was supposed to film. It is not because of her looks and her being insecure. She would get past that in a heartbeat at the thought of a massive weddingcake that had to be eaten that day, and she does not have to pay for that thing. Her body is just too worn down to go.

Muscle Bra

The snake that are and the smake that was
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Looks like I was right! Tam-Tam just confirmed that she is too large to fit in the cab of a truck and instead needs to be hauled (hurled?) around in the truck bed!

What I wouldn't give to see Tam-Tam sitting like a queen in her wheelchair as she tries to keep her muu-muu/bedsheets from whipping around in the wind as Maw and Paw Slaton hurtle down the highway...


Some call me a freak. I call me BIGSHOT!
It really doesn't matter how you die. What matters is how you live. Tammy isn't doing very well on that score.

I wonder if the bride will be driven away from the wedding in the back of a pickup? I can see the groom shoving her up on the bed of the truck, then running around to the driver's side and revving the engine as the guests toss rice on Amy in the back. Then he can four wheel it down the rutted, muddy road to the Slaton hog farm as Amy goes all rolly-polly in the back hollering for him to slow down and avoid the potholes. Later that night, after the dirty deed is done, Amy will send the groom out to the truck to scoop the rice into a shoebox so she kin fix him a crock pot full of wieners and squirt cheese and ketchup and rice for a honeymoon snack. "Itza fambly trudishun!"
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Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
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Turd Blossom

Like thunder & lightning, goddamn it's so exciting
I truly hope Amy uploads footage of this blessed event. Do you think they attempted to write their own vows? Because that would be amazing.
And one can only hope Mama Halterman catered the reception with her world-renowned tubs of pimento-Miracle Whip spread and fancy Cool Whip pies.


Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
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From Googleing it looks to be a silicone "wedding ring", they market it for people who live the "active lifestyle " lol.
Hilarious. I’m assuming its what a runner, woodworker or rock-climber, etc.. would wear when wearing their metal band is a bad idea but still want to wear a wedding band.

It sounds better than the “too fat and poor for precious metal rings” niche too.

Wal-Mart sells cheap wedding bands but I bet that’s one department that doesn’t cater to the xxxxxl morbidly obese (i.e. ring size 24) rings.

ETA: yup I checked, even cheap stainless steel $25 sets top out at size 12 at Wal-Mart, while that is huge there is no way it’s near big enough for Slaton sausage fingers.

Those Silicone bands are ugly as hell, plus she's wearing a man's ring. The women's versions are thinner. Either way, they're meant to be a replacement for your actual wedding band when you are doing activities or working around machinery that runs the rick of a degloving accident should the ring get snagged. Silicone will break away before it rips the meat off your finger, in theory. There are people out there who just can't go without their wedding band for a long period of time for whatever reason so they opt to use these as a replacement and their factories etc don't care about them as much. She probably paid about $5 for this at Walmart.


Some call me a freak. I call me BIGSHOT!
I don't know why they didn't just get a nice napkin ring. That blue thing looks like something you'd put on your manhood. Any bets how long it will take for steamy brown chunks of grease to form under it, creating a horrible rash all the way up to her elbow? I'm sure in a week it'll be on there so tight they'll have to saw off the digit to remove it.

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