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If you really had to who would you sex?

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Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
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Those Silicone bands are ugly as hell, plus she's wearing a man's ring. The women's versions are thinner. Either way, they're meant to be a replacement for your actual wedding band when you are doing activities or working around machinery that runs the rick of a degloving accident should the ring get snagged. Silicone will break away before it rips the meat off your finger, in theory. There are people out there who just can't go without their wedding band for a long period of time for whatever reason so they opt to use these as a replacement and their factories etc don't care about them as much. She probably paid about $5 for this at Walmart.
My husband works around such equipment and so do many guys he knows and I’ve never heard or seen silicone rings, they just don’t wear their wedding bands in the shop. (I’ve heard the horror stories of ring accidents) I’m just at a loss for why you would need a dummy silicone ring instead unless I guess you got a wife convinced the women will be tearing his clothes off unless they see something resembling a ring on his left hand.

I wonder if Mr. Amy gingerly put that ugly blue silicone cock ring on her finger during the ceremony.

I’d bet it has as much to do with her fat finger swelling up all the time as much as only being able to find bands in men’s sizes. Even the largest typical ring sizes for men probably might not fit her.

But given how much she bloats she probably couldn’t take any chances for the wedding day so basically got a rubber band as a wedding ring.


Gloop Gloop
Looks like I was right! Tam-Tam just confirmed that she is too large to fit in the cab of a truck and instead needs to be hauled (hurled?) around in the truck bed!

What I wouldn't give to see Tam-Tam sitting like a queen in her wheelchair as she tries to keep her muu-muu/bedsheets from whipping around in the wind as Maw and Paw Slaton hurtle down the highway...
So if she actually does participate in her own Walmart hurls does that mean that every time she's in the back of the truck? Imagine driving by and seeing a 700 lb mound of blubber in the truck bed? :lol:

How the hell do they even get her back there? I guess Dustin has to help because he is the only person who is mobile enough. What if TamTam fall? She would crush you like a grape.

I wonder if she eats right after throwing up. Like a dog that doesn't know any better. She is probably sick from too much food. She might claim her portions are average. But that is going by her family. And Maw and Paw are both fat too. Her idea of healthy portions and healthy meals are skewed by coming from a fat family. The reason she thinks it is genetic is because everyone is so fat. But the problem isn't that fat runs in her family. It's that nobody runs in her family. They are fat because of poor choices and laziness. Tammy and Amy's father died from obesity complications. Everyone just sits around stuffing their faces with portions they see as normal because they are all so damn fat.

They should all be on Family By the Ton. Boy, would that be a sight.

From Googleing it looks to be a silicone "wedding ring", they market it for people who live the "active lifestyle " lol.
The only thing active about Amy is her eating habits. I guess a stretchy ring is easier than having to have it sized up as her ham mitts expand over time. And it is still too tight looking on her. Someone said it was a man's ring. I guess the ladies' version was too tight.

Can't wait for it to get grimy and gross. It looks like some silly kiddie ring from a prize machine. It's very juvenile. Maybe she got it at Hot Topic.

I really need to see pictures of this wedding, it's got to be entertaining.
Same. Even if it's pretty much the same as her brother's wedding a few years back, I still want to see the latest edition of the Slaton clan (minus Tammy) dressed in their "best".

And speaking of Tammy I don't buy her "I'm sick and didn't want to throw up at the wedding" excuse. She said she wasn't going last month when it was announced, this isn't a new development. And the way she referred to it as stupid, I'm thinking her real reason is rooted in jealousy. Amy is the """"thin"""" one who moved out of the family trailer, found a man (though a questionable one considering the first kiss story), and now is getting married. Amy has actually succeeded by Slaton standards while Tammy is still alone with Maw and Step-Paw.

Francis Dollarhyde

And the woman, clothed in the sun.
Hilarious. I’m assuming its what a runner, woodworker or rock-climber, etc.. would wear when wearing their metal band is a bad idea but still want to wear a wedding band.

It sounds better than the “too fat and poor for precious metal rings” niche too.
Hey now. Making noise riding around the trailing park in a bariatric wheelchair high on meth is also an active lifestyle.

Hope Amy posts some pictures or video from her wedding soon.


I...I didn't watch the whole thing because's so difficult to listen to Amy's mouth-breathing but is she saying...she got married in that shirt? And he matched her in those clothes he's wearing? They just....went and got married, dressed like that, then put on identical silicone men's wedding rings?

They went to....Cooter's garage before going to the hotel and...and now he's gonna park in Amy's boner garage and I just...feel like maybe I need a drink.

Tiny Clanger

Warp Factor Dial set to: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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Goddammit. I really wanted a full redneck extravaganza, complete with massive billowing white nylon monstrosity of a dress that felled Dumbfuck with blue Jedi static bolts when he kissed ? his ? benighted beloved ? Can you imagine how much charge a meringue-in-full-sail Slaton builds up?

Our blushing bride would've looked like an angry rhinoceros in drag.

I feel burned. Meh.

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