The Smooth Jazz Thread

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Nov 14, 2019
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I'm a proponent of smooth jazz. I stan for it. Back in the day we called it elevator music. Zoomers call it Mallsoft. But it's all the same shit, isn't it. Before John Mayer, before Jason Mraz, before Top 40 was truly mainstreamed into daily life, in the heyday of Kenny G, smooth jazz was played almost everywhere: Malls, airports, restaurants, grocery stores, offices, hold music on every single phone line, all the places you had to physically go to before the smartphone was even a glimmer in Steve Jobs' ballsack, and before Jeff Bezo's enormous cock was down the throat of the internet. Smooth jazz was hated. It was reviled. It was feared. And now, it should be appreciated.

Easy listening is the key to smooth jazz. A little funky, a little jazzy, a little pop-y, but always light, always rhythmic. Music you would happily fill out a mortgage application to. My go to group? Fattburger. I've posted some of their stuff a few times in chat, because I listen to it semi-regularly when I need to just let my brain run on an idea or a problem for a while. These guys made albums that were legitimately packaged and sold as canned music in the 90s, or at least I'm pretty sure they did, there aren't really records kept on that kind of stuff. This is the exact sound of that music, of that time period, in those places.

Clean guitars, keyboards, funkin bass, light drums, perfection. But, of course, you can't forget the saxophone:

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Here's that one song Troy hums all the time in Community:

Fess up, who else listens to smooth jazz? Who do you like, post up the linkies. Also jazz fags get the fuck out you already have your own thread for that gay shit nobody cares about.


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Jul 28, 2019
Listening to jazz always makes me feel like that I have a fever. Thoroughly unpleasant, at lest smooth jazz doesn't make my head hurt.


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Jan 17, 2021
I am man enough to admit I can't really grasp the various subgenres of Jazz.

Would George Benson's "Breezin" be considered smooth jazz? As for a safe answer, Kenny G's "Breathless" album is pretty easy listening as well.

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Oct 21, 2019
1. Cafe de Touhou
Smooth jazz arrangements of music from the Touhou series, decent stuff but videos keep disappearing off of YouTube.

2. Kyle Jameson
Smooth Jazz/New Age record collector, uploads a lot of otherwise lost albums on his YouTube channel, made a couple of albums last year and he can really pull off the style.
Full album:
Would recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel if you're a fan of this style, does weekly uploads of albums.

3. Sylcmyk
cool guy, used to do a thing where he made a song a week. Has a bit more of a videogame vibe than the other two.

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Sep 12, 2021
I kept seeing this thread pop up while I was reading the Jazz Jennings thread, and I have to drop a few links in here. I'm actually a huge fan of smooth jazz, I listen to that shit 24/7. I'll drop a bunch of links below to bump this thread and see if other kiwis are down with it. I'll drop this in a spoiler since it'll be long.

Starting out, since the OP posted Fattburger earlier, Steve Laury does guitars for them and has a bunch of great songs released under his name. Below is one of my favorites.

If you're a vaporwave fan, boy are you in luck. What got me into smooth jazz was sourcing vaporwave samples. I'll drop a few very notable ones below you may or may not have heard.

Starting out with the classic of classics, Macintosh Plus sampled this song on Floral Shoppe

The members of Dancing Fantasy also are known as Blue Knights, who release incredible music.

Next we have Torcuato Mariano, a Brazilian smooth jazz artist, who's actually been sampled a few times by Cat Corp (the guy behind that 911 album)

His non sampled work is also worth a listen, I highly suggest the album Lift Me Up

Finally I'll go with another smooth jazz icon Boney James. He was sampled on the 2 sided tape from waterfront dining and Mirage.

I've got a lot more if anyone is interested, this is one topic on the farms I feel confident enough to post about lmao.

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Apr 29, 2021
Following this thread because this is all fucking lovely! I didn't really give jazz the time of day til someone gave me a Bohren & der Club of Gore album and then I accidentally watched an abstract jazz group (they were supporting a band I went to see) and was transfixed by the way they played together. I suppose now it's time to check out the easier end of the jazz spectrum!

I don't have any music to contribute to this thread but it has made me a fan and I'm checking out every link posted so far. This smooth jazz makes me think of something I can't quite put my finger on but am immensely comforted by!


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Apr 24, 2021
Some parents like to embarrass their kids in front of their friends, my mother would pick me up from middle school with her windows rolled down blaring The Rippingtons. I'm really surprised I didn't hang myself

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Mar 20, 2021

Also, guess who played "Rise" at least 3 times last night?


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Dec 15, 2016
Great, this thread now makes me uncomfortable on yet another level.

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Sep 19, 2019
Everything poasted in this thread has been trash, but here is a prophetic 1991 smooth jazz/vaporwave album by 'Richard Smith' featuring sax by, among others, Kenny G:


Apr 17, 2020
I love Smooth Jazz. We had a great smooth jazz station down in Houston long ago called 95.7 The Wave. Always relaxing to me to put that station on while grinding on WoW at night and then sleep through. Smooth jazz is also one of those genres where the guitar playing can sometimes be extremely technical and virtuosic and those who know already know exactly what I mean and who I am talking about when I say this. Several well known smooth/fusion jazz players are amongst the tightest playing talents in the history of true high level guitar playing. Two of my all time favorite players Stanley Jordan and Shawn Lane have a lot of smooth jazz influences in their playing.

Other than that I learned about so many great feeling songs through 95.7 The Wave...Heaven by Ronny Jordan (probably my fav, listen to this if you just want to melt away), After Hours by Ronny Jordan, Morning Dance by Spyro Gyra (which is a beautiful song but also has the best xylophone+key organ solo of all time bar none halfway through it) some of George Benson's work and countless other great tunes.