Sonichu The Sonichu Fan-Jam: Episode #19 - Date Ed - PAGES ARE IN! -


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So let's get the next one going while interest is high. No reason not to.

Just updated the page lisitngs- we're still one page shy of a complete set, but the person doing that one has been in contact with me and hopefully they'll be able to wrap it up- sounds like it's been a bit of an event for 'em.

As it is, I will begin a new thread tonight and we can all begin to plot deviously devious plots.

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Severe delayed reaction alert, it has just come to my attention I missed an opportunity to include a reference to my favorite Group X song in my original fan jam page. Consider the following the Greatest Director's Cut, the true and honest final version of page 13.


I still didn't fix the last panel or the weird shit around the gameboys, because that was intentional.


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Okay, I know it took me a month since the last post, but...

Four pages, here.

I know, not that much. I'm sorry; I don't have that much free time due to having to manage my money. I'll try to get more done soon.

Anyone willing to do ANY pages will be welcome!