TGWTG The Spoony One / Spoony / Noah Antwiler / Rachel Baker / @RaeAngel07 - The touching romance between a washed-up videogame reviewer throwing a decade-long pity party and his delusional Canuck stalker. #weaknotsick #donttellmehowtosulk

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saying "Oh cool" as I put the gun in my mouth
Tekken had a bunch of memorable fighters, it just didn't have 50 copies of the same game like Street Fighter
Capcom pulled a pretty deft manuever. Play this game again with boss characters. Play it again with pallette swaps / twice as fast. Play it again with Cammy and three other saps. Play it again but this time you fight Noob Saibot Akuma.

RJ MacReady

cheating bitch
True & Honest Fan
E-excuse me milady Armz, I doth hope this is not mansplaining:

2021-06-02 15_54_42.png2021-06-02 15_55_12.png

(Does anyone think of Spoony as a "screaming monster" and not a lazy social media addict?)

Man who claims he's dying because he can't afford food spends $30 on a pen he can't use:

2021-06-02 15_55_36-Tweets with replies by Noah Antwiler (@TheSpoonyOne) _ Twitter.png

But even a space pen can't save him from the abject psychological torment of sitting in his basement eating junk food and trying to decide what vidya to play:

2021-06-02 15_55_50-Tweets with replies by Noah Antwiler (@TheSpoonyOne) _ Twitter.png

Of course no one can beat Spoony in Tekken as he never plays with anyone.
Most of you guys believe too much in what Spoony(or other lolcows) says. I remember he said he is a Lord of Tekken in some review that is probably over ten years ago but even then I know that was only a fucking joke. Did nobody saw how much he sucks in games? Even when it comes to games he said he loves like Fallout 2, he couldn't finish tutorial map. For fucks sake, I could beat that as 12 years old with only basic understantement of english language, and yet Spoony was too retarted to accomplish that.

RJ MacReady

cheating bitch
True & Honest Fan
Just curious: any evidence he spent $30? They start at $6 on the Fisher Pens website.
Up to $700 if you want one with a part of the Apollo 11 command module.
Speculating based on his history of buying/wishlisting dumb shit he doesn't need or use. I don't think he'd draw attention to his fancy pen if it was the cheapo model anyway.

Anonymus Fluhre

No man fears what he has seen grow
Yeah, he did it every time someone in his stream chat challenged him - and usually insulted and banned them. He's afraid of PVP in every game; I remember him raging like crazy about getting invaded in Dark Souls.
By his reasoning I'm the best Street Fighter player in the world because I can beat the AI using Cammy. Or the best Mortal Kombat player because I do the same with Noob Saibot.


saying "Oh cool" as I put the gun in my mouth
I actually recall him getting mad at Mortal Kombat (?) because he couldn't beat the AI.
Never saw that one. Was he REALLY the Lord of Tekken, or was he merely the jester?

I do remember him lecturing newcomers to D&D, telling them to "git gud" and stick to 1st edition rules. Pretty rich coming from a guy who can't get past the tutorial level in Shadowrun.

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