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TGWTG The Spoony One / Spoony / Noah AntwilerWashed-up Video game / movie critic. Patreon scammer. Pussy-whipped SJW. A more insufferable DSP.

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Plissken, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. (Keep in mind, this won't go through his entire history. This will go over the important bits or otherwise this would be a very long article. I won't mention the relationships such as Scarlett and April unless you guys really want me to, because this is supposed to be focused purely on Spoony)

    Noah Antwiler, known as the SpoonyOne, is (or rather, was) a video game reviewer, movie critic and a D&D storyteller. Hailing from Mesa AZ (Now IL), Spoony started out on youtube in it's early days, usually playing difficult or shitty games such as Robin Hood

    Or Bayou Billy

    He slowly started to gain popularity, known for his on-point wit and pop culture references. He was that dorky but sorta cool dude who would know every reference you make and laugh about it.

    As time went on, he made a very well known let's play (or rather, riffing) of Phantasmagoria 2, a horrendous game known for it's slow plot, dull pacing and shitty characters/acting/gameplay.

    As well as his infamous, hours long rant on FFVIII

    Spoony was eventually picked up by That Guy With The Glasses, as youtube didn't pay the bills and his videos were struck with copyright infringement constantly.

    This is the point in time where most point to as his first decline in quality. He started including 'whacky and hilarious' characters and skits into his videos, or went on tangents that were irrelevant to the video (Dalad Jelly from The Ring: Terror's Realm is a good example).

    He still had decent videos every now and then, and even had some really good ones such as the Ultima Retrospective or Minority Report. The Ultima Retrospective was less so about the jokes he made and moreso about the passion he put into it.

    He also made different videos such as Counter Monkey (A favorite of mine) or Wrestle Wrestle!

    So, what happened to this man? Some speculate that TGWTG ruined him, others say that it was April or Scarlett. The truth is that Spoony has always been kind of a dick to his fans, but it usually only occurred on his forums. After being fired from TGWTG for a poor taste rape joke (Brought up months later by fellow lolcow and attention whore, Lupa, which resulted in his firing), he started a patreon not long after (Which climbed up to around 5 or 6 grand a month), after which he pretty much stopped making videos entirely. Most of his videos after this were shitty movie reviews by him, unedited that could go for hours.

    He did start Livestreaming eventually, which showed how shit he actually was at playing games. The most infamous Livestreaming he did was Alien: Isolation , where he banned anyone who even remotely offended anyone. He spent most of the stream in silence, save for when he was raging at the game for sucking at it, or raging at his fans.

    This video, courtesy of The Plague, showcases just how shit his livestreams usually are.

    So, what's Spoony up to these days? Usually ranting about Donald Trump on twitter, but not much else. He's pretty much given up on both life and reviewing, now a shell of his former self, addicted to anger and drama.

    (Will add more things to this at your requests. Has to be relevant and notable enough).

    This video sums up what happened to spoony a bit more organized and neat than this post. This post is simply just for the archives (And because I said I would do it)

    Edit: I'd like to include this little recent tweet as of 4/29/18.


    He not only knows about JewWario, but he pussies out in addressing it when he SHOULD address it.

    'I just want to make people laugh'. At this point, Spoony hasn't uploaded any actual content since 2016. All of his time is spent ranting about Donald Trump, like he has a fetish for the guy.

    You are NOT funny Spoony, not in a joking way. You are only funny now because we laugh at how much of a sped you are.

    For reference how lacking in self-awareness Spoony is, feast your eyes on THIS.


    Edit, 12/25/2018 : The year in review for 2017 and 2018... So much for the year of the spoony, eh?

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    #1 Plissken, Apr 21, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2018

    Plissken Gunslinger, Outlaw, Escape artist.

  2. Spoony's alright. I might not like everything he does, but I definitely wouldn't say he's a lolcow.
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    Springblossom Dungeon Crawlaholic

  3. Well, read the article if you want, just to see why people think he is one.
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    Plissken Gunslinger, Outlaw, Escape artist.

  4. I've always found his aggressive, over the top rants to be entertaining. I've no problem with him.
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    Coldgrip OG Sexual Thug

  5. The only thing I noticed about him was how he got fired from TGWTG.
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    Alan Pardew

    Alan Pardew man90000009nam
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  6. I say TGWTG took a downturn when Spoony left. It's a shame that unfunny cunt Lupa had to be a shit stirrer.
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  7. Aye, spoony was an idiot making the "id like to lock you up and fuck you in my basement" joke to jesuotaku, especially since she was his co-worker, but lupa just took advantage of it to stir up a whiny shitstorm over how "offended" she was when it was transparantly obvious she was just taking out her own grudges against spoony that were likely about as weighty as fucking dust since the sole public reason she gave for not liking spoony was that some of his fans were harassing his ex girlfriend (her own friend) which is just a bullshit reason to dislike someone since they had no part in doing said harassing themselves.

    Personally Spoony is not a lolcow in any real way, he may be a bit of a drama llama on occasion, and does seem to have some particularly insane fans, but otherwise he is pretty much unremarkable in terms of negative excentricities or engaging in chris esque crusades against detractors, even if the quality of his reviews has declined. Hell, if an alledged declining quality of work qualifies as being a lolcow then you may as well qualify the sum total of the internet as being lolcows
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    Judge Holden

    Judge Holden Corpsefucker
    True & Honest Fan

  8. Lupa comes across worse when you consider how long ago the comment was as well as the fact that Spoony apologized to Jesuotaku and she long since forgave him.
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  9. Related


    Lordkat's insight on this is a bit telling as to how most people who knew him thought about the suspension. He was even told by TGWTG not to mention it.

    I do agree with a lot of what Lordkat mentions. Like how Spoony screaming his head off yelling betrayal is bad for the entire company but blaming Spoony on literally all of his life's failings is a bit childlike. I think he is more or less just internalizing all his hatred he has at life at Spoony.

    That and telling the guy to kill himself is very low. Especially when you know he has depression issues.

    That said Spoony needs to understand he's a public figure. What he says and does is very important for his image. His fans can both make and break his financial situation right now. Thankfully he's at the very least continued to produce content and significantly faster then he used to. (I remember there was a stretch of about 18 months where all Spoony produced was vlogs, and literally no reviews).

    I mostly lost all my respect for Spoony when a guy donated 300$ to TGWTG to ask him one question, and it was why he didn't play Final Fantasy 9. Spoony mocked the game and the guy for asking that question and the guy was promptly banned from the drive. I also agree with LordKat in that he's a bit delusional and really needs to see reality. The guy around the time he did his Phantasmagoria 2 lets play was very well adjusted. He had a job, a degree etc, he mentioned working in an office. When he got picked up by TGWTG that was when things started to take a turn for the worse.

    Everyone seems to forget Dr. Insano was originally an ironic character, made to represent how badly Final Fantasy 8 was written. Then after TGWTG he was suddenly a regular. He also added storylines to his reviews not unlike other personalities on that site like Linkara.

    It's a shame just how badly the man's fallen and unfortunately the only cure to his depression I can think of. Namely getting a job, moving out of his brother's house and attempting to do something with his life. Are all things that he'll never do since he's stuck in a delusional fantasy world.

    I still watch his videos though, his content is really well designed. I just weep for the man behind it all.
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    Watcher Cishet dudebro

  10. ^Lordkat is a crybaby fuckwad in his own right. He whines about how Spoony doing something silly at e3 cost Lordkat "the interview of his life" and blacklisted him from any further game conference things, which is fucking strange since no one else on the site had any difficulty going to such conferences and scoring interviews, least of all spoony himself. When the lupa shitstorm hit, he thought it was his time to show his true douchebag colours and tried to stir up his own sad little crusade against spoony entirely due to being a jealous pussy who loathed how spoony was more successful than him (including weeping about having a bottle thrown at him when he did stand up... despite this having nothing to do with spoony whatsoever) and how he "didnt deserve" his fandom and successes. However this was about as unsuccessful as his stand up apparantly was, and since then he has tried to backtrack and bury his douchebaggery like no tommorow.

    Since then he has only shown how much of a twat he is even further by how he treated diamanda hagen when she and her wife took issue with him groping an inebriated woman and his attempt to scapegoat her for the rumors he tried to rape said woman that spread when he was seen exiting the room with her.

    Spoony got issues, but lordkat is beneath any contempt at this point
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    Judge Holden

    Judge Holden Corpsefucker
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  11. that Lordkat guy sounds really bitter about Spoony... Can't say I bothered finishing that video. It felt like he was turning it into some sort of psuedo-dramatic TV show monologue. I don't even know who Lordkat is though, so I'm going to refrain from commenting on him as a person. The comments on that video kinda bug me though. A lot of the people there seem to believe that Spoony's popularity makes him holy and that the fact that he has a lot of views means that he's automatically infallible as a person.

    tbh I really don't think Spoony is funny. He's kinda over the top (not in a good way) and obnoxious for the most part in my opinion. Not sure if I'd call him a lolcow though.
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    Rio Smug Ellen Page
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  12. That's most of TGWTG in a nutshell.

    When Demo Reel came out and it sucked royally the comments sections of their videos were flooded with white knights saying "Hey it wasn't so bad. Stop picking on the Nostalgia Critic"
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    Watcher Cishet dudebro

  13. They need day jobs.
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  14. The fans and much worse than any content on TGWTG. Like if you don't like a certain reviewer or the site in general, fair enough. The site has plenty of reviewers (and plenty on the internet as a whole) where that isn't a big deal. The fanboys that think everything they do is magical and aren't at fault are a big problem. Without proper criticism their reviews can't find things to fine tune or improve upon. It's the reason they all feel the same and stale at times.

    As for Spoony himself, whatevs. From what I've read he has a tendency to get banhappy and takes way too many things to heart. That said it seems like general net douchery as opposed to lolcow territory.
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  15. I heard Nostalgia Critic fans hate Tommy Wiseau, thus making NC and his fans worse than Chris and subsequently WORSE THAN HITLER.
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    The Hunter

    The Hunter Border Hopping Taco Bender
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  16. I can understand that reasoning.
  17. What's funny about that whole thing is that Tommy's a nicer guy than NC or some his fans could ever pretend to be. I wouldn't say it was because of NC that The Room's popularity grew, far from it, but I think it helped spread the movie around to people who otherwise would've never known its true glory.

    As for Spoony, I really only knew about him for his Insano character and then for the whole basement shitstorm. In both cases, he just made himself out to be loud and a try-hard. AS FOR HIS TWITTER THOUGH...eh. It's more mean-spirited than funny: I just checked it out of morbid curiosity and he's messing with a McDonald's employee.
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    Lil Turt Protector

  18. Speaking of TGWTG users........ I'm leaving this image here for discussion.

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    Alan Pardew

    Alan Pardew man90000009nam
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  19. While I like Spoony, and don't really consider him a lolcow, his behavior in Spring 2012 was not cool, and I'm glad he's moving past that.

    As for Lupa, I dare you to call her a drama-mongering cunt after reading these posts.
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    trombonista Sparking!
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  20. I'm both a fan of Nostalgia Critic and Tommy Wiseau, does that mean I'm worser than Chris? Just kidding. I did find Wiseau's copyright removal of NC Room video rather disappointing, but I just find it hilarious that NC fans have to hate Wiseau. He made one of the best terrible movies and even though the video was removed back then, I found three parts of the review on youtube before the original video went back up.

    c-no Minnesota Man
    True & Honest Fan

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