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I would not be shocked if Spoony, overtly or implied via veiled comments, has told April he would kill himself if she left him.
I have zero doubts about that, considering this is the kind of thing he reveals in public.

Also, has anybody asked Noah WHY he's pleading "not guilty"?
He ran a red light, according to two witnesses.
What exactly is he even contesting?
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RJ MacReady

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Question from an exceptional individual: does getting off your ass and getting some exercise have any effect on sleep apnea? Because it seems like it ought to.
I don't know, but I do know that he uses his vasodepressor syncope diagnosis from 2010 as an excuse to not do any meaningful physical activity so even if it did, he wouldn't do it.

It isn't fair to lump all women together, but it is really bizarre to me when I see what they'll overlook in a relationship and what are dumpable offenses.

I've seen ladies dump guys over shoes or height or choice of hobby, but then you have ladies like April that will put up with her man being a lazy bump on a log. Its just weird.


This will all end in tears, I just know it.
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RJ MacReady

cheating bitch
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all credit goes to DHI ,starts at 3:30
Amazing find. I'm blown away.

Literally the first thing from the mouth of the guy he hit and the female witness is that Noah ran a red light. When confronted by the cop, Noah immediately denies and it says "I don't know what to tell you". The cop replies by saying he's writing him a ticket and then mentions that one of the witnesses has a dashcam. Noah immediately demands whether he's seen it. The cop then double checks with the guy Noah hit, who quickly and confidently restates his version of events.

After a minute or so, the cop directs Noah to the back of his cruiser to stay warm "if he's not going to the hospital". Noah thanks the cop for "coming so quickly" and the cop mentions it's his third one that day. Noah says he was "just on his way to get his oil changed". The cop again asks Noah whether he wants to go to the hospital because he's "breathing awful heavy over there" (this is very audible). Noah politely declines and says he's "trying not to panic" because "that's my one car, you know?"

It ends there. The guy Noah hit sounds really fucked up throughout the entire recording and was apparently still in his car because the cop mentions "waiting for the medics to come get [him] out" while talking to him.


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Don't. Tell me. How. To. Drive.

Why the fuck did he decide to take this to court of he knows there's witnesses and dashcam footage available?
Noah's too used to both lying to himself and walling himself off. This is essentially him doing the same thing to reality that he did to his comments and content.

I legit did not expect to get new content like this, but holy shit this is amusing.

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