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I'd like to thank Noah for giving me the final push to become an agnostic/apatheist who reviles atheists with a passion. I just can't stand these smug cunts who get their dopamine fix from ruining things for others, like religious or traditional holidays. If you can't be happy without upsetting other people, you probably have a mental illness.

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If I had to guess it's caused by something technical expiring or fucking up since that's what happened to his forums. The real question is whether he'll fix it because he didn't with the forums (and confirmed on a stream that he didn't care). But in fairness he didn't develop the website - it was done by his friend Marc Swint.
He has since started tweeting again since the website went down and has yet to address it.

So... yeah. Unless things change, it looks like the website is gone for good.


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People who think Gods constantly answering (at least in Christian context) or is always on call tends to be newbies, people who sort of half-assedly come to church and never actually read the bible, or people who are pretty deep in with the Church membership.

But God doesn't make things "magically" happen because you pray hard enough, anyone who thinks prayer = getting things, is doing it for all the wrong reasons. It's a bit like how the Genie in Aladdin can't just "make someone fall in love" - but on a larger scale, God can't just tinker with your bosses brain to make him think you need a promotion, or prevent someone doing something horrible - because we have free will and that's something God can't tamper with.

It's worth noting that from New Testament onwards, things like the commandments were considered more guidance rules than rigid strict "do this or face hell" laws. You should try to follow them, failing to could be a gamble - but it's down to individual call. Granted I agree yes, some of it is harder to follow than others in todays world. But most of the commandments is relatively good advice, even if you want to tone one or two down.

Anyway, nice to see Spoony still yelling into his twitter as always, some things never change I suppose
So it's basically spoony shouting "Don't TELL me how to pray." to everyone?


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Damn. The website has been crumbling like a rotted building over the years, piece by piece. He refused to fix the links after blip died. Then the forum crashed, and now the entire site is offline. I never thought I'd witness code deteriorate in the same manner as a physical structure.

So...he's still keeping the Patreon running, I'm assuming?

Insisting the next video is coming soon?

Berating people for asking?

The movie?
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So Linkara and some guy called Leslie Rice reunited dozens of former CA producers to create an audio drama in the vein of the anniversary films and Noah is unsurprisingly absent. FWIW, the post heads off the obvious question:

Why isn’t _________ in this?!
When we were first putting this together, we attempted to contact as many former Channel Awesome producers as we could find. The answer to why whoever you’re wondering about isn’t in this is pretty much:
-They weren’t interested
-They were involved for a bit, but decided to leave at some stage for any number of reasons
-They didn’t answer
-We don’t have any formal contact with them anymore
The TSE website is still down, also unsurprisingly.

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I mean, would they even want Spoony to be in it?
No. After his so-called rape joke and subsequent meltdown, I don't think they'd ever want him back. Not that it matters for the rest.
They're all on good terms with him and everyone got over the rape joke drama years ago. I also doubt they wouldn't have approached him given his former profile.


This will all end in tears, I just know it.
Spoony's a fucking idiot for even daring to think this way. His situation has been nothing but salvageable this entire time to no one fault save his own. He was making $60,000 a year just from Patreon and fucking blew it by sitting on his hands for the past, what, four years? What a titanic loser.
Did he just advocate for eugenics? "Filthy sewage bloodline?" Is Spoony a nazi now? Sure sounds like it.
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They say you shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house.

Well, I find it ridiculous that he insults Christians for the way they run their lives when he is incapable of running his own, goes after people for being offensive when he got kicked off CA for a rape joke, and accuses politicians of being corrupt when he himself is a Patreon scammer.


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Spoony's a fucking idiot for even daring to think this way. His situation has been nothing but salvageable this entire time to no one fault save his own. He was making $60,000 a year just from Patreon and fucking blew it by sitting on his hands for the past, what, four years? What a titanic loser.
I think it's already well established that Spoony isn't the smartest guy. He can critique games and movies well, and crack funny jokes, but he's not smart in a business or common sense. You could call it a consequence of living a sheltered life and already being questionable in mental stability, and that's not entirely wrong, but I would also blame the people who enable his behavior. Enablers are what allow people like Spoony, Narcissa, and many others to exist and act the way they do.

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