Disaster "The Squad" Megathread - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib Derangement Syndrome

Should we abolish ICE and exempt Latinos from immigration laws?

  • Yes

    Votes: 28 3.3%
  • No

    Votes: 96 11.2%
  • No Human Is Illegal

    Votes: 34 4.0%
  • Hahahahahahahaha :story:

    Votes: 153 17.8%
  • Someone needs to tard-wrangle AOC, Tlaib, and Omar

    Votes: 351 40.9%
  • Breh

    Votes: 35 4.1%
  • Brah

    Votes: 30 3.5%
  • Bruh

    Votes: 132 15.4%

  • Total voters

Freddy Freaker

Herald of the Superior Future
So her overall message is that the system as a whole in America is completely broken and needs radical reform, but not the VA, that can stay as-is apparently?
Well duh, of course the VA is fine! Only racist imperialist white men who want to kill brown bodies for fun join the military! Until we say we need more women and troons anyway. Yes we've always been at war with Eurasia, why do you ask?


True & Honest Fan
The VA is extremely broken, it's obvious to anyone who looks into the VA for more than five minutes.
Check this out. Recently a great deal of money was spent building a two-building combined VA and military clinic about two miles or so from my house. The place has NO pharmacy. Vets who need prescriptions are directed to local drug stores. Not all vets have transportation available. Troops apparently can go to the pharmacy at a nearby base. You can imagine how tough it can be for those vets to get their prescriptions filled. And this is a BIG clinic, two big buildings. If certain types of tests/care are needed, vet has to go to the VA clinic in Palo Alto, about 100 miles up the road. Bus available, but you're talking an all-day trip there and back. . Disabled vet, been retired from the military about 20 years. Have not used VA health care, shall not use it. Get my health care downtown through Tricare. No problem getting appointments, reasonable copays, prescription coverage. In due time will go onto Medicare, with Tricare for Life as backup.

Believe the entire VA health system needs to go. Every last bit, except maybe the nursing homes. Use the money to provide Tricare coverage to qualifying vets. I cannot think of a single injury or illness a veteran can have that cannot be successfully treated downtown. And I believe the quality of care vets receive will go up markedly. Downtown, they don't care if you are a vet or not, just a patient who deserves the best care possible.

Your Weird Fetish

Intersectional fetishist
I'm sure most of AOC's male fanboys would love to be hurt and dominated by her. Gotta change the outfit though. An outfit with colors reminiscent of the American flag would really kill the mood.
Wonderwoman was more often being dominated than domming in her fetish days.
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Far Queue

I have a huge thing for girls in glasses. I think dudes are really divided on that. When she wears those round glasses she's really cute. It's also angles and shit.
Funny I think she's at her worst in the problem glasses and the ultra red lipstick.
I think people who are into that were yelled at by a librarian at some point when they were young and get some weird sexual pleasure from it that they didn't understand at the time, but developed into a fetish in later life. Maybe that's not exactly it, but there's some kind of fucked up explanation for it.

On a side note I wonder how long until we get AOC-themed porn as well as how big of a chimp out it's going to cause. I recall that back in '08 when Sarah Palin was McCain's VP candidate that there were a few videos where they found some vague look-alike and dressed them up like her. I never watched any of them, but I recall one was called something like Nailin Palin. I don't think she or anyone in the party ever acknowledged it, which is the smart thing to do, but there's no way the crazy woke fucks on the left could resist touching that.

Dracula's Spirit Animal

One time, I accidentally ate a bunch of nails
Generally the left prefers to use porn to degrade right-wing women, and because of their literal hateboners that make them want to fuck everything they despise.
Doubt it. There are probably endless Antifa faggots fapping to AOC themed porn,, planning to white knight the clown if she ever becomes actually relevant. tl;dr: there are a fuck load of soy boys sitting on shitty AOC porn like Smaug.

Rule 34 has assured me of this.

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