The stupidest things people have said to you - Or things you've heard!

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Bloody, bloody 2020.
It's not Biden he's in love with, just saying - these people are in love with their own voices and the words they use, it's basically fucking masturbation for them
Themselves and that they "won." That's what they're really circle jerking themselves raw over. They're going to keep sucking Biden's withered dick no matter what, because he's the president they fought to get in office. A testament to their social power, while Trump represents an undermining and embarrassment of it, which is the real reason they hate him so much. What Biden or his regime do in office matters not a single fuck. War with Iran? Syria? Massive outsourcing and the highest unemployment ever? Intensifying the mass incarceration of blacks? It'll all be acceptable, because he's their guy and they have to be right. They're creatures of pure, desperate, self-importance.

Journos are pathetic, but these sort of journos are the most pathetic of all. Cenk Uygur is more respectable. He's an idiot and a liar, but at least he makes an attempt to actually give a fuck about ideology and policies. These talking heads on the likes of CNN and MSNBC want literally nothing but asspats, hand jobs, and to be told they're so much smarter, more virtuous, and more special than the plebs while the country and the world burns.
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In college, someone told me “your white privilege is the only reason you’re here” -some psychology major in my required sociology class. (The GI Bill was the only reason I was there)
Says the gender studies major that is here through your parents' pocket and/or loans.



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When I was in high school I broke out laughing when a dude who sat behind me in history class couldn't locate Germany on a map. I was astounded that something so simple escaped him. Just a small few years later and when I was working at a store a very humble young man from high school on a break asked me to look over his English homework from the same school system I had come from. He was almost graduated, but his written English was so poor it resembled every typo (or pyto if you prefer) I eke out in an entire year on this web site combined.
And he wasn't playing a joke.
Years later I look back at the stupidity, or plain ignorance and lack of education and now I know (((who))) runs the places.
Snowflakes sometimes melt and burn even before they touch my tongue with such anger I hold.
I feel genuinely bad now that I laughed at that first guy. Makes me sad.

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Just last week I had a woman compliment me on my hands. I thought that was kind of odd as I have typical man hands that have their fare share of scars and whatnot.