The Superior Breakfast - Truly the greatest debate of our generation

Which is a subjectively better breakfast?

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This thought occurred to me as I was preparing my own breakfast a couple of days ago. Breakfast is colloquially called the "most important meal of the day". Indeed, breakfast does fill the hunger that many people possess when they first awaken for the day. But out of all the breakfast foods and meals what is the best breakfast really comprised of? Is it a cheesy omelette with fried pork meat on the side? Or is it a pan-fried sweet bread drenched in Vermont maple syrup? I put that question to you K-Farmers.

Coleman Francis

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Biscuits and gravy.

I avoided trying this for years because my parents always said it wasn't any good, and we don't eat that here anyway so it's not something you could easily get at a diner. As an adult though, I've tried biscuits and gravy, especially with the sausage in the gravy, and it rules.

Best breakfast though is an egg over easy, bacon, hASShbrowns, and a biscuit.


A thousand years old
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Most of the time I skip breakfast. When I'm feeling particularly greedy/have time to cook in the morning, it's got to be a full fry-up. Including black pudding.


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I adore the basic eggs rye toast and some meat. Also copious amounts of black coffee.

But when I have time I love a good real breakfast like some home made SOS or if I feel like a heart attack eggs benidict.


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Best brekkie ever:

And a

Or if you don't smoke, a

The end.

El Porko Fako

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If you got money, than a garlic bagel toasted with cream cheese and lox.

If you're broke, pancakes.


I Love Me Some White Sauce
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Bacon and eggs with a side of hashbrowns and some toast. Alternatively, swap the bacon out for sausage.

The only thing to kinda rival that for me is some rice, egg, and longanisa or tocino.

Bat Pussy

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My local diner makes a bomb ass breakfast burrito. I don't approve of the cheap fast food versions though, I'm picky about my burritos.