The Tenacious Unicorn Ranch / @TenaciousRanch / Steampunk Penny / Penellope Logue / Phillip Matthew Logue - 18 NEGLECTFUL COWBOYS IN THE ALPACA BARNS AT TRAN RANCH! TRAN RANCH IS UNDER SIEGE!

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The plot thickens at tran ranch! What will lead to the ultimate downfall of this empire?

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Lubby Smith
Featured on Jul 20, 2021 at 2:56 PM: Operating Troonswarm: The Tranch has mobilized in full tacticool gear to extract a dickless soldier from behind the enemy (Trump-voting) lines.
Ladies and gentlemen: they got him.


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titty skeleton

bones are transphobic :/
Ladies and gentlemen: they got him.
Hahahaha, my favorite thing about this by a country mile is the Star Wars rebellion symbol on the hat. Gotta pump that consoomer cred while decked out in larp gear with the guns in the truck.

Judging from the background outside of the windows, I'm going to assume that this was taken before any of the [DEFINITELY REAL AND NOT FAKE] events took place. Looks mostly like their neighbors property since it's more green than desert dust.

Was there any more context to this? Was this the new polycule troon being added? I highly doubt they managed to stumble upon any form of genuine 'White supremacist den in the middle of fuck off nowhere.' To be honest, that's one way people could describe the Tranch. It's full of burly white dudes with long hair waving their guns around, has a watchtower with an armed guard and looks like the surface of mars. Are you sure you're not looking in the rear view at the Tranch and mistaking it for the place you came from Bonnie?

This whole episode is laughable. If it were real they would've spilled way more beans than this. Listed names, places, people, photos, the works. Is this a shift toward a new tranch arc? The Pudgy Manchild Militia going on rescue excursions? We can only hope :story:


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This looks like two white trash parents taking their sped son home from a disappointing grandma's visit where she got the shock collar out. I love the two masters driving with full tactical gear and Penny with the headset. If this did happen at least they are dressed crazy so you know they mean business.

Is that a rancher in the back or is this someone new? It makes me wonder if this guy got lost in the desert without food or water. Or maybe went to a parent's house and got shat on.

Honest condolences if this happened, but unless legal action happens I'm going to presume bullshit. That's clear kidnapping/forced stay if so and all you need to do is provide evidence to the police, like pictures and the victim and such.

White Devil

Well I may be a monster, but you're gay.
They definitely didn't just pile into the truck to take pictures in their gear, then get out to post it online with a fake story attached.

They were in such an emergency hurry to get someone in "a den of white supremacy" that they had time to take photos during this extremely important mission.

Cnaiur urs Skiotha

Breaker of Horses and Men
Hahahaha they did a special ops extraction mission to save a high value "sister" from a "white supremacist" compound? The paramilitary larp is so fuckin funny, they take it so seriously. I'm sure to them a white supremacist is somebody who once laughed at a Jontron video. They picked somebody up and gave them a ride, the "nazis" were probably glad the troon was gone. "Don't call us heroes, just doing our job" hahahahaha. I'd be surprised if Penny and the squad were even wearing their tacticool gear during the "mission", they probably put that shit on later for the photo op. The "she/her" patch on the plate carrier still kills me, don't wanna get misgendered in battle hahahaha
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Fields Of Rye

Your friendly neighborhood schizo
This is either completely made up, or they just picked up a hitchhiking truck stop hooker off the side of the road.
> Someone got them their number

Imagine the terror of being trapped in a town. With cellphone service. Like call an uber or the police.

This is my favorite thing about the Tranch. They larp hard. Go on a rescue mission into the lions den? Let's go heavily armored and armed, and pile into a single clown car. But their still rolling into a quiet neighborhood armed to the fucking teeth.

You think anytime their neighbors see a slightly uglier than normal woman they call the Tranch as like, animal control?

Gone Ham

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Trigger Me Timbers

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Ah yes... those white nationalist are well known for wanting trans women and tricking them... and when there done with “her” just leave her (or let her walk out?).

Very cool story bro, when’s the movie getting made?

Oh yer! so you know the location of this white supremasit den that kidnaps/ falsely imprisones people! Your gonna get the cops involved to do a raid? Or maybe dox them and whistle blow about them out on social media right? Put a spotlight on those criminal white nationalists! Right! Right?

titty skeleton

bones are transphobic :/
I don't think the embedded image could have been a more ogre-like picture, holy fucking shit. That is PRIMO Man-Ogre photography. I can't tell if it's the weird lumpy state of Bronnie's body but those are some seriously gnarly triceps if I'm seeing this right. Holy moly. If anyone can take a good look at this sasquatchian creature and define it as a woman they'd have to have exceptionally bad eyesight or brain damage.

What's the bigfoot sightings map like for their area? Any nearby zoos on the lookout for an escaped chimpanzee? Christ on a cracker. That chin protrusion, that lumpy saggy face, good God. It's like someone reached into a fantasy concept book and pulled out a depiction of the word Ogre or Troll and made it manifest in reality.

Bravo to the photographer, you really captured everything there is to capture about troons. Whoever was writing or editing this story deserves an applause too for having the balls to put this as the centerpiece on embeds.
I don't think my words can accurately convey just how hilariously on point this is for the Tranch and troons in general. Jesus Christ :story:

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