The thread where you post your mildly unpopular opinions -


I don’t seem to understand
I may be the only person alive that doesn't mind that tangy cool burn.

Nah dude, I love that flavour. If minty orange juice was a thing with that exact flavour/sensation I’d officially have my first addiction.

Anyway an unpopular opinion? When travelling for business I would rather go to China any day over America. Their cities are nicer, the transportation is better, the food is better, and there’s more to do.


once more the world must undergo a time of testing
“How about the second amendment"
is a perfectly valid argument to be used whenever Americans complain about anything.


Missionary of the Birb Church
I get the impression many people in their 20s don't understand the concept of growing out of childish things because they think as long as they like it it's fine. 2020 (plus 1!) is so depresseen! How dare you insinuate that good feel is bad.

They can get away from the shame of feeling dumb for buying kid things now because they don't have to walk into the store kids' section to pick up their shitty little Pokemon cards or they can go to their online hugbox immediately after which will tell them it's fine that they went to a Burger King and bought a kid's meal for Pokemon cards. (The recent Pokemon card fad actually made it harder for real children to get cards by the way.)