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  • Ariana Grande has a good voice, but most of her songs aren’t that good
  • Taylor Swift has better songs overall compared to a lot of other mainstream pop acts
  • Mariah Carey’s music past the early 2000s isn’t that great
  • Billy Joel has better music that Elton John (both are really good though)
  • The sparkly leotards/jumpsuits that pop singers wear nowadays in concert is overdone

JM 590

My entire opinion on climate change: The weather started getting fucky sometime in the mid-2000's, with half of the USA having 70-degree days in February. I have no idea why. Politicians use their positions to push for laws and regulations that benefit their parties, and useful idiots use this as an excuse to argue with each other and feel smugly superior over something entirely out of their hands. It's all one colossal clusterfuck and anyone who gets worked up over it is an asshole.

The sperging in Kavanaugh thread makes Q-Anons look sane and of sound mind.
The Q-Anon crew seems like they'd be alright if they lost all connection to the internet for a year and spent their time reading an anthology of Agatha Christie whodunits
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