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Crunchy Leaf

Lager and pilsner are best beers and your local craft IPA made in some dweeb's basement is tantamount to piss in a prison toilet.
the craft beer people are really annoying to me. i don't like beer so it's not based on what i think is good or not, but their smugness is so aggravating. it's wine snobbery for people who don't own a smoking jacket. also having beer drinking as your primary hobby feels like a way to justify alcoholism.

Cactus Wings

Coughing for Cash
Icon isn't even a positive description anymore. Straight, married, hetero cisfuckinghet actors are "gay icons" because they played a Han Solo/rogue kind of character in some movie, and managed to romance all the lesbian fangirls.

You could call a heavy metal vocalist a country icon if he wore big boots.

PT 940

I'm both mildly amused and annoyed by Dear Leader's inability to pronounce the word "over."
I've heard him say it correctly twice during streams so it's weird to me that he just doesn't always say it the right way. I don't think it's that he's incapable but it's just a bad habit at this point.

Count groudon

Saltier than Njord's left testicle
Modern sci-fi sucks. Most of it is just lame watered-down bullshit meant to cater to annoying “lol I’m so nerdy I love spaceships” cunts.

I can’t stand games like heavy rain or telltale TWD. The stories are pretty fun, don’t get me wrong, but they’re so damn boring to play and it seems like every big decision you make only causes a very slight variation on a cutscene that plays regardless of what you do.

Melissa McCarthy is actually somewhat funny. Not a comedic legend or anything, but I find most of her movies fairly entertaining.

Lager and pilsner are best beers and your local craft IPA made in some dweeb's basement is tantamount to piss in a prison toilet.
Thats not true! there are plenty of other good beer style for the right occasion.

wheat beer is the best when its realy hot and Helles for drinking while visiting some park.

also having beer drinking as your primary hobby feels like a way to justify alcoholism.
Thats Racist!
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I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with being racist as long as you act professionally and don't discriminate in the workplace.

It's not racist to prefer partners of your own race. Especially in places like America where white and black people have drastically different cultures.

Affirmative Action is no less bullshit than getting hired because you went to the same college as the boss, or because he's a fraternity brother. If we lived in a meritocratic society it'd be reprehensible but we don't, connections and asskissing counts for more than talent does.

I have literally no respect for stay-at-home moms. You have a luxury that historically speaking didn't even exist until the 50's, if all you do is take care of children and clean house (note: every stay-at-home mom I've ever met did not keep a liveable house and had kids that acted like hellions), then you're just lazy.


Rubbing hand intensifies
Game industry went to shit after Microsoft decided to enter the console market. Every bad practices started with Microsoft deciding to invest in the game industry, DLC, lack of single player only offering online play, pre-order to get special exclusive version, unnecessarily bloated game development budget, huge chunk of it goes to promoting the game and getting a celebrity to voice one of the characters.

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