The thread where you post your mildly unpopular opinions -

ok so I have a few. Ive been lurking for awhile and a few kiwis have talked about their concern of the far left and their corporate over lords fucking shit up.

I have some solutions. Get involved with local politics at county or town level. Pursue policy which bans non local businesses and support local brick and mortar businesses . See mayflower new jersey for example. Not only the community begins to look more pretty after the wal marts and mc Donalds have been banished, the other end result is a reduction of market share for various donors of major political parties.
Less market share control results in less money which can be used to pursue political fuckery. If not bans then protectionist polices applied between locations.

Mastercard is a great example. There are rumors antifa is aligned with them. If Mastercard was banished from many locations and instead a network of szmall town banks replaced the current credit infrastructure then mastercard would lose the their ass.

The other is join a separatist party or movement. Such movements are neutral on ideology and are instead more concerned who decides the fate of a community. Spain and the basque are a great example. Basque can have the same far left policies if they gain independence but such polices would be governed by a more local group of leaders versus someone far away in germany under the e.u. Over time various regions in the world can join forces and form a new union. Catalan, Ireland, basque, scotland, hungry and poland could merge and create a new political body to be a bulwark against the forces of poz.

Replacing censor happy companies (such as paypal) can be done by going small and focusing on very specialized niches. Instead of creating a pay pal 2.0 one can create a pay pal version made just for needs of us soilders. A youtube and face book alternative for military personel (which is more secure) would be smaller but have a built in audience. To compete going small and becoming extremely specialized would be the way to compete.

The final way to combat the forces of screech is engage stealth mode. These peoples existence are validated by adversity. Once they think opposition is non existent is when they turn on each other and eat each other alive. Thus destroying themselves for those who dont like them.


My bones hurt...
I think Bras are the worst garment ever invented and should be outlawed like Chinese foot-binding . “Ptosis” (the natural sagging of breast tissue with age) happens whether you wear 8 bras at once or never wear one in your life. They are uncomfortable as shit, and I will never berate anyone who just says “fuck it” and never wears one. Fight me.

Anyone who thinks meatloaf is “Delicious” Is a lazy culinarily devoid fuck. Everything, all the ingredients necessary to make a meatloaf are better suited to making something else. Instead you decided to haphazardly mix it all together to create something that looks and tastes “less then the sum of its parts.” I can’t even.

It’s “OK” to be white.


My bones hurt...
I'd like to see a eugenics program reinstated in the US. If you are not financially mentally and emotionally capable of parenting, no fucking breeding. Temporary vasectomies on men and IUD placement on women until they can prove they can parent successfully. Especially if receiving government assistance. Incentives for people NOT to have children instead of paying them to keep popping out more.
If only the government wasn’t afraid of all the future tax-payers they wouldn’t be getting because of it..


Hong Kong is rightful Chinese clay.
Harvey Weinstein did nothing wrong and all the thots with buyers remorse (buying favours with their feminine viles) should pay him back the monetary value, including expenses and compounded interest, for the said favours. When it comes to imaginary victims - specifically Pamela Swain/@DocHoliday1977, one would suggest state imposed sexual slavery of their person under mr. Weinstein for no more than 5 years or until mr. Weinstein gets bored with them.

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