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Instrumentals can sound better than the original track
One of my favorite instances of this is Wagner.

(yes, i know that the siegfried idyll never had words, just trying to show how beautiful weird transcriptions of wagner can be.)

Don't get me wrong, I love opera, and I understand why Wagner wanted to principally compose operas, seeing them as a 'total art' that combined all the arts into one. But, as a composer, his greatest strength lay in his subtle harmonies and perpetual building of tension, with only partial releases (famously, the opening chord progression of Tristan und Isolde isn't resolved until the very end of the opera). And, IMHO, all the singing and acting and scenery and story mostly distract from the beauty of the pure music.

Listening to Wagner's works as instrumentals also helps dispel the silly notion that he was a bombastic, thud-and-blunder, "heavy metal" composer.


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Sunscreen with less than 30 SPF is a waste of money. Don't be surprised when you get a skin condition if you either never wear sunscreen, don't wait after putting it on for it to bind to your skin, or you wear 15 or less SPF.


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Movies suck.

People that get really into movies are boring, gullible idiots and have no personality of their own. Even worse is when they constantly reference them and expect you to know or even care what they're talking about. You're not an intellectual for discussing the symbolism in Quentin Tarantino movies.

I've watched like 5 movies in my life that I actually enjoyed and all of those were before I was age 13. (The only good movies are Lethal Weapon and anything with Steve Martin or Dan Akroyd)

The plots in almost all movies are extremely boring and pointless. It's not real. Why am I supposed to care about what happens to the characters? They're just actors. Reading the threads on KF is more engaging since it's actually real and completely free.

Movies are just artifice by overpaid, stupid assholes

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Maybe not Kiwi-unpopular but currently unacceptable elsewhere: This currently blossoming 1444 video curse situation is just warming my heart. It's the perfect storm of moral panic, morbid curiosity, and a creepypasta style Momo curse all wrapped up in a near-instant payoff of an umpteen second clip that's impossible to eradicate.

It's tame by gore standards but the fact that kids are the ones circulating it gives me this fuzzy feeling of nostalgia for my edgy teen days when old shock sites were the shit and sending people links to them wasn't cyberbowling.