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Monty Python is overrated as fuck. For every hit, there's 4-5 misses and the dorks who obsess over it are as obnoxious as the Rick & Morty fans of today.
I agree with the last part. The whole point of Python's material was silly incongruity. Repeating their stuff is the opposite of incongruity. It's boring and expected. It's lame.


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Millennial/Zoomer rage over the media/politicians blaming video games for violence is incredibly cringey. Yes, yes, video games don't cause violence. However, most of the time, this rarely results in government action against video games, at least in the United States. It makes them look like they have arrested development, and stuck in their childhood. I tend to think that this reaction is born out of mommy/daddy issues: "I don't like you playing that violent nintendo, you man!"


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I resent the idea that it's less noble to advocate for a cause once you have a personal investment in it. Maddox's article on Christopher Reeve from way back should give an idea what I mean. Nevermind that it's lame as shit to impose a purity test on helping others, but the argument misses the mark in that there are different types of empathy. It's one thing, for example, to understand the trial and tribulations of a cancer patient and another to go through it yourself. Why shame someone whose gained perspective from a tragedy and then used their sense of empathy for others who went through the same to serve a greater good?

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I think this site has a strong right wing bias and A&H is the reason why. Every time I see it, it's just people laughing at liberals getting owned and how they deserve their misfortune while when it happens to conservatives, they get all mopey and feel sorry for them. Also mods should crack down on the sources of the news, I always find posts who source them from fringe political sites known for producing actual fake news. Null is justified in hiding this part from lurkers, so we won't get new fringe crazies shitting up this site and making us look worse.

And another thing, I believe the "don't pozload my neghole" policy is too heavy handed, especially on cows like Chris. While it is true some of the best moments of trolling were brought by Chris himself, the best sagas were the results of trolls prodding on Chris, which escalated into the classic moments we grow nostalgic over.


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I don't care about the Super Bowl because I don't care about football, watching ads, or live performances from celebrities I don't care about.
Null is justified in hiding this part from lurkers, so we won't get new fringe crazies shitting up this site and making us look worse.
Well, that was actually done for SEO because Bing (and maybe other search engines) thought the site was plagiarizing articles.

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I am so fucking tired of hearing about "muh power dynamics" in relationships. Yes I know it's a real thing, but it's replaced 'gaslighting' as the new buzzword people throw out at random, in every situation. Like so many other shiny buzzwords, I feel like it's used to infantilize women.