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Damn property taxes f**k up everything.
MegaMan Battle Network was a refreshing take on Mega Man and ended the series on its own terms. Because it doesn’t take place in the main timeline, it’s also a unique look at 200X/20XX.
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Welcome to the Future you chose.
Gamer culture is one of the cringiest things you could witness, and this is coming from someone that loves video games.
Seriously, even our very own gaming sub-forum is inflicted with second hand embarrassment.
Agreed, from someone who also loves video games. The vehemence with which some defend video games as if it were their deeply held religious or political convictions is incredibly cringey. It shouldn't surprise anyone that GamerGate was a civil war among fedora tipping atheists, since atheism doesn't really offer anything substantial morally, philosophically, what have you.

The same could be said about pop culture fandoms in general. I've gotten to the point where I just can't care about how JJ, KK, and Roundhead Johnson are ruining Star Wars anymore. There's something incredibly cringey about soy boy twinks and fat ass neckbeards fighting over corporate IPs.
Mexican women are ugly, brutish, and short.
Depends on the race. It's the Indian genetics in that case. Mayan women especially are extremely short and not very pretty at all, and they're almost always quite fat, I think because short women just have a really hard time of keeping the weight off. And most from the Yucatan area are heavily Mayan.

But there's different shades to it. Castizas are rather nice.

Ped Xing

!Bigfoot! sightings please call 908-314-7784
Oh, Spanish Ladies are choice. I was thinking of the four foot tall three foot wide titless abominations that cross the border illegally.
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I don't understand the hype of Timothee Chalamet and I think he looks like a twinky drug addict
Honestly, yeah. It's all up to personal preferences, though, and I can understand how people would find him attractive. That said, his face shape is weird as fuck. I've never met in person anyone who has a jaw even resembling anything like that.


Thin privilege is real y’all
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  • I don’t understand the appeal of kale. It’s bitter and only tastes okay if you use a ton of dressing and spices. I think most people just pretend to like it because it’s healthy. If I’m going to eat a leafy green, butter lettuce, romaine and spinach are all superior.
  • Cheese is in too many things. I like it, but at many restaurants, it’s overkill. There are so many other ways to add flavor to something besides relying on cheese.
  • Life skills classes are underrated and they should be mandatory for K-12 schooling. There are too many people out there that can’t cook from scratch and sew on a button. Those skills are way more useful in the long run than many of the required classes.
  • Not everyone should go to college and that’s okay. College is expensive and unless you plan on a job that requires a college degree, it’s not worth going (unless you just want to take a few classes here and there).
  • I can’t say I love it, but I did enjoy Mars Needs Moms (it wasn’t a cliche storyline and the world building was interesting. As far as underrated Disney movies go, Atlantis is better).