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The extreme dehumanization of members of religious cults, including media that constantly glamorizes violence against them and almost never humanizes them, is often just as creepy as, if not creepier than, the cults themselves. The press has programmed most people to think of someone like Jim Jones when they hear the word "cult" even though the type of people it most gets slapped on are groups like the Jehovah's Witnesses. Sure they're annoying, but we probably shouldn't be too comfy with the idea of the feds mowing them all down with machine guns, which people who refer to groups as cults always feel like they're one beer away from advocating for. Also, the whole concept of cult "deprogramming" is just brainwashing, but in a more conformist direction. People are kidnapped and held against their will while being bombarded with messages and intense social pressure to force them to alter their beliefs. Sound familiar?


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Video doesn't "have to" be HD like still images.

Unlike still images, motion can compensate for lower resolution.

(I still think DVDs are OK and don't see the appeal of Blu-ray.)


Just for the record, I've known lovely and gentle pitbulls. One's favorite toy was a 16-pound bowling ball that he would carry around / throw / chase when he wasn't trying to cuddle with someone. Is it possible that the pattern of vicious pitbulls has more to do with certain owners who treat them certain ways so that they're inclined to certain behavior? Is the real pattern in the owners? Is it possible to take any given pitbull puppy and raise it in such a way that these things won't happen, or is this merely a luck-of-the-draw variation in tendency?


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If you are a dog person I don't hate you for your opinion. That being said, growing up where I did, whenever dog bites were an issue, and there were many, it was always from the same breed.

I have seen plenty of well to do puppers in the area, more than plenty. But it was never the Labradors, never the bloodhounds, hell never even Dobermans. It was always a rot or a Pitt In my experience, every single time. I said "oh it was just an accident" when the neighbor kid got his leg all fucked up, I said the same when my friends dog (who was very friendly) was killed in its own yard by one that "just got out". A few years later on my way home I got attacked by one "that just got out" (and this was after I moved out of the hood). And will forever have scars on my hand from it. I was the lucky one.

It's just my "unpopular opinion" I mean no offense to you personally if you like them, but experience builds perspective in many ways.

I have an autistic obsession with dog bite related fatality statistics. you're exactly right. Sorry about your hand. I'm a cat person but I don't really dislike dogs so much as I am averse to pit bulls and their mixes for safety purposes.

There is someone in my area that rents out a room like a hotel (I don't think its air b&b, but its similar). They recently got a pit bull. Its an accident waiting to happen, having strangers come over is one of the most consistent risk factors for serious bites. It isn't like people who own that type of dog will ever listen to reason so IDK what I could even say to them about it.
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Liking cats doesn't necessarily make you a "cat person." Cats are like, well, any animal other than dogs-- if you and the cat get along, it's because your personalities mesh and you've treated them as they want to be treated.

Dogs and humans have, most times, powerful instinctive liking for the other species. Befriending a dog is usually "be a human" and "don't be a cunt." For a dog to be liked by a human, he need be a dog and not bite or threaten, and usually that is enough.

The point I'm laboring to make is that, even as a person who likes cats, plenty of cats don't like me and I have no particular fondness for those cats, even if they've never done anything to offend me, just as it is with humans, cattle, goats, and so on. Dogs are the exception.

If you love *all* cats immediately, the way normal people instinctively like dogs, you're a freak who needs to be studied in a lab.

I love dogs. I love *my* cats.


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The only good Persona was Persona 1.
Final Fantasy 7 was right to try to push the boundaries graphically, but was trash other than Tifa's hooters.
Yuffie is Square excrement coming out of a round hole.
Black and red is more symbolic of goodness than white and blue. *squints*
The USS Enterprise, especially the first movie one has a slight diamond profile from the front, and I don't like it.
Gal Gadot is a racist pos.
I have the sexiest toe hair of any woman you'd care to mention on KF.


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I never got why people liked Velma. Sure, Daphne had the personality of a wooden board, but Velma was always a bit frumpy looking for my tastes.
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