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Autoshift and Bendix are part and parcel of the International Communist Conspiracy.


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Dysphoria is a mental illness not to be solved by transitioning but by talk therapy and a specific anti depressant
Most people if not everybody has some form of dysphoria about their bodies, the difference between being sane or not is whether you want to destroy your body and fuck up your life over it or live with it and (maybe) do what you can to improve yourself. Wish you got treated better by strangers? Lose weight. Think your nose is weird? Waste money on plastic surgery or just accept it.


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I don't hate Trump, but he's not a good guy. He's controlled opposition. All the bad stuff from the left is pushing people to Trump on purpose because (((they))) can get what they want through him without people finding out before it's too late.

Grab them by the pussy isn't what you think it is. It's him saying those in charge can use policy and taxes and stuff to change culture to control demographics, and you know how (((some people))) love genociding people with demographics.

I like Trump's personality, but hell if I'd trust him in a positive way.