The Tom Deadpool - Here we place our Bets on the Expected Lifespan of a Nearly-Dead Hobo.

How Much Time Does Tom Have Left?

  • < 1 Year

  • 1 Year

  • 2-5 Years

  • 5-10 Years

  • 10-20 Years

  • Joke's on you, Spiteful DogFuckers Never Die!

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Draxx. Them. Sklounst.
True & Honest Fan
I toss in May of 2044. He's fucked-up enough to require death, but he's dumb enough to escape death. I think his COPD will catch up to him around then.
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Gonna do 2-5, with my main bet on if not a slow death from COPD, some "minor" issue that he has go to the hospital for and be dead within 72 hours, or a drug overdose (if he actually really does do heroin regularly as the stream suggested).
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Draxx. Them. Sklounst.
True & Honest Fan
Jokes on you, Tom's been dead for years. His body is being animated and controlled by a colony of sentient mutant maggots and bacteria from dumpster burgers and a neverending cocktail of whatever he can get high off of.
That might be why he still eats from the trash... the maggots expend less energy eating pre-rotted food. It all makes sense.

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