The Top 5 Kiwi Farmers - Get Ready for the In-Fighting

Who's your Top Five

  • Dynastia is probably gonna be here somehow

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  • I dunno, but I hope this is going to be SUPER dramatic!

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  • This is a honeypot to figure out what kiwi farmers are actually lolcows, isn't it?

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Good day Autists,

Today we are gathered here to promote the top 5 Kiwi Farmers of ALL time-- from the creation of this site, to you now reading this, we are here to put in eternal memory the FOUNDERS of our Autistic Forum. In the words of @Daisymae , "we need someone who we could create Mount Rushmore for: The Personalities of which we all try to strive for as Shitposters."

This is how this Challenge for the Ultimate Kiwi will go:

This entire process will begin as a series of nominations and eliminations, starting off with who knows who the fuck is the Number 1 Kiwi Farmer, to actually crowning That Bitch-Of-A-Shitposter. From Nomination, Elimination, to the Autistic Crown, I will outline it all below.


For the beginning portion, I will judge with a panel of judges on who the Top 20 are: this is the MAXIMUM AMOUNT that a poll is allowed to have on Kiwi Farms. This thread serves as the NOMINATION CENTER. I will look at this with a panel of Old-Fags to determine who deserves the Top 20 spot.

After this, we will have a voted weighted elimination that brackets out when 4people are eliminated per voting cycle: this will total to 6 Voting Cycles: with 5 being elimination voting, and the 6th cycle being who wins the Number 1. spot.

Here are the three RULES for this nomination and elimination

1. NO NULL nominations (even though I know you fuckers are going to @ and tag him anyway in this :story: ): NULL is considered God and cannot be put on the Mount Rushmore of Autism: he is the Creator of this Universe of Autistic Conversation we are having. This competition is about the Kiwi Farmers who were progenated and conceived by the Creator, not the Creator Himself.

2. THE PERSON WHO WINS THE NO. 1 or NO. 2 SPOT IN A VOTING CYCLE WINS IMMUNITY INTO THE NEXT CYCLE, BUT CANNOT GET IT IN SUCCESSION OR CONSECUTIVELY, REGARDLESS OF HOW UNPOPULAR THEY WERE IN THE LAST CYCLE. This means that if say @zedkissed60 was placed last in the last voting cycle but somehow got a Number 1 spot in the next cycle, he would be immune the following cycle but would be given a limit of one Immunity, and so if he won the number 1 spot again somehow, 2nd and 3rd place would get immunity instead. This basically means that this rule plays as a sort of "WILD CARD"-- if you can get your nomination to the number 1 or 2 spot, they are safe, unless they already achieved immunity in a prior cycle.

We only have 6 cycles, so that means the max amount of immunity is 3 times, and 2 people will always get it, but it can never be consecutive or in succession. This rule is to spice up the competition and really get you guys to vote and support your nominations and write out reasons why they deserve the Top. 5 spot.

There is no Immunity in the FIFTH cycle of voting. In the final Elimination Voting, the BOTTOM 3 , will be eliminated, and the Top 5 will move on to the 6th cycle and compete for the Number 1 spot.

So Basically the voting brackets go from 20 -> 16 -> 12 -> 8 -> 5, unless someone has immunity and placed last in the next cycle. So if you want to get competitive guys, use this WILD CARD rule.

3. The panel of judges can annull any of the above given proper fucking reasoning and rationale.

And that's about it.