The Trial of Derek Chauvin - Court has finally arrived. Will there be kangaroos?


  • Guilty

    Votes: 281 10.3%
  • Not Guilty

    Votes: 544 20.0%
  • Mistrial

    Votes: 243 8.9%
  • 1992

    Votes: 143 5.3%
  • 1995 O.J. Simpson

    Votes: 187 6.9%
  • Not Guilty Enough (for the mob)

    Votes: 1,028 37.8%

    Votes: 292 10.7%

  • Total voters

Sugar Puppet
This guy is being deliberately obtuse:
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It's because he's personally invested in the case. He'd normally charge 500 dollars an hour for his time consulting for his expertise at his own admission but out of the goodness of his heart decided to spend hundreds of hours reviewing footage, preparing reports and meeting with the prosecutors.

Hoi Polloi
LMAO "smoking only affects 10% of people" jesus fucking hell.
Maybe he got his medical degree in 1930

Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 20.17.38.png

Getting him to say shit like smoking only damages the lungs of a small proportion of the population ect is a great move. Instant credibility loss in the eyes of the jury.
Exactly. You don’t have to call him out for it to be effective. Once the jury realizes he won’t answer basic simple questions for the defense, they’ll assume bias.