The truth about my health.... 04/24/19 - Amberlynn claims she has lymphedema

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Ssssshhhhh I said ssssshhhhhhh. Tee Hee!
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Hey BooBoo


0:01 - Holy shit she is sitting outside! She is waiting for Necky to pick her up

0:12 - Necky is picking her up because they are going to eat (shocker) at a Mexican restaurant.
I wonder if this is the same place she orders her take out that is totally within her diet ya'll

0:16 - Necky has some family staying the night

0:38 - Our gorl starts to model her lovely lace circus tent she got from Torrid ya'll

0:45 - Lace Butt-ens
0:48 - Cot-TEN

0:56 - Our gorl feels cute today. She half-jokingly attributes her looking cuter to her 11 ellbee weight loss

1:13 - Amber admits to hardly ever sitting outside and suggests to herself that she should sit out more
Yeah that won't happen

1:31 - Amber admits to losing motivation hence why the daily vlogs stopped
Early signs of a weaking constitution? Don't let the binge monster win gorl!

1:50 - She starts to discuss her YouTube livestreams.
We are all crazy booboo!

1:59 - 10 days without binging for our gorl

2:13 - She is not worried about binging as much as the scale and how much she is going to lose
She is saying the right thing but is it empty words?

2:45 - She addresses the WLS papers. She has not sent them in because what she is doing is working and she doesn't want to mess it up. MA'AM

3:10 - She admits that WLS is overwhelming to her

3:30 - She reveals she is going to start to see a psychiatrist
Going to is the key phrase. Never mentions the date of the appointment.

3:40 - Holy shit she is mentioning bipolar lol. Everyone is bipolar these days booboo

3:48 - Bipolar Tendies

3:58 - Wants to see someone to help with her depression and anxiety

4:12 - "In this moment, I got this. I'm good." - Amberlynn Reid 4/24/19

4:40 - Easter candy tastes fake

4:48 - Pee Break!

4:55 - Amber begins to explain her meal and her substitutions. You should definitely watch this part.

5:20 - Hamber is playing Clue and other board games with Necky's undisclosed family

5:43 - Amber begins posing in front of the mirror

6:00 - Hamber begins word salad story about pizza. Long story short, she resisted pizza and ate carrots instead

6:45 - She informs everyone that she is still exercising

6:51 - Exercising does a "situation" with her body

7:04 - Hamber introduces her poem she wrote about EARFFFFF. I won't spoil it just watch.
Funniest line was birds walking - shouldn't that be birds flying?

7:38 - I don't want to die
Fake or real confession?

8:09 - We get a jump cut from an introspective Amber to hearing "My feet hurt" and seeing Amber's big ass frown.
This bitch is trolling. Real talk.

8:13 - If you pause you will see her smiling after mentioning her hurting feet. She also licks her lips. Looks like she is lllaaaaaaahhhhhhhh-ing

8:35 - Finally we address the title of the video. Amber claims she has lymphedema. She probably does because the Haydurs have been warning her about it for years and she certainly fits the criteria. But she self diagnosed (based on the things she was saying) so while it is likely true, we don't have 100% confirmation.

9:15 - Our gorl will never show her calves

9:28 - She starts talking about her laygs

9:46 - Despite people mentioning lymphedema to her for years, she never bothered to look up the condition. She learned about it from MSHPL.

10:00 - She finally starts talking about her lymphedema

10:15 - She admits she has destroyed her body and that it is her fault

10:38 - Our gorl discusses her first experience with lymphedema

11:10 - By now we hear she has lymphedema in her stomach and her right aaayyyygggg.
Sucks to be Hamber :`-(

11:39 - She confirms the lymphedema is what kicked off her weight loss
Wait. In the video she said she has known about it for months. So why would the lymphedema inspire her now? More likely the sub loss inspired her.

12:13 - Shoutout to the stomach situation as Amber calls it

12:32 - Our gorl is stuck with lymphedema. It doesn't go away booboo.

13:00 - Amber reminds us that losing the 11 ellbees has made her feel soooooooo much better

13:10 - My situation
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oh Amber, you’re mad as a hatter.

No footage of the Mexican food at the restaurant = she got her usual double order of rice and whatever else horrific shit passes for Mexican food in Kentucky.

Ya gorl is feeling herself. She doesn’t even like pizza. She orders it for company. Not for her. She’s so proud.

“Right now I’m just sitting outside and it’s like... I see the birds walking,

I hear the birds chirping,

I hear neighbors communicating.

I hear kids laughing.

I feel the breeze.

I look at the trees.

I see the green grass. And I’m just like... I don’t wanna die. Like I really don’t wanna die.

And this is why I stick to my guns every single day. I count my calories. I don’t binge. I drink muh water.

I do I.F. And it’s cuz I don’t wanna stop hearing the birds, I don’t want to stop feeling the breeze, I don’t wanna stop seeing the clouds, ya know?

It’s just little things like that like I don’t want to take for granted ever again.”

Pure poetry y’all.
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I just noticed that our gorl has a Peter Griffin ballsack chin situation going on...


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Let me guess: the trip to the ER because of "back pain" that ended up being an UTI? Well, it was a lie (who'd have thought that?!). The antibiotic was prescribed because there was (is?) some infection on her legs.

How much this scared her for real and how much is for pity views (and comments) is anyone's guess. She has admitted in the past to her legs oozing, so I wonder how much worse it is now. Is she scared because it's as far up as her stomach now? Or is it because she's getting infections due to how bad it's become?

Hamberlard Raid

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  • sitting outside waiting for Necky
  • FagShanty is going to a Mexican restaurant
  • family is staying
  • OOTD: lace Torrid dress, she is feeling her oats
  • attributes it to her "weight loss"
  • in loveeeee with nature u guyzzzz
Next Clip (April 22nd)
  • lost motivation to vlog, no makeup
  • loves going on YT live
  • Day 10 of no bingeing, "cured" apparently
  • "i am obsessed with doing good you guyzzzzzz"
  • addresses not handing in the papers for WLS: claims she does not want to "mess up her progress"
  • no reason or desire to hand in the documents atm
  • wants to see a psychiatrist
  • self-diagnoses herself with bipolar disorder
  • keeps repeating the same sentences over and over again
Outside Clip
  • "Chilled back in the Easter"
  • chocolate tastes fake to her
  • pee break (tmi)
  • got a fajita (ate sour cream and lettuce, two bites of rice)
  • played board games with the boys
  • twinkie sighting: she looks fucking massive
  • looks in the mirror lets out a Chantal cackle
  • goes off on a monologue about ordering pizza when playing board games, she didn't and ate carrots instead
  • she has been enjoying Earth you guissse
  • impromptu existential poem when out in nature, expresses her joy
  • our gorl's feet are swollen
  • people have been giving her advice regarding her swelling
  • told by "haydurrrrrs" in the past that she has lymphedema
  • always had big calves
  • lymphedema scares her
  • a few months ago, she discovered she has lymphedema on her stomach
  • is able to talk about it now
  • discovered it in her right leg later
  • blames it all on "body proportions", ignoring the weight factor
  • lymphedema improved once she lost the little bit of weight
  • never was diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease
  • the lymphedema was the turning point in her disposition (allegedly)
  • closes the video with saying" omg dont be mean you guyzzzzzzzz (screenshot attached)