The truth about my health.... 04/24/19 - Amberlynn claims she has lymphedema


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Everyone is saying lymphedema, I heard lipedema. There was a discussion in one of the threads about the difference, sorry I don't have the time/was too traumatized by the pics to find it now. Either way, I'm guessing it's self diagnosed.
Indeed she tends to bounce back and forth between the two when talking about it, which just shows how little she knows about it.

For those unaware:
Lipedema - abnormal fat deposits in lower body and some fluid accumulation. Fairly common in all women, but especially those at higher weights
Lymphedema - compromised lymphatic system usually due to a blockage in the system resulting in swelling from the lymph fluid. Amber mentioned fibrosis (hardening) so it may be this one.

Amber seems to treat the later like a cosmetic issue, complaining about how gross it makes her feel. In reality it's very bad for you and can cause infections and even cancer. There's also things she may be misdiagnosing it as, such as lipoma (fatty tumor) since we all know she's her own doctor.


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"I'm going to be seeing a psychiatrist"
Translation: "If I just pop some pills, I'll magically stop being fat with no effort on my part"

Lol no, she almost certainly has BED (binge eating disorder), and needs to see a psychologist to receive CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). They'll, also refer her to a general practitioner, whom will then most likely refer her to a nutritionist, and might possibly recommend surgery. She'll likely do none of this because she'd rather attention whore on jewtube, and continue consuming copious amounts of food with her "friends," whom will continue to enable her self destructive behavior.


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This is the closes we are going to get..

This was 200lbs ago..


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So... she's had lymphedema in her legs for years, literally, discovered it on her stomach months ago, and that's the turning point? After years and then several months? Sure. Right. Slowest goddamn turn ever.
Hey shes turning as fast as she can, planetary mass is tough on her water balloon laygs and other planets take years to turn around too!!

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I don't know why I keep being shocked by how predictable her cycle of behaviour is, and yet here we are!

Ten days in and she's lost motivation, stopped vlogging, is now going out for Mexican and spinning her inability to commit to anything as a "valley in her journeee". Her snapchat video of her sitting outside, waxing poetically about the trees and sky is fucking PEAK Narcylynn - she sounds like a fucking alien trying to pass as human.

Lymphoma or lipodema, doesn't matter, she has some form of edema, which is just fluids collecting. We know what the causes are, obesity, not moving around, and the beetus being some of the ones where she's got a sitchuashun going on. Oh, and a completely compromised body with failing circulation, beyond fucked lymph system, and everything else fuckered and broken.

A doctor could tell her pretty easily what it is, and what to do. Like stop eating a salt lick every meal, move your fat ass, and lose some goddamn weight. You don't need a WLS doctor for that, any general practitioner will do - but she wants to shop around for a doctor who will give her asspats and the easiest magic bullet weight loss program.

But she won't.

Boo boo, if you're serious about your health, give up Torrid hauls indefinitely, and throw some of that YT money at a full medical. Get the full detailed list of shit wrong with you, and put a plan together to start addressing all of it. That's what doctors do. You're trying to clean the carpets of a house that's fully engulfed in flames, you don't spot treat at 600lbs.

But she won't.

Bipolar? LOL. That's a catch-all for "You're not the boss of me!" these days. Untreated bipolar is a horrorshow. She's ain't bipolar. She's just dumb and lazy and mean.

And yes, you need to scooty butt your massive weird shelf ass to a psychiatrist, and get a real goddamned diagnosis and plan of action to manage whatever the fuck is wrong with the bowl of refried beans you call a brain. Diagnosis doesn't mean shit unless there's a sitchuashun to deal with it.

But she won't.

That's why checking her swelling amorphous blob she calls a body into a weight loss clinic for a couple of months is the only rational thing to do. Get a full mental and physical workup, call that ground zero. Put a plan together with the professionals, work it. Hey, it's not like she has anything better to do.

But she won't.

Flailing around like a crazed walrus on meth has only led to her doubling her weight, it's time for her to admit she doesn't know fuck-all about what she's doing, own that you need real help- and get it.

But she won't.

You don't change a rotted head like hers in 10 days. You just don't. I like this part of the ride. The crash is gonna be great.

PS - Stop with the fraudulent Earth Day bullshit, gurl. You're outside because there's visitors, and you can't expose your hamplanetry in front of them.

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She doesn't like the taste of Easter candy, she doesn't like pizza... But then she admits that she will "go to town" on a pizza or three when they have company over, even though she doesn't like the taste. (Oh but excuse me, now she's satisfied with carrots.)

Why does she pretend to be so picky about food? Is it because dainty gorls are careful about what they eat? The fact that she will mindlessly inhale a food she claims she doesn't even like shows how screwed up her relationship with food is.

She's talking so quickly in the middle part of the video when she's going on about how proud she is of herself. Whether she's bipolar or not, it seems like she's riding the high of her little bit of initial success. When she comes down from the high and realizes that it's really hard work to make such a drastic lifestyle change, I think we will see her give up and go back to old habits.


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Lies and manipulation....nothing but lies and manipulation. Tons of easter candy, double portions at mexican place, topped off by pizza party frenzy--how much doya think she gained?
She gained at least 100 more Ambabies that are truly inspired by our dainty gorl's journey and they will leave praising comments on YouTube and encourage queen of moderation to not give up.