The truth about my health.... 04/24/19 - Amberlynn claims she has lymphedema

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In a study on obesity patients all patients with a BMI above 60 had abnormal lymphoscintigrams characteristic of lymphedema. Amber's BMI has been above 60 since she was like 12, even when she lost the 89 lbs her BMI was at 59 at the lowest. Her body is just going to keep permanently breaking down worse and worse until she's below this threshold. Did she actually say she was going to see a lymphedema therapist or is the admission that her body is fucked just another tactic to manipulate ass-pats from the gullible? She needs to actually start treatment with a professional for it, otherwise it's like noticing you have gangrene and doing nothing about it. As it is she will already need to see a lymphedema therapist for the rest of her life.
ETA: JFC she's such a fucking idiot! You ALWAYS had lymphedema, you had it when you were 11, your calves weren't 'healthy just big'. She keeps confusing the symptoms of lipedema and lymphedema, and it doesn't help that she likely has bolth. There is no surgical intervention that will do anything for your lymphatic circulatory systems health. I guess it's kind of impressive how delusionally moronic she is.
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So we're done with the shitty, boring Humblelynn saga and back to the cycle I think, right? We've got self diagnosing, restaurant eating, excuses, and all sorts of other AL greatest hits. Enjoy looking at that washed hair since the filthy, greasy poop bun will be back before the leaves on the trees this spring.

Can't wait to get somewhere I can watch this. A tearful (is it tearful? I bet it's tearful) lymphadema confession and classic awful AL poetry is exactly what we needed to get out of this slump.
Gorl lost 11 lbs in a week and no longer needs weight loss surgery, I'm dead. :lit:

Also gorl doesn't like Easter candy?? Doesn't she regularly binge on Reese's peanut butter cups? They make eggs for Easter!

Whole video is a lah! She still exercises and doesn't like pizza; sure, Jan!

The reese's eggs are without a doubt the best reeses due to the PB to chocolate ratio. I also know that they're 35 cents a piece at walmart right now. I guarantee she bought a basket full.
wow. Shocking. In another year we’ll hear she has diabetes. And after that high blood pressure. :roll:

I don’t have much to add to this, but I do want to show you this picture of my cat who gets very ..uh...concerned?..when he hears/sees Amber. I don’t know if he’s picking up some weird pitch—that only she can produce—from our speaker, or if he’s just genuinely wary. Maybe he’s a tiny grim reaper like that one cat in that old folks home and he can tell the number of days she has left to live—maybe he’s watching it play out in her eyes right now. I have no idea, but look at his fucking face


Tbf, I think we’ve all made that face while watching an Amberlynn video...
I grabbed a few and a Reeces bunny this last easter and, your right, the ratio between PB and chocolate is nice ??
You know, I've always wondered why the holiday Reece's are better than the regular. Mind blown. I don't eat candy that often and if I do I surely do prefer Cadbury, but those holiday Reece's? That bitch can't convince me she denied herself that glory.
If her leaking laygs are worse, she'll just learn to cope, like she has everything else. That $100 Torrid haul could be used towards a home sleep study, to get a prescription for a Cpap. The home studies run about $200. A cpap starts around $400. Sleeping with those trunks elevated, with proper breathing, would be a significant improvement towards her health. The study would indicate if she just needs a machine, or if there are more serious issues.

Oh, wait, what am I saying, silly me, that doesn't involve food, she's not going to do it.

She's that fatty who gets chest pains for years and ignores it, thinking "oh, it went away, it's nothing", but they were small heart attacks foreshadowing the big one. Her legs are SCREAMING at her that "HOLY SHIT YOU FAT ASSHOLE DO SOMETHING WE'RE DYING", but she'll take some Advil and ignore it, until it's too late, then we get the video from the hospital bed "I has tunneling wounds and infections, I don't know how dis HAPEEEEEEEN!", while Becky dumps off 20,000 calories in snacks like a good enabler.

She can spend $100 on a fucking water bottle, but not a sleep study.

The suicide by fat will continue as planned.