The truth about my health.... - 4/24/19


Orange Chicken Bad. Cheeto Amber.
I think her overuse of the word "situation" is kind of a tell. If she uses "situation" to describe anything, she's lying. Also, if her mouth is open and words are coming out. Also lying. If she sits outside and tries to Maya Angelou us with phrases like "I see the birds walking. I hear neighbors communicating...." she's lying so hard.

Neighbors communicating? LOL. Sorry, keep going back to this line. Such a weird way to phrase that. Reminds me of a 5th grader browsing a thesaurus for an English writing assignment. What's a better, fancier word for talking? Communicating!! #Writerlynn
This reminds me. I was supposed
Some people just can't disconnect from their addictions. I've seen cancer patients outside smoking a butt before going in to get chemo for lung cancer. We can't process that kind of thinking, because we're not a mass of personality disorders and narcissism or whatever is boiling over in that fetid swamp in her enlarged head.

There's only one word you need here: DENIAL.
You are right about people's addiction. Check out this story from yesterday:


TL;DR - Someone in a wheelchair and on oxygen burned to death because he was smoking a cigarette outside of the nursing home.....while on oxygen.

Well at least he didnt suffocate to death from the eventual COPD.


Monster Truck in the Night Life
wow. Shocking. In another year we’ll hear she has diabetes. And after that high blood pressure. :roll:

I don’t have much to add to this, but I do want to show you this picture of my cat who gets very ..uh...concerned?..when he hears/sees Amber. I don’t know if he’s picking up some weird pitch—that only she can produce—from our speaker, or if he’s just genuinely wary. Maybe he’s a tiny grim reaper like that one cat in that old folks home and he can tell the number of days she has left to live—maybe he’s watching it play out in her eyes right now. I have no idea, but look at his fucking face

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Tbf, I think we’ve all made that face while watching an Amberlynn video...
Maybe word has spread around the cat communities and she’s known as the great cat oppresser.

Dutch Courage

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I am willing to bet no WLS papers were submitted partly because among them (and probably primarily among them) was a credit application. If someone walks into a medical or dental clinic who has no insurance but wants to pay for an expensive procedure out of pocket, the very first thing they will do is check your credit. WLS is like buying a new luxury car; nobody is going to invest much time in Amberlynn unless they are fairly certain they will be paid, and they will discuss financing on your very first visit. The only way around this is for her to hand over a thick wad of cash upfront. Amberlynn has no bank account and no credit cards. That means she isn't going to qualify for any loan. She even falls short of Payday Loan criteria.

She may well have not handed it in for a myriad of other reasons, including laziness, being stupid, chickening out, etc... But this plan was a non-starter from the word go, unless she could literally produce low-to-mid five digits of cash in hand. I am also going to speculate that a case like Amberlynn will not fall within the lowest price brackets for this service. There is a lot of work to be done.

Long time lurker
She gained at least 100 more Ambabies that are truly inspired by our dainty gorl's journey and they will leave praising comments on YouTube and encourage queen of moderation to not give up.
it had never occurred to me before, but Amber might be an emotional vampire. She wants demands praise, good will and thoughts, and even 'friendship' of her viewers, but what exactly does she give back? Tantrums, lies, fake tears and, when things get really bad, verbal attacks.
I noticed that, too. It looked like there was an actual shower curtain rather than the sliding glass doors she can't navigate.

Wonder why.
Because she can only walk (in place) for 1:59 min. It probably takes her at least 5 min to go from her bedroom/living room to "her" bathroom.

Or, (cunty hat on) she uses the shower stall as a toilet but needs Becky to lub her up (see? sex 10 times a week) and push her through the door of their bathroom shower. Since they had people over, Amber might have thought it would be odd to ask Becky to accompany her into the bathroom.
She may well have not handed it in for a myriad of other reasons, including laziness, being stupid, chickening out, etc...
There is a possibility she sent Becky to fetch that folder at some clinic but never had any intention of acting on it. The folder was just for show and Amber was hoping that people watching would stick around a little longer if she dangled the WLS carrot before them.

Why she actually said that she won't do it now is puzzling to me. I thought she'd just mention it once and move on not ever mentioning it again.

She’s acting as if she lost 200 pounds. Gorl, calm the fuck down. You lost some water weight, took a dump, and maybe lost a pound or two of actual fat. You have 400 lbs to lose.
We can probably assume the Mexican restaurant, whether she considered it a "binge" or not (remember that to Amber, a binge has to equate to 5000+ calories of junk food so restaurants are fair game), was where she lost all of her resolve. She's going to remember how good those chips and dip tasted and binge once...then again...she'll try starving for another 8 hours to fix it, lose her willpower after 30 minutes (no hate we've all been there), and soon it will be mookbong time.
What do you think it'll be, gorls? Will she make an attempt at something supposedly hulthy like Subway? Or will she spring for White Castle since she's already lost her newly famous 11elbees?
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oh Amber, you’re mad as a hatter.

No footage of the Mexican food at the restaurant = she got her usual double order of rice and whatever else horrific shit passes for Mexican food in Kentucky.

Ya gorl is feeling herself. She doesn’t even like pizza. She orders it for company. Not for her. She’s so proud.

“Right now I’m just sitting outside and it’s like... I see the birds walking,

I hear the birds chirping,

I hear neighbors communicating.

I hear kids laughing.

I feel the breeze.

I look at the trees.

I see the green grass. And I’m just like... I don’t wanna die. Like I really don’t wanna die.

And this is why I stick to my guns every single day. I count my calories. I don’t binge. I drink muh water.

I do I.F. And it’s cuz I don’t wanna stop hearing the birds, I don’t want to stop feeling the breeze, I don’t wanna stop seeing the clouds, ya know?

It’s just little things like that like I don’t want to take for granted ever again.”

Pure poetry y’all.
"I hear neighbors communicating" god amber I'm gonna miss you when you're gone

She doesn't like the taste of Easter candy, she doesn't like pizza... But then she admits that she will "go to town" on a pizza or three when they have company over, even though she doesn't like the taste. (Oh but excuse me, now she's satisfied with carrots.)

Why does she pretend to be so picky about food? Is it because dainty gorls are careful about what they eat? The fact that she will mindlessly inhale a food she claims she doesn't even like shows how screwed up her relationship with food is.

She's talking so quickly in the middle part of the video when she's going on about how proud she is of herself. Whether she's bipolar or not, it seems like she's riding the high of her little bit of initial success. When she comes down from the high and realizes that it's really hard work to make such a drastic lifestyle change, I think we will see her give up and go back to old habits.
It's a fatty thing. If you act picky about your food, it makes you seem like you eat less for some reason. Like we can't see the visual evidence that says otherwise.

So first off, I question if there was every any legitimate WLS paper work. Just saying.

Second, minor rant incoming; fuck this bitch about being Bipolar. So you swing between being to depressed to eat, and manic as fuck? Yah at what point does that equate to parking your ass and eating 8000 calories in a sitting again? Fucking cunt. Some of us actually suffer the disorders she tries to latch on to and it's painful when she becomes some public face and example of shit she never suffered.

I hope she suffers a slow painful death, and I bet her actual medical situation is far more dire then she admits. Like 'rotting flesh in her folds' bad.
Self diagnoses of depression and anxiety I can stomach, we do live in an age where the misconception is if you're ever sad and don't know why then you're depressed and if you're ever afraid to make a phone call then you have anxiety. But bipolar disorder...only the most dramatic of dramatic bitches self-diagnose with bipolar disorder. Where are her manic highs? Where are the videos of her going days without sleep because she's been filling up journal after journal with writing, or moving houses/buying new pets because she wanted a change? You could call her existence a manic low, but then you'd have to blame every deathfat's inability to get out of bed and shower on their bipolar and not on their weight.
And I'll bet you once some people confront this lahying bitch, she'll claim it's only "mild" bipolar disorder. Aka, "sometimes I can be really happy, then the next minute I'm really sad," aaka real human emotions. Which is another damn lah because she doesn't experience those.
Here's a real mental disorder you can "self diagnose yourself" with Amber, you overdramatic cunt: Narcissism. But that one doesn't come with as many asspats, so I guess she's sticking with bipolar until she forgets she has it ?


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it had never occurred to me before, but Amber might be an emotional vampire. She wants demands praise, good will and thoughts, and even 'friendship' of her viewers, but what exactly does she give back? Tantrums, lies, fake tears and, when things get really bad, verbal attacks.
She's a bottomless pit for calories and adoration.

For a second I felt sad, because that's undoubtedly as close as she's been to love and security -- food and fawning.

Then I remembered: Rain and Petals Eavesdrop.

Why she actually said that she won't do it now is puzzling to me. I thought she'd just mention it once and move on not ever mentioning it again.
Because she's accountable, guise!

It looked like she'd done something different with her hair - flat ironing it, maybe? Would help disguise the greasiness of the ironed hair? Because you're right, the back of her hair looks greasy as fuck.
From an older video. She says "dry shampoo" while pointing at the tall pink canister.
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