The Truth Behind GamerGate

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GS 281

Hey #Gamergate fans.. This really affects you !
It shows you have militant, pro-gay pro-pedophilia operatives from the ultra-left infiltrating your forums here right now! @chimpburgers I'm talking to you
It also shows these very same faggots are shutting down peoples PSN accounts who troll OUTSIDE THE PSN, NOT ON IT as retribution for free speech against what deserves to be ridiculed.

(and shows PSN being controlled by militant queers who oppose anyone who opposed child sex! i.e me)

This is: GARRY "Boylover" Burns and his associates including @chimpburgers PSN censorship case.

I know you some of guys are linked to Garry "Boylover" In a Big way. Because my PSN account I never used for 3 years 2010-2012(dec) (I sold the first one in HK).

I got an email from PSN out of the blue when I was not using the service for at least a year.

The accounts I had ever opened on PSN all associated with "60c NSW Crimes Act" were censored on the same day, like Sony had a big investigation into me even though I wasn't using their service for 1 year, and a 3 year break before that on some of the accounts that were dormant for 4 years.

At the time I was notified by email I didn't have a working PS3 for a year.

But I said hey why the fuck not let's get it fixed up.

This reeks of more "" Garry Burns censorship campaigns, against all the other social networking sites.

Why would I be banned out of the blue with "no reason" when not using the service for 1 years - and you guys know my PSN ID and put it on the first thread?

Now Garry probably got obsessed with googling "hojuruku" that's how he found the PSN account.

And wow the cunts on the first thread somehow knew this little Jem that only the Gay CHILD FUCK NORMALIZATION activist Garry Burns gang-stalking's inner circle (Jez Smith / Garry / Greens Operatives) would know? @chimpburgers or whoever put him up to start the thread is very close to the Boylover, Garry Burns I think. Very very close.

Isn't that funny....

Now = hojuruku on PSN that got shut down, I am not even allowed to do a password reset for that (that's how you tell an account is banned btw you try it) got banned too (see image above)
and 60CNSWCrimesAct associated account got banned as well all in the same week around 2015, now I remember, I wasn't using it for at least 1 year because the power button (micro-switch) on the front was broken and it wasn't used. I only got around to getting it fixed a few months ago.

I think the 6oC NSWCrimesAct account was linked to the domain I can't remember. I think I have a PS3 backup file that has the accounts associated in it somewhere. Also see last activity on the account before it got censored that chimp ass posted.

Twitter: suspended
Yeah because you did it... and your pedo mates got it suspended.
Go suspend @VGB_OPSEC that only did 3 tweets you should all like for the publicity. If you suspsend it instead of re-tweeting it for LOLs it shows the ppl here are really on the Garry Burns' gay child rape normalization activist team.

McKee's also made a lot of other enemies. He has an anti-discrimination activist named Garry Burns after his ass.

Truth News Forum account:
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If you are a so called anti-pedo activist you should consider joining the fight against Alison Rapp.
Like this?

I just created a new twitter account and I only did 2 tweets to troll the girl @cimpburgers tweeted his Jewish penis pic too, to say I'm a fellow victim of trolling and she blocked me instead of being supportive of a "minority" group - a mentally disabled person (SARCASM). You know if I role-play as a protected minority it makes everything you to me make those liberal's bleeding hearts flare up.



Ten bucks the Garry Burns gay child sex fans will censor this account. I wont post any more on it to prove my point.

Actually VGB has covered that only faggots, faggots with AIDS, and trannies, and certain protected races (JEWs mostly) protected from vilification laws in NSW, but currently disabled people are fair game. The First case of Tranny Vilification is the biggest joke I ever seen to fabricate case law just like Garry Burns did with John Sunol.

Stephens vs Handcock in case law. It's the case of "the fat cross dressing faggot with aids allegedly calling a fat tranny a fat tranny with aids who didn't have aids". I'm not making this shit up it's in the dailymail newspaper for Australia.
Daily Mail Australia:
EXCLUSIVE: 'You look like a fat man in a dress': Transgender woman claims she was vilified by drag queen neighbour at their Sydney public housing block for 10 years
  • A former drag queen will be forced to apologise to his transgender neighbour or pay a fine
  • A tribunal found Troy Hancock cried out to Pindi Stevens: 'You look like a fat man in a dress'
  • Mr Hancock denied many of Mrs Stevens' allegations, including that he had called her a 'transvestite with AIDS', the decision said
  • He admitted to calling her an 'old man in a dress' on occasion
  • The pair were once friends but he alleged Mrs Stevens took issue with his 'gay personality'
By Daniel Piotrowski for Daily Mail Australia

Read more:
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Read that and see the pictures - it's fucken hilarious. What's disgusting is the faggot judge at @NCATNSW said give us our first tranny vilification case law to use against everyone else, and we wont fine you a cent, proving the whole thing is stage. They even published it in their decision. Searching the case law - I found it before the MSM news. Only dailymail covered it. They are right about it being an "exclusive".

If you can't call someone a fat tranny with AIDS, you guys got no free speech, and I'm fighting for your free speech.
@chimpburgers is fighting for internet censorship with the young boy anal sex lover Garry Burns.
(The dailymail link was also on there ^^ that's how I found it again)
^^ See Garry Burns in comment talk about his young boys in Western Sydney that are grateful to him in the comments on that one ^^^ went down for maintenance right after that. I saved the whole lot using the usual suspects. ^^^