The US Healtcare system - AKA Hospitals are broke, no one does preventative care, and Insurance is asking for both kidneys and your firstborn

What do you think is the solution to the US' medical malady?

  • Stop eating avocado toast and get a job you lazy Milennial (Employer Mandate)

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  • I trust any government agency to be efficient and sensible when treating my ailments (Single Payer)

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  • 'Read my lips' (Income related tax credit)

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  • lol just don't get sick or hurt and you'll be fine (Status Quo)

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  • Spineless Centrist (Other)

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Not gonna lie, I think the current state of healthcare in the US is kinda fucked. I think that's a pretty safe take to make, the issue seems to be on how to rectify it. Ever since the ACA went down like the Hindenburg it seems this issue is becoming more and more partisan as the days go on. From the Republicans stuffing their ears and saying everything's fine to the Democrats and DSA wanting to tax the privilege out of every cis white male this side of the Danube I'm wondering if any solution will be implemented at all. Are we fated to forever be the land of the free and the home of the six-figure medical bill?


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The treatment for lifestyle diseases should be imprisonment with water, saltwater, and a treadmill.
The treatment for terminal diseases near end-of-life should be free heroin or self-administrated euthanasia kits.
Federal student loan programs should be ended so medical schools implode and restructure their curriculums to not cost an arm and a leg and teach so much useless bullshit.
Hypochondriacs who waste doctors time should get a surcharge after the first appointment.
The prices for common services at medical centers should be fixed and public.
Hospitals should be replaced because they're giant breeding centers for superAIDS.

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Just be like us superior euro peons and go on public healthcare.
I mean yes, the NHS is somehow still underfunded and understaffed, and yes there was an issue in the past two years of the heath hospital in cardiff only having 1 bed available in the hospital but those are non issues.
You don't have to pay for surgery, you can just wait for it instead and by the time you actually get the surgery time you might have gotten better! :) :) :)


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Healthcare like so many industries went to shit when the government got their claws into it.

The only solution is to excise government so that the market can operate freely and push out bad actors, overpricing, and other bullshit but that won't happen.

Bureaucracy is bad and guaranteed money is bad.

People need to stop confusing insurance with gibs. Insurance is you betting something will happen to you and the company betting it won't. The odds of that game change as you age, your lifestyle, and based other factors. Slapping government mandates just ups the fucking minimum bet. ACA was a terrible fucking idea that I swear was built to fail so that HRC could swoop in and install ACA 2.0 that would be even more costly but make people feel like they were getting more.

Government money doesn't belong in the private sector it always ruins everything:

They screw with education now tuition is outrageous.

Federal road subsidies and roads are a mess.

Flood insurance subsidies people develop marsh lands that get washed out when a big hurricane hits.

The Government is not your mom and dad. They aren't your granny. They aren't even your friend. Stop looking to them for help.


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I lived in France for a few years with my work. They have a byzantine system - kind of really confusing in a way that the French have turned into an Olympic sport ... but the dis quietening thing was that whenever you went to a doctor, the first thing they would prescribe was a suppository. Never worked out what it was that made them think that part of any treatment - for a sore throat, a cut finger or what ever, was to shove something up your ass. Odd. Still, they never turned me away for treatment. And I avoided the superiority.
Then I was posted to the wonderful land of Oz. They have a national health system - a bit like the NHS in the UK - that the population like and want but which the conservative governments want to dismantle and go to an American model. WTF. The existing system kind of works, its just under funded. But I have to say that I had to attend hospital a couple of times (spider bites, attack by a dingo, hit by a drop bear, that sort of thing) and well, I was seen and did not pay for anything. They did not want to go near my ass.
I saw a GP a couple of times. You can pay them (It's about $80 per consult) - but the govt refunds about $40. Or they just send the bill to the govt; you pay nothing and the govt gives the GP about $40. It seems to work. So, in answer to your question:
The French system if you want treatment and confusion, and things stuffed up your ass;
The Oz system if you want treatment by a bunch of people who are pretty laid back, underfunded and kind of wondering what they did to deserve living in Oz.
There are wait lists for elective surgery as a public patient, and if you have insurance you can get it quicker. But emergency surgey is done right away and they dont give a fuck how much money you have. Most cancer treatment is more or less free. It's a really strange place that breeds a kind of apathy.

I don't believe that unrestricted capitalism would solve anything (the various monopolies would prevent any actual competition from occurring), but the current government only genuinely wants to fix things if it's a problem for rich people. And the American medical system is the best in the world if you can afford it.

Shits fucked, and I don't have any solutions because real shit is incredible complicated.

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Maybe stop refusing to not cover experimental but potentially life saving procedures for hard to treat conditions? Like, I thought insurance was supposed to keep people healthy, and yet instead of saving people's lives, they just force you into a life of taking medications that may or may not work, usually ending up in the disease becoming horribly untreated. If insurance stopped being so shit, maybe companies could give their employees much better plans instead of doing stuff like.... this.

I don't know how people believe literal retards like AOC who suggest that giving the whole country Medicare would solve the issue. That's just fucking Obamacare repackaged under a new name. Don't kid yourself. We're not Europe where the population is considerably smaller, and we have a massive debt. That will fuck up the economy even more.


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We should just let poor people die because the free market is perfect. Oh Facebook is banning white nationalists? Can't allow that, the government should step in and stop them.
PragerU talking about the wonderfulness of Anarcho-Capitalism then getting banned from Youtube and suing them for Youtube making the choice given to them via Private Property is fucking hilarious.

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Worked in an ER once. Half the patients are pill addicts who are allergic to everything except dilaudid and the rest just have the common cold. The poor are all on state Medicaid and they abuse the fuck out of it.

I'm for a single payer system, but one that cracks down harshly on the fuckheads who abuse it. Since this is the US Government we're talking about here, it's going to be fucked.

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But for real though we need price caps on medicine and equipment. If a dose of insulin takes 2 bucks to produce it shouldnt cost 200 dollars
If insulin is so cheap to make it, why don't you make it :cunningpepe:

Worked in an ER once. Half the patients are pill addicts who are allergic to everything except dilaudid and the rest just have the common cold. The poor are all on state Medicaid and they abuse the fuck out of it.

I'm for a single payer system, but one that cracks down harshly on the fuckheads who abuse it. Since this is the US Government we're talking about here, it's going to be fucked.
Yeah, if the US gets single payer it will be as fucked as the VA. Nobody wants that. They want fairytale universal MediCare, which would bankrupt the country.

The issue in the US is in many ways like the college tuition problem, escalating costs with lower returns based on massive amounts of "free" money available for the unscrupulous to exploit.

The way I see it most claims aren't being paid out of people's pockets but out of a big vat of money that the individual doesn't really control and isn't responsible for. Most people don't buy their own health insurance policy it is provided by their employer. The employer just goes with whatever insurance rep gives the sloppiest blowjobs then they write it off.

The insurance company then enters into agreements with care facilities based on how well they get jerked off, then spread the costs out on all their policies.

Then the hospitals get into agreements with pharma based on deep throat skills, then tack the costs on to what they bill out.

Layer after layer of providers not being held accountable for controlling costs because they can just pull more out of the ol' piggybank. With a lack of fiscal accountability like that no wonder costs have spiraled out of control.

My solution is simple, don't let employers write off insurance policies. Encourage people to buy their own coverage. This eliminates the largest vats of money that are being exploited and puts people personally in charge of it. Just like our auto insurance and homeowner policies that haven't gone absolutely haywire in recent years.
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