The Verge writes about Jan/Jace -


vegan faggot
Most salient part is Wu's explanation of what happened with the restraining order:
At one point, Wu posted a picture of a restraining order from a Massachusetts court, with (ultimately false) contact information she'd gleaned from Gamergate supporters. "The police tried to serve this person. They were unable to locate them, which is why we ultimately chose to just blot out that information and tweet it out," she says.


Just another rancher on The Farms.
My favourite thing about Wu is that she takes ANY opportunity to mention she's a woman.

"But there is a really big difference in satirizing the bombast of a TED talk and making a woman and her developer team think they're going to be murdered"

Could have said 'someone', 'a person' or even 'me', but nah, gotta get those pity points in there.

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