The Writings of Shiversblood - Hella indeed


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Feb 16, 2017
Hello. I was watching the Big Bang theory the other day and I was hella shocked. Sheldon only has sex with his wife on very rare occasions. Like their honey moon and birthdays

Would you divorce your wife if she only had sex on birthdays and occasional holidays? And never did anal? Would you be angry?

Judge Holden

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Feb 12, 2013

Wonder if they ever gonna remake Big Bang Theory...

Hellbound Hellhound
Apr 2, 2018
I think it would depend upon how much I loved her. A lot of older couples apparently don't have much sex, but that doesn't stop them from staying together out of love; or maybe they stay together out of convenience? I honestly wouldn't know. I've never been married.


Winona, Minnesota
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Sep 3, 2014
>be married
>only have sex on holidays and birthdays
>no masturbation, no mistresses, nothing extra marital
>a sage like discipline worthy for the woman I love
>sometimes go in excess of months without sex
>balls start to swell
>semen feels like it's being transferred around the body
>can feel the aura of your previous lifestyle
>magical powers are almost within your grasp
>suddenly, it's a holiday
>you start off awkward and slow, having forgot the rhythm of love a long time ago
>her vagoo suddenly clamps down on your penis out of nowhere
>you feel the strength of men fail as what feels like the power of Morgoth escape your body
>empty about a pint of semen into your wife
>you lay there sweating, unable to speak, barely able to breath as your penis slowly crawls out of her
>probably about the best sex you've ever had
>she asks if you're done already
>you groan in response, wiping your hand on her forehead and get of bed


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Feb 16, 2017
Hello. Some men in the USA are not homosexual and get married to women. However, some women have penis. In the USA homosexual male marriage has been legalized. Would you divorce your wife if her penis was too big and her anus too small. One man had a penis slammed into his anus and his wife anus was not that big actually. Some men demand penis. Other men are unsure of it. If you married her knowing she had a penis, with the understanding that you would be the top, and only you would canal her anal canal, however, then she slams her penis into ur anus would you be frustrated, enough to divorce?