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Wow. My thread really has had such a big impact. So many men discussing this thread and making copy cat threads to show their support and admiration and trying to get in on the action themselves so hella. Wow. I really made a difference.

I have my own question. Are you a woman or a shemale? Important, plz respond.


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You clearly have never been married OP

OP why do you keep making these exceptional "Would you divorce your wife?" threads? Nobody cares just divorce or don't divorce your goddamn wife already.
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The poster known as Ellisdsox Beserk Warrior has betrayed his country. He fights against Britain First. He is on the side of the Arab Immigrant muslims. He hates England, and hates White culture in general. He is a Islamist apologist, and would rather see Sharia law in his country than be seen as racist. He also is voting against brexit.

‘What was once a predominantly Christian country has now been overwhelmed by a rising Muslim population.

‘There are now more than 2.8 million Muslims living in the U.K., which is 5 per cent of the population. At least 5,200 people convert to Islam in the UK each year, 60 per cent of them women.

‘The entire infrastructure of Britain is changing. Mosques, Islamic schools, Sharia courts, Muslim-owned businesses and banks have now become an integral part of the British landscape.’

So how likely are these extremists to succeed with their plans to turn parts of Britain into militant Islamic enclaves?

There are already 100 mosques in Waltham Forest, Newham and Tower Hamlets. Across London, 24 Islamic primary and secondary schools teach thousands of pupils the national curriculum, but can devote time to Islamic studies in religious lessons.

Hundreds of after-school classes (where boys and girls wearing robes, skull caps or hijabs and learn to recite the Koran by heart) flourish in the mosques of British cities.

Eighty-five Sharia courts now operate nationwide, parallel to traditional courts, with justice dispensed by Islamic judges on domestic rows, divorce, financial disputes and an increasing number of minor criminal acts, such as theft.

There is also a separate Islamic financial system which conforms to Sharia banking industry restrictions, including a ban on interest payments on loans.

According to this year’s Global Islamic Finance Report, Britain is now the main centre for Islamic finance outside the Muslim world.

Baroness Cox, a crossbench peer and campaigner for Muslim women, has highlighted the dangers of the increasing influence of extreme factions within Islamic culture.

She says: ‘As the Muslim population has grown, and the state-sponsored creed of multiculturalism has become ever more powerful, so Sharia law has strengthened its grip on our society.

‘This is a recipe for disaster, because different legal systems for people of different religions will promote divisions between communities. Not only that, Sharia courts discriminate terribly against women. Sharia treats women as second-class citizens, whether it be in inheritance rights or divorce. In Sharia courts, a woman’s word counts for only half the value of that of a man.

‘Polygamy is also tolerated, with men allowed to take multiple wives. I know of Muslim women being subjected to savage domestic violence, and then refused a divorce, while their husbands are free to enter into further marriages to women from overseas.’

Equally worried about the growth of the pro-Sharia campaign is Alan Craig, a former Newham councillor who has lived in East London for 30 years. He says: ‘This is the public tip of a hidden iceberg.’

He points to the example of street advertisements featuring girls in swimsuits, which are regularly blacked out by Islamic activists who paint burkhas over the models’ bodies. He says Muslim women have also been threatened with violence for not wearing burkhas.

He adds: ‘Islam in Britain is now a political force, and not just a religion. Society in this part of London is slowing being changed. But I am not surprised the campaign for Sharia zones resonates with Muslim families. I’m sure there will be sympathy for aspects of Sharia law with British parents, too. We all know about the town centre behaviour of our young on a Saturday night.’

Mr Craig says he believes the campaign for Sharia zones has more widespread support among Muslims than the authorities are prepared to admit. ‘I would like to think that the campaign is orchestrated by extremists, and is only supported by a small group of their followers; but I fear that it is not the case.’
Ally: Anjem Choudary, a British-born convert to Islam and the former leader of the extremist organisation Islam4UK

Ally: Anjem Choudary, a British-born convert to Islam and the former leader of the extremist organisation Islam4UK

A recent poll by research organisation ICM of 500 Muslim families revealed that 40 per cent supported the introduction of the strict religious code in Britain. Another, by the right-leaning Policy Exchange, found that more than one-third of young Muslims would be happy to live under Sharia rules.

No doubt such findings will invigorate Mr Izzadeen and his sidekicks. They include Anjem Choudary, a British-born convert to Islam and the former leader of the extremist organisation Islam4UK, which was banned by the Government.

Its supporters, who included Izzadeen, had called for the Islamic flag to fly over Downing Street, and some of its members burned poppies on Armistice Day last year in central London.

This week, Choudary claimed that Waltham Forest’s proposed Sharia zone would be patrolled by young Islamists. ‘We have hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are willing to go out and make sure our laws are obeyed,’ he says. ‘This is the best way of dealing with drunkenness, loutishness, prostitution and the sort of thug life you get in Britain.’

Of course, it would be easy to dismiss all this as the rantings of a lunatic fringe, but when I met Izzadeen this week, he boasted that scores of young Britons are converting to Islam. Indeed, at substantial number of the girls in hijabs walking past us in the shopping mall appeared to be of white, English descent.

When I approached one, who said she was called ‘Abi’ and was aged 18, she was at first reluctant to speak.

Then, in a Cockney accent, she said: ‘I have not been forced into anything. I was a Christian of sorts, but now I have, like a lot of my friends, embraced Islam. It makes me feel better about my life.

‘I was at school with Muslim girls, and they helped me make up my mind. I think that Sharia law would work here.’

Meanwhile, a British-born 17-year-old Islamic radical, calling himself ‘Jamaal Uddin’ (after a famous Afghan reformer of the 19th century) was busy putting up Sharia posters. The bearded red-head was wearing Muslim dress and said he ‘embraced Islam’ 11 months ago.

‘Allah has told me, and many other converts, that alcohol, drugs, pornography, music and concerts are all forbidden under Sharia. That it is why it is our duty to go out and spread his word.’

Izzadeen, who was released from jail last autumn after serving four years for inciting racial hatred and raising funds for terrorism plots (infamously, he once called for British soldiers serving in Iraq to be beheaded), is proud of all his new recruits.

A former electrician, his real name is Trevor Brooks and he was brought up by Jamaican-born parents in Hackney before converting to Islam at the age of 17. Now married with three children, he lives on welfare hand-outs, though these are frowned on by Islam, which forbids begging by the healthy. Cynically, he calls them ‘the jihad-seekers allowance’.

Warming to his cause, he says: ‘Sharia is a political system which is well-supported by the youth in Waltham Forest. They want to follow the rules of Islam because they are sick of what Western society offers them.

‘Look at the rapes, the brothels near the mosques, the drunkenness on the streets. Do you think the youth want that?’

But the vast majority of British Muslims are offended by such hardline rules. Mohammed Illyas, general secretary of Waltham Forest mosque, has stated clearly: ‘We condemn these kinds of views, and if they come to the mosque preaching this kind of thing, they would be thrown out.’

Such concerns over extremist Islamic influence on all aspects of society in the area are growing among many Muslims.

Nilgin Aslan, a 51-year-old Muslim mother, recently took her daughters to a fete organised by a Waltham Forset Islamic group called Noor Ul-Islam and held at a local cricket ground. At the entrance, the girls, who were wearing vest tops, were given T-shirts to cover their shoulders.

Their mother says: ‘We agreed to put them on, but it was a hot afternoon, and when my daughters later tried to take off the T-shirts, an official told them to cover up or they would be arrested.

‘They took the T-shirts on and off three times before we got fed up of being told off, and left.

‘I was disgusted. It was supposed to be an event for the whole community. I think it gave a bad name to all Muslims.’

Hasib Hussain, one of the fete’s female officials, explained afterwards that the T-shirts were only given to ‘women dressed inappropriately with low-cut tops’.

She said it was an issue about females dressing modestly, as it was an Islamic-run event.’

No doubt, this decision would have pleased Abu Izzadeen and his pro-Sharia zealots.

But as he marches through London’s streets today, waving the banners of Muslims Against Crusades, the great irony will undoubtedly be lost on him that if Sharia law really ever took hold in this country, such public demonstrations would almost certainly be prohibited.

hi, sorry for the long email but I am fed up with living in the UK, the town I grew up in and went to school in used to be so nice, everybody knew each other in the same street and there was a feeling of neighbourly togetherness, hardly any crime or anti social behaviour. But now only 40 years later half the town is full of immigrants, Indians, Pakistanis, Africans, Middle Easterns etc – a lot of them cannot even speak english – the crime rate has gone through the roof, you cannot walk the street at night, there have been many cases of rape and grooming young girls, muggings, robbery and even gun crime most of which is committed by immigrants. All the newsagents and half the businesses in town are now run by immigrants and they only employ their own people so the amount of jobs for English people in the town has halved. If I go out then half the bars are full of immigrants and so bar owners play awful rap or hiphop music that I really dont want to listen to and cannot understand why anyone else wants to. Our local council estate seems to be at least 70% immigrants, I have many friends that were born in this town who cannot even get a council flat – yet these people with zero connection to the town can jet in from Ethopia or wherever and be housed in days. A mosque is being built now, and there are also many women walking around in head to toe costumes which really make the town look like a foreign country, and I swear the other day I walked past the primary school I went to and about 80% of the kids were immigrants, not to sound racist but I am being driven to vote for the BNP because I dream of the days when my town was full of just English people, when it was safe, when there was not so much crime, when people from this town could get housing here, but now I feel like a foreigner in my own town – I feel if I speak out against it then nobody listens and everyone just shouts racism, the government and the Queen just sat by for 40 years and let all this happen, is there anything I can do to save my town and country. Why are people blind to the reality of what is happening to our country

The present day UK society has evolved into a mish mash of races, religions and cultures. In the UK over a short period of about 40 years we have seen a huge influx of immigrants, the problem is firstly that not only do these immigrants have different values, morals, religion and cultures but also that they mostly come from societies that have failed, this can only mean that our own society is becoming weaker and weaker as immigration increases and immigrants reproduce.
If the society that the immigrant came from was successful then why would they leave that society ?
Immigrants are asking one simple question – my society has failed please let me into yours.

Muslims own countrys have failed, so they want to run to western countrys. But they want to turn western countries into the hell holes they left. They want to turn england muslim. They want sharia law in england.

Do they not understand that if they get that wish, then england will honestly became just as bad as Afganistan or iraq. Suicide Bombings in england will become common place.

England is being destroyed, and the women raped. And Beserk Destroyer is just sitting back and allowing it all to happen.

Fucking coward.


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Born In Africa, College Educated In Trent's Anus

Hello, I am going to tell you the story of Joi to dell, he was your typical black man, born in central Africa. He moved to the USA to learn more eduacations.

However, his African money had a hard time with the currency exchange rate, thus making him of a poor nature. He was so poor, that legally he had to be deported back to Africa, for lack of funds. But he hella sprint when border patrol agents arrived, and become fugitive.

5 years later, he was at a bar in New York New York. That's when a man, wearing a black speedo, and a very large anus walks into the bar. He goes straight over and sits by Joi.

"I have a anal canal, and I enjoy cocks." Trent explains. Joi and Trent quickly begin passionately kissing, In a vigorous manner.

They arrive at Trent's apartment, Joi quickly rips off Joi speedo. "Sexual relations time" Trent explains. Joi ejaculates several time in Trent's anus over the course of a few hours. Joi then slams his whole entire head into Trent's anus!

Over he course of fours years, Trent anal canal became a place of study and learning. Joi became college eduacated, in Trent anus.

Mr. Magnetta, Celebrating Australia Day

Hello everyone. It is Australia day today. I didn't know about this day last year, However, Today I am celebrating my first australia day. Also, men in the outback are also celebrating. Its a day where people in Australia give thanks for being Australian.

I woke up today, slightly groggy. And not knowing what to do on this australia day. Then my Cell phone rings. Its Mr Magnetta. I quickly awnser the phone. "Sup Nigga." I say.
"Hey, how was your australia day today?" he asks, he voice in a slightly trembling manner, and rather raspy. My eyebrows quickly raise. "I just litterally woke up. But it has been okay so far, and yours?" i ask.
"Oh, Mine was just another typical day out in the outback." he explains. I become rather suspious.
"Well, I gotta go." I say and then hang up on Magnetta.

Thats when My cell phone rings again. Its burke! I quickly awnser. "Hello?!" I say.
"You are never going to believe the day that Mr Magnetta had today! I say it all1" Burke explains. I gasp, and listen intently.

" Well, It started as usual. I just had gotten off the plane after I had arrived in Sydney. And I headed straight to Mr Magentas house, and knocked on the door. Trent, Ellisdsox, and Amanita had all arivved in Sydney at the airport the day earlier, and I was a day late.
"Hella sup guys." I say, in a cheerful manner, and giving handshakes to mr Magenta and his parnters.

"Im real glad you could make it, mate. This year is going to be the best australia day, ever." mr Magenta explains.

We all pile into Magentas Durango express jeep truck. We head over to the national Sydney Park. We spend the next few hours volenterring setting things up. Mr Magenta places several Strategic statues of Kangeroos around the campus. Beatiful looking ivory statue. They cook sirlon steaks, angus beef, and serve blooming onions.

"This is really turning out to be a nice old little Australia day, real talk." Trent explains.
Thats when mr Magenta sees his ex girlfriend, victoria. She quickly walks over to the group. "Ello there mate!" She says. "Hello." Mr magenta explains, in a nervous manner. "British accents are better." Ellisdsox says, in a joking manner." Trent gasps in horror instantly after he hears those words come out of elisdsox mouth.

"Why you god damn smug mother fucker..." Mr Magenta says, in a very angry manner. Magenta quickly punches Ellie directly in the face with a upper cut, then round house hooks him in the eyeball with a left punch, Then knees him directly in the cock, then karate chops him on the back then grabs him and hurls him over a table, him knocking all the drinks off the table and knocking over the table as ellie crashes to the floor.

"Ahhhhh!" Victoria screams, Mr magenta quickly round hound kicks her directly in the head, knocking her onto the ground uncouncious and knocked out cold.

"MR MAGNETTA NOOOOOOO!!!!" Trent screams, in an alarmed manner.
"THEY LEFT ME WITH NO CHOICE!!" Mr magenta screams, then quickly rolls to the left as amanita lungs for him. Amanita then pulls out a crocodile knife.

"Hahahah, you think that is a knife? No! This is a knife!" Mr magenta says in a menacing manner, then pulls out a even larger knife.
"cHEROOKEEE NATION, CHERRROKE TRIBE!" Amanita screams as he charges forward, blade drawn. Magenta grabs amanitas wrist with the knife in it and twists it then plunges his knife directly in Amanitas heart. Amanita grabs in horror, coughs up blood, then magenta gently lays him down onto the floor. "Your fight is over, brother." magenta wispers, then pulls out his knife. he whips aways the blood on his blade onto amanitas shirt, then closes amanitas dead open eyes.
Mr Magenta then walks over to the knocked out elisdsox, then quickly slashes his neck.
"WE GOTTA GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE MAN!" trent screams. "You are accurate." Magent replies. the two of them then hop into the durango express and then drive off.

and thats what happens." Burke says to me, over the phone. I am flambergasted. I drop the phone onto the slow in slow motion. "No...this cannot be." I say, in a terrified manner.

Flash forward 45 minutes from now.

Back at Mr Magentas house. Mr Magenta and trent finnaly arrive in the durango, the hop out and run inside of Magents house and run into the basement.
"That was crazy as hell man." Trent says, breathing heavily as he is short of breath.
"Trent, you know me, if I had had any other options, you know I wouldnt have done that." Magenta explains.
"Shh shh,, I know, i know." Trent says, and pats magenta on the shoulder.
"You did what you had to do man, nobody can fault you for that." Trent says, and gives him a smile.
"Thanks man. It means a lot to know your on my side."
"I always been on your side."
trent leans in and begins to kiss Mr Magenta.

"Noo!" magenta screams, and pushes trent off.
"Its okay, its okay." Trent says, and grabs magenta again and begins kissing him again. Mr magenta loses control of his better judgement, and starts kissing back. Magenta then rips off trents shirt. Trent grunts, Magenta flips trent over, and yanks down Trents trousers.
"look at dat anus." Magenta says, as he looks at trents anal canal. He slides down his jeans, then quickly slams his penis into trents anus.
"OOOoH!" Trent moans in pleasure, as Magenta begins pumping him. Violently, over and over, he is breathing hard. He then quickly ejaculates in trents anus. he pulls out his cock, then pulls up his jeans, then walks over to the other side of the room.

"That was amazing magenta, I always knew you were a homosex."

"What?! IM NOT A HOMOSEXUAL MALE!" Magenta screams, then pulls out his knife and quickly throws it, then knife flies and stabs trent directly through the eye, and he falls back and collapses to the floor. Blood comes out of his head. Mr Magenta shakes his head

Mr magenta goes up staires and grabs a beer and cracks it open. "Just another day in the outback." Mr magenta mutters.


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Once apon a time there was a white person who is extremly white skinned. He was a democrat, however, and was not a republican.

This white person does not discriminate against rhe african americans in the usa. Which is where he lives. Born in the land of the free, simply. When he was little, only white people lived where he lived. But slowly over the years, color people of african ancestry (African American) started moving into his nieghborhood. Lots and lots of color people.

But he did not discriminate, however. All of his other friends did, but no, not this white man. He had higher morals then that.

One time he even saw a black man, who was homeless. The black man asked for some spare change, and he quickly pulled out a 20 dollar bill and gave it to him, to prove to everyone how non-racist he truely was.

July 13, 2013. This white man supported Justice for trayvon. he was hella sad when the jurors came back with a verdict of non-justice.

White man was hella depress regarding the verdict. However, he decided to go to wal mart that night. Little did he know, of what awaited him there.

Darius had also gone to that wal mart that night, after protesting for a while. He was told to keep the protests peaceful, and was a little disapointed that he fellow black men did not want to riot. (daris is african american ) But Darius was still pissed however. He has his little brother Demetrius with him. They get out of their black Escalade. Thats when they see the white man walking in the parking lot! Walking down the really long parking lot filled with parked cars towards the wal mart entrance.

"Look at that racist white mother fucker..." Demetrius says. "Calm down fool, the verdict aint his fault." Darius says. "The fuck it aint!"

Demetrius walks up the white man angerily and says,

"You Racist republican white bitch! You support George Zimmerman dont you!"

The white man is taken aback by this.

"No, Im a trayvon M-" The white man is quickly punched in the face by Demetrius. Darius quickly ducks behind a car. "AHHHH" The white man screams as he falls down onto his back. The colored gets ontop of him and starts punching him in the face. The white man quickly kicks the black off of him over to the side and gets ontop of him and starts punching him.

A passer by black man sees this and then screams, "Hey everybody look! This racist white man is beating up a black child!" The white man gets off the kid and stands up and raises his hands up and says "No no, im not racist."

A huge crowd of black people start to surround the white man. The large black man who alerted the other blacks then charges the white man and punches him in the jaw, knocking him to the ground. He then looks at demetrius and says, "Kick that racist crackers ass my brother."

"With Pleasure." Demetrius responds and then gets back ontop of the white man and starts punching him. The black crowd starts to cheer.

The white man pulls out a pistol and shoots demetrius.

"RACISM!!!!" The large black man screams and charges again, getting shot four times in the chest. The white man gets up and waves his gun around at the angry mob surrounding him.

"Fuck this racist shit." Darius says and pulls out his 9mm. He aims, but there is so many black people its hard to get a clear shot. he fires off a round, accidently shooting a black man in the back of the head.

The white man quickly spins around and aims his gun at the direction of the shot fired, but its too late. He is quickly hit by three shots to the chest and falls to the floor. A angry black man runs up and kicks the gun away from the white mans hand as he lays on the floor.

Darius runs up to him, pushing black people out of the way. The white man starts coughing up blood. Darius quickly shoots him again in the forehead, to finish him off.

"Now thats justice for trayvon." A black man says, and pats darius on the back.

Darius is arrested but is later released and cleared of all charges due to the stand your ground law, and is hailed as a hero on the news. He is called, "The man who stood up to racism" By news reporters nationwide.

The year was 2012. Once apon a time there was a racist white man. But he pretended like he was not racist. And most people believed he was not racist. He had a real hard time meeting and talking to woman, until one day he met a black woman named Latoya. She was extremly dark skinned and was African american. She was impressed by his white skin and money, and promptly married him, not having any idea of his real racism that was lurking underneath the surface...until 2012.

March 01, 2012. The Sanford Police have still failed to Arrest George Zimmerman so far after the recent murder of Trayvon Martin. It is all over the news and black people are protesting Nationwide.

Racist white man turns on the TV, its a huge image of George Zimmerman and news coverage of the Trayvon Martin murder. The racist pops open a bud light can and starts watching it.

"Stupid thug black person. Thats what they get! Shouldnt have been walking while black LOL!" The racist man says as he watches the tv.

"Gasping!" The racist mans black wife says, in an alarmed manner.

"That poor child was just walking home minding his own buisness, untill that racist stalked and chased him and shot him to death just because of his skin color!" The black wife says.

"That stupid black kid should have known better than to be in a white nieghborhood!" The racist man screams, then bitch slaps his wife.

"AHHH!" The black wife screams, tears running down her face and she runs into the other room. She quickly pulls out her cell phone and calls her brother, Darius.

"Sup Nigga." Darius says as he awnsers his cell phone.

"WAAAAA! My husband is be saying all kinds of racist stuff about trayvon martin and is be just bitch slap meeeeee!!!!" She says into her phone.

"I knew that white honkey was a racist from day 1! I told u not to marry his cracker ass!" Darius screams and then quickly runs outside and jumps into his black Escalade and slams the pedal to the medal and races to their house.

The black wife opens the door and lets Darius inside.

"What the hell!" The racist white man says and gets up out of his chair, in a confused manner, as he sees the large angry black Darius come inside.


"Travyon Martin got what he deserved, fucking wearing a hood up and listening to rap music and smoking weed and shit, stupid sock puppet should have been shot a long time ago! I know you are my sisters brother, but get your stinky monkey ass the hell outta here!" The white man says.

Darius quickly pulls out his pistol and begins shooting the white man in the chest. He falls backwards to the floor. Darius walks up to him and fires three shots into the white mans face.

"Thats Justice for Trayvon. Come on sister, lets get out of here."

"Thanks Darius." The black wife says, and gives her brother a hug and then leaves the house with him. The drive off in the Black Escalade.

Murder is a crime, even if the victims skin color is black.

The Date is April 3rd, 1999

Once apon a time, there was a man who was colored. He always had trouble finding and holding jobs due to his condition, "colorized,"

But, little did he know, his life was going to change. And change permently, for the rest of his life.

"Sup Leeroy." A white Dealer says to the colored man.
"Hey dude. I'm feeling Rather low." Leeroy says, looking at the ground sadly.
"Whys that bud."
"People are always judgeing me cuz of the color of my skin man. I can never get a job either. Been homeless as a result for a few years. Its skeet skeet son. Havent seen my two daughters, lost my wife, dangggg damn bull."

"You know what will cheer you up man?" The white dealer says with a smug smile.
"Crack cocain." Leeroy mutters.
"Absoulty fucking right!"

Leeroy robbed a man at knife point the other day because he was fiending. He bought a bottle of gin and drank it and slept under the bridge that night. Today was crack cocain time, however.

"I gots the money this time, son." Leeory says. He purchases the crack, and then turns around to go about his sad life's existence.

Leeroy goes back under the bridge that night, and considers this situation. Jackson was a good friend, but thats in the past. And Jackson has in fact knocked up the white dealers wife. its such a difficult decision. Crack cocain money, alcohol money, food money, a roof over ur head by getting a apartment money, 10,000 dollars would be nice for a homeless man to enjoy.

"What be up Nigger!" A man screams as he runs down towards leeroy.

"Who the fuck be yoU!" Leeroy shrieks.
"Just a nigga lookin for a place to sleep." The black man explains.
"Git out foo find yer own place." Leeroy says, still in a bad state of mind, and not in a mood to be trusting strange niggas. Thats when the black man pulls out a knife and charges towards Leeroy.

"GOOD GRACIAS!" Leeroy screams and sprints away as fast as possible. He just keeps runnign and running. Finnaly he cant run anymore, he comes to a stop and looks behind him. The crazy nigga is nowhere to be seen. Leeroy is panting like a motha fucka. He sits down and leans against a shop on the strip. The sad life of a homeless man, now with nowhere to sleep. He crawls into the alleyway and sleeps for the night there.

Leeroy wakes up early this day, with a glimmer of hope. Today is the day he is getting a job. And this day, is going to be the first day of the rest of his life.

"Word My brotha!" A fellow black man says with a wave to Leeroy. Leeroy smiles and waves back. Hopefull of the futre.

A white man wearing dark work pants and a dirty white t shirt is walking down the sidewalk, looking around all paranoid like, then he says,
"OUT OF THE WAY NIGGA!!!" He snatches a purse out of a old ladies hands and tackles into Leeroy on accident, then punches him in the face and sprints down away.

"NOOO MY PURSE!!!" The old lady shrieks. Leeroy is suddenly filled with a notion, a notion of justice. Leeroy climbs to his feet and starts sprinting after the white purse snatches.

"Stop in the name of the deceny!" Leeroy screams after him.
"FUCK off!" He says and keeps running. They get far down the street when finnaly Leeroy dives into him takeing him down hard. Leeroy holds a knife to his neck.
"One funny move and ur dead son, DEAD!"

Thats when the shot is fired into Leeroy's back by a white police officer, killing him.

"Thanks Officer! That crazy Coke head just about killed my white ass!" The white thief says. The Cop waves to the white man as he runs away.
21 year old Chip Derring was your typical college student. Except for one big difference.

He was a Homosexual Male.

The year was 1999.

Chip Derring decided that he simply had to come out of the closet. He decided that the first person he would tell that he is homosexual male is his best friend Toby Mcguire.

He rings toby's bell.

Toby awnsers door. "Hey sup man." Tob says.

They go inside.

"Toby, theres something I have to tell u. This might shock u...." Chip says.
"What is it?" Toby asks, hella confused.
"I am Homosexual male." Chip says.

"WHAT THE FLYING FUCK? WHY THE HELL ARE U TELLING ME FORRR??? ARE U COMEING ON TO ME??? I AM STRAIGHT FOOL!!!" Toby says, then quickly punches chip in the face knocking him to the floor. Toby grabs a chair and smashes it against Chips back as he tries to get up. Toby pulls out his pistol and blasts Toby in the chest. Toby falls backwards onto the ground. Chip fires two more shots into tobys forehead.

'"AHHHHHHHH!!!!" Toby mom screams as she runs into the room and sees toby on the ground with massive amounts of blood coming out of his foehead. Chip quickly blasts tobys mom in the forehead then leaves.

Later that night.

Chip comes home. He walks inside. He simply has to come out of the closet some more.

He goes into the living room, where his mom and dad are.

"Mom, dad, I have a confessiong to make." Chip says.

"What is it, son?" Chips dad says.

"I am homosexual male." Chip explains.

Chips dad and mom look at each other, then they both start cracking up laughing hisrterically.

" hahahah, Thats a hella humerous joke, son." Chips dad says.
"Hella humerous." His mom says.

"Guys I am serious. I am homosexual male." chip explains.

"Hahah, okay, enough. The joke is starting to get old now." His dad says.

"No, im very seriously. Im homo." Chip explains.

"This isnt funny anymore." His dad explains.

"No, for real I am 100% homosexual male." Chip explains.

"ARRRHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" His dad screams, and jump up off the couch and punches chip directly in the forehead. His mom runs into the kitchen and grabs a butchers cleaver.

Chips dad is bashing him over and over in the head with his fists. Chip attempts to pull out his pistol, but his dad is ontop of him and wrestles the gun from him. His mom runs in holding the cleaver.

Chips dad presses the gun directly against chips forehead.

"You are forceing me to do this son," Chips dad says, through his tears. Chips mom and chip are also all crying.
"Even tho I have no choice but to do this, I want u to know, I still love you." Chips dad says. He then pulls the trigger three times, killing Chip instantly. Blood splatters onto chips dads face and shirt. He then gets up and goes over to the couch and sits down. chips mom rushs over to him and embraces him, crying.

"Im at least glad that I was the one who pulled the trigger, instead of someone else." chips dad says, sadly.

The Christian wife. One day, many many years ago, there was a Christian girl in high school. She got Straight A in all classes, was very beatiful with very long dark hair and blue eyes. She met the most popular boy in the whole Christian School, Chuck Berry. He was lead Quarterback on the high school football team, lead a weekly prayer group, and helped many people through his faith. Chuck and the Christian girl hit it off instantly, and she was very impressed by him. They started dating. They got married after highschool and had three very beatiful children, 2 girls and a boy. Chuck struggled to make ends meet working at his construction job, but Chuck and the Christian girl looked onto God, and trusted in him to help them through the hard times. Then 1 day, The Christian girl came home from shopping late 1 night, and Chuck was passed out on the couch with a empty bottle of vodka laying next to him, and pornographic materials were on the television!
"What is this!" The christian girl cried. Chuck wokeup and stumbled around, dazed confused and intoxicated. "Its uh not what you think!" Chuck slurred. The Christian women began sobbing uncontrollably.
"It was just a 1 slip up, I'll change I promise!" Chuck pleaded. CHuck and the Christian girl went to Church that sunday and spoke with thier pastor, who gave them his number, and he helped the couple work past this dark time, and Chuck vowed to never touch alcohols ever again. But then a week later...

"I gots to go to bathroom." Chuck says to his family during dinner, and when he gets into the bathroom he pulls a bottle of vodka out of his coat and starts gulping it down. He sits in the bathroom for an hour just drinking it. Christian girl is banging on the door asking him if he is sick.
"I am not feeling too good, ill be okay though, i am going to bathroom." Chuck says through the door. Christian girl beleives him and walks away from the dooor. Later, Chuck opens the door and stumbles out, drunk to the core. He stumbles into the front door, knocking over a lamp on accident.
Christian girl sees him and gets up off the couch where she was watching tv.
"Are you drunk again?!" She cries.
"" Chuck says, barely able to stay on is feet, swaying back on forth.
"Yes you could you!" She screams, and begins crying uncontrollably.
"So what! I work hard all day long at work, and all you do is sit around and home, and go to church! Look at this house, its a mess, u didnt clean at all today!" CHuck screams.
Christian girl begins to cry harder, and turns around to leave the room, but chuck grabs her arm and spins her around and punches her as hard as he can in the face. She falls to the ground.
"Daddy nooo!" The little son screams.
"Oh no, what have I done!" Chuck says, and then looks at his fist with blood all over it, Christian girl is bleeding! Her nose is broke. Chuck sits on the couch and begins rocking back and forth, panic stricken. The 12 year old daughter screams when she sees her knocked out bleeding mom laying on the ground, and dials 911. Officers arrive and chuck is arrested for Domestic Violence. While he is in jail, Christian girls Father and Brother Bill come to visit her.

"I knew that stupid Chuck was no good! We warned you bout him, we all warned you!" Her father says, simply furious.

"Hes a wife beater, you gotta divorce him!" Brother Bill pleads with her.
"No, I love him. He just made a mistake." Christian girl tries to explain. "Besides, its a sin to divorce, I promised to love him through the good and the bad....and he is just going through a bad time in his life thats alll...." Christian girl says.
"Hes a monster! You must divorce!" Brother bill screams, but she wont listen.

Chuck is finnaly released from Jail and Christian girl runs and hugs him and brings him back home.
"Im so sorry I did that, it was the alcohol." Chuck explains, and vows to never drink or hit her ever again. "My family means to much to me, I dont want to lose you or the kids."

And for the next 3 months, everything seems to be going good, untill 1 of chucks co-workers introduces him to Crystal Meth. The first time he did it for free with everyone and they worked while high on, he was tottally pumped on it. After that he buys it everyday. It starts to make him violent though, he is constantly screaming at his wife and kids. And then one day....

Christian girl is sitting on the couch watching Tv with her 12 year old daughter, 14 year old daughter, and 5 year old son. Its late and Chuck should be home by now. The door flies open and chuck walks in high, with someting in his pocket. Chuck walks over to them with a look of disgust on his face. He staires at them for a while, eyes bloodshot. The kids are horrorfied. Then chuck says,

"You know, I've been praying alot lately. And Gods been telling me some things, Oh yes. I know. I know all about it." He looks at his 12 year old. "You aint as pure as you say little missy!" He looks at his boy, "And you, I know where you been going! that old mans house!" Then he looks at his wife, "And you! You been acting really chumming and buddy buddy with that pastor lately. You say your talking about me, But I know whats really going on! Your fucking him!.....Me and god, we came to a conclusion, and honestly, it seems theres no other way around this. I asked him if there was any other way, but there isnt....all you 3 gotta die!"

Chuck then pulls out a pistol and opens fire, killing all three of them. He then gets in his truck and speeds away. He is later captured 3 days later after hiding out in the forest.

"Whyyyy!!!!! WHYYYYY!!!!" Brother bill screams, his father gives him a hug, they are all sobbing. "at least theres some confort in knowing that he will burn in helll....why she stay with him!!!" Brother bill says.

Chuck is convicted on all charges and sentenced to death. 5 years later while still on death row Chuck finds out the Christians girl's father dies of a heart attack. 5 years later Brother bill gets in a car accident and dies. Chuck lives on. 23 years after being sentenced, Chuck finds out he is scueduled to be exucuted in 1 month. Chuck begins going to church while in prison, and finds christs. He is exucuted and goes to heaven. But many people claim, his salvation came a little 2 late, and was very self serving. He had nothing left to lose or give, and everything to gain. But still, Chuck gives Brother bill a very snide smile as he sees him in heaven, and chuckles to himself.

The year was 1939.

65 year old Drshoggoth was your typical Catholic Priest. He preached the bible every Sunday at his Catholic church. He lived in a very small town directly in the heart of the United States of America. Attenandance of chuch was a mandated requirement of all citizens in his local town under punishment of maximum security prison.

Prince Ali is sitting in the back row, with a bored look on his face. He is sitting by Brofose and Tipbit. Anthony Sullivan is in the front row sitting by Officer Garfunkel, a Police Officer. Mountain Man staggers in heavily intoxicated. He has a bottle of tequila in his hands. The church workers help him find a seat. Clyde Cash is also there. Clyde Cash is a typical Chinese person, who doesn’t speak a word of English yet. ThrongIslam is there, handcuffed to a seat.

After a very long exhaustive sermon, Drshoggoth finally ends it. The people are herded outside. The cardinal Alexandia, a 77 year old clergymen walks up, and congragulates Drshoggoth on a job well done. Cardinal Alexandria has a long thick grey beard and green eyes, and wears a priest robe. “Your doing a good job, preach the gospel and warning men of homosexuality.” He says. Every Sunday, drshoggoth does a sermon on the dangers of homosexuality. It has been 30 years since anyone has seen a homosexual male in their small little town. That day still gives Drshoggoth goose bumps every time he thinks about it.

Then Alexandria says. “Have you….noticed anything….Off, about Prince ali.” He asks.

“umm…no?” Drshoggoth responds, in a confuse type manner. “The way he acts..and the way he looks at other men….” He says. “You couldn’t possibly think hes…” Drshoggoth stops himself. “No, no. I probably just had a little bit too much of the communion wine.” Alexandria says, and forces a fake laugh. But then his face grows sour. He looks at the ground. Niether of the two men can bring themselves to say the word out loud. The bad word. The dirty word. Homosexual male. There hasn’t been a homosexual male in their town for 30 years. The last homosexual male was shot in the forehead by a brave catholic priest, and there hasn’t been another one since. But still, Drshoggoth grows fearfull. Later that night, Drshoggoth is going through the pews. He finds prince alis Rolex watch. “I found prince alis watch!” Drshoggoth says to Cardinal Alexandria. “We better drive over to his apartment and hand this to him.” Alexandria says. They both hop into drshoggoths pick up truck.

The rain was pouring down. The air was so very cold and damp. A brisk chill runs down Brofose’s spine. He had told himself numerous times, never again. But yet here he was, driving his pick up towards Prince alis apartnment. He parked in the parking lot. He paced around. Battleing with himself inside his head. Should he go in should he get in his truck and drive away? he quickly pulls out a newport menthol and lights it up his zippo. Shielding it from the rain with his hand. He was so nervous he was visibly shaking. He has goosebumps on his arms, but not from the cold. he throws the ciggerate. Fuck it, its now or never. He races over to princes alis door and begins pounding on the door furiously. Prince ali opens the door. "Brofose...?" Prince ali says, suprised. "I cant quit you!" Brofose says and grabs prince ali and pushes him back inside and closes the door and begins passionately making out with him

Brofose pushes Prince Ali down onto the bed. “It is time for sexual relations of all hellas” Prince ali says, eagerly. Brofose stops, and turns around and walks away from the bed. “No….I…I just cant. I almost didn’t even come over here. God Oh why OH WHY! Did I come.” Brofose says, deeply conflicted. Brofose was a straight male, not a homosex. He simply didn’t understand. Prince ali gets up and puts his arms around Brofose from behind. Brofose turns around, feeling powerless to his blatant lust.

“Brofose…if our love is wrong….. then I just don’t wanna be right.” He says in a hushed whiper. The homo eroticaness simply overflowing. Prince Ali gets on his hands and knees, brofose, his erect cock, he simply slides it in. He tightly closes his eyes and his mouth opens in a 0 form. The lighting of his esxcasty is simply electric. He begins thrusting, slow at first, and then very very quickly. “AHHHHH” Prince ali screams at the top of his lungs in pleasure.

Drshoggoth and Alexandria arrive at Prince alis apartment complex. They go to the door, and hear Prince ali screaming!

“AHHHHHH, OOH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD, AHHHHHHH!!!” Prince ali screams. “A man is murdering prince ali inside!” Drshoggoth screams. He quickly kicks in the door. He and Alexandria run inside. They see Brofose having anal relations with prince ali. Brofose stops thrusting. His cock still in anus region, Brofose and Prince ali staire at Drshoggoth and Alexandria. Jaws dropped wide open. Deer in headlights moment. Caught buttfucking a man by two priests.

Drshoggoth and Alexandria are simply stunned, awe struck. They look at each other, then back at brofose and prince ali, and then back at each other.

Then, Drshoggoth, in his full priest attire and Alexandria as well, both pull out their pistol and begin shooting Brofose in the forehead. He tips over. Prince ali Back kicks brofose and his cock off of him and gets up and starts sprinting away. Drshoggoth fires at the homosex but misses. Prince ali leaps and dives out through the unopen windown head first, his forehead breaking and shattering the glass window as he goes directly through it. Drshoggoth and Alexandria run outside and give chase. A man in a car accidently clips Prince ali, causeing him to go flying. Alexandria quickly shoots the driver in the forehead through the windshield and Drshoggoth leaps on top of Prince ali.

“POLICE OFFICER! CATHOLIC DIVISION!” Drhsoggoth says and quickly pulls out a pair of silver handcuffs and cuffs Prince alis hands behind his back. He pulls Prince ali to his feet and they take him to the catholic church.

They take prince ali to the basement and quickly throw him into a cell and close the bar doors.

“I cant understand how the fuck this happened.” Alexandria says, with a completely puzzle look on his face. They look through the bars at prince ali, laying on the cell floor in pain. Two of his ribs broken from being hit in the side by a car.

“There hasn’t been a homosexual in this town for over 30 years…..I will go and get the corpse of brofose.” Alexandria says. He goes to the apartment. He pulls out a wooden stake and stakes brofose’s corpse directly through the heart with it. That is the only true way to kill a homosexual male, he thinks. He then starts splashing gasoline all through out the whole entire apartment, and then goes outside the door and lights a match and throws it inside, then speeds away. The whole entire apartment complex goes up in flames. He then returns.

Alexandria goes into the basement and sees Drshoggoth looking solemnly through the bar at the prisoner.

He looks up at Alexandria, tears in his eyes. “I cant live in a world like this.” Drhshoggoth says. Alexandria quickly bitch slaps Drshoggoth then violently shakes him.

“Wake up you fool! There is a reason why we found prince ali and brofose fucking! It is the will of God! Don’t you see? No other Priests would be able to handle this kind of burden but us! We were meant to solve this problem. We are the chosen ones, to cure homosexuality” Alexandria explains. “Ill take the first watch, watching him.” Alexandria says. “U get some well needed shut eye.”

“Cough, cough, You fools are never going to get away with this!” prince ali says. “Carefull prince ali, your homosexuality is showing. “

Drshoggoth goes home. Drshoggoth hasn’t had a drink in over thirty years. But now, he is craving one more then ever. He gets into bed and violently passes out before his head hits the pillow.

Monday. 1939. June.

Drshoggoth returns to the church to check on his prisoner. He sees Alexandria, sitting in a chair in front of the cell, watching a tv. The news is on. The reporter says,

“Apparently we had some murders in our small little town for the first time in 30 years. Two men broke into an apartment and shot a man to death, torched the apartment, then shot a motorist in the forehead. Police are asking the public for any leads that may help in the investigation to place these men in prison. The last time there was ever a murder in our small town was 30 years ago, when a catholic priest shot a homosexual man in the forehead.”

“God Damn Propaganda!” Alexandria screams, and kicks the tv. “What the hell are we gonna do? Should we turn ourselves in” Drshoggoth asks.

“No, if we turn ourselves in, and tell the truth, there will mass hysteria! We cant allow the public to know there is homosexuality in our town! There will be mass devastation, mass sucide, mass chaos! Cant let the public know.” Alexandria says.

Prince ali crawls up to the bars as close as he can to the two preists, and says.

“You two idiots think me and Brofose were the only homosexual males in this town?”

Alexandria and Drshoggoth simulatalously gasp.

“You two are stupider than I originally anticipated. I had large amounts of Sexual relations with Tibpit all the time!” Prince ali explains.

“Drshoggoth, you know what you must do…” Alexandria says.

“You want me to murder Tibpit??” Drshoggoth says.

“We cant let the homosexuality spread to more men. We have to end this.” Alexandria says. “I don’t care how, but u have to cure Tibpit.” Alexandria says. Drshoggoth nods.

Drshoggoth drives out of town into the local bar. There is no bars in drshoggoths town because it seperates men from Christ. Drshoggoth walks in, sullen. Anxious about what he must do. He sees Tibpit at the bar. He goes and sits down next to him.

“Pastor Shoggototh! Im surprised to see you here…” tipbit says.

“Bourbon” Shogs says to the bar tender. He gets him a drink. Drshoggoth quickly downs it.

“Sometimes even a man of god may have his…vices…if u know what I mean.” Drshoggoth says, and puts his hand on tibpits leg.

“Whoa whoa! What are u do!” Tipbit says and knocks his hand away.

“Im going to be straight up with you. I know you’re a homosexual male.” Drshoggoth explains. They contiounoue to drink, drshoggoth and tipbit became highly intoxicate.

“Lets go to my place.” Tipbit says. Drshoggoth and him go to tipbits apartment. “Do you like Afi?” Tibpit says, and puts a cd into a cd player.

Drshoggoth pulls out his pistol. “Whoa whoa, what are u do??” Tipbit says, confused.

“Im going to be straight with you. Time to die.” Drshoggoth says then shoots tibit in the forehead. He then heads back to the church.

“You sick deed is done.” Drshoggoth says, visibily shaken and upset with himself after having done what he did.

“You did the work of the Lord Jesus Christ today. You made him proud.” Alexandria says. Alexandria then gets up and leaves. Drshoggoth is with prince ali now. He is stairing at him through the bars.

Prince ali is sitting on the bed in the cell. He says, “You know…you don’t have to do this…you don’t have to kill me. You could just let me go, Say Alexandria is the one who made u do it. Im sure the police will go easy on u. A life sentence instead of the electric chair. And then u can preach to all the men in prison all day long. A win win.” Prince ali says.

“No no no Prince ali. We already passed the line of no return. Now what we must do, is cure you of your homosex.” Drshoggot says. “Idiots.” Prince ali mutters. Drshoggoth gets up and leaves. He goes upstairs. He sees Alexandria. “I don’t want to go to prison for this” Drshoggoth says. “We are priests. The only law we follow is the law of the lord jesus Christ, and he wants us to cure homosexuality. Now, I have already called a homosexual male expert and I am having him fly in from Southern California. Theres lots of Homosexual men in Southern California. He is going to help us perform the exorcism. After the exorcism, Prince ali will be cured, and we can let him go.” Alexandria says.

“And then we wont get in trouble? And everything will be okay?” Drshoggoth says.


But for some reason, Drshoggoth does not feel better. Somehow, deep in his heart, he knows things are not going to work out according to plan. These days, they never seem too anymore.

Tuesday. 1939.

A man wearing a olive green tuxedo, a large afro and mutton chops and beady black eyes walks into the catholic church. He is greeted by Drshoggoth and Alexandria.

“You’re the homosexual male expert?” Drshoggoth asks. “Indeed. I will have the Prince ali cured in no time.” He says. “But I will need some time alone with him first, if u don’t mind” he says.

“Ofcourse, ofcourse.” Alexandria says. The Homosexual male expert goes into the basement where the cell is, Drshoggoth and Alexandria stay upstairs.

“I have a bad feeling about that guy. For some reason he just rubs me the wrong way.”Drshoggoth says, completely unconvinced that this new man will solve this situation.

“Don’t worry, he is a medically trained expert. After Prince ali is cured we will be on the news and the papers and hailed as heros. Men will tell tails of our glorious good deed for centuries.

“Why does he need to be alone with Prince ali for? No no no, this is all wrong. Something is wrong here.” Drshoggoth says and heads for the staires. “No, we must let him work in peace!” Alexandria says, and follows. They go downstairs, and are horrified at what they see.

Inside the cell, prince al is on his hands and knees and the homosexual male expert is riding alis anus.

“HOLY HOMOSEXS!!!” Drshoggoth screams and quickly shoots the homosexual male exper t in the side of the forehead. He quickly digs for his keys and opens the cell and drags the homosexual male expert out and then closes the door. “Prince ali are u okayyy???” Drshoggoth asks. “Eh, I been worse.” Prince ali remarks.

“God damnit he was a fraud! Nothing is going right for us!” Drshoggoth says. “We will have to prefrom the exorcism ourselves.

Alexandrias whole world is suddenly shattered. The homosexual male expert was his last hope. Now that its shattered, Alexandria suddenly has come to the conclusion that perhaps, two mere mortal men aren’t able to cure prince ali.

“Its over….its over…” Alexandria says.

“What do you mean?” Drshoggoth asks.

“The homosexual male expert was a fraud. Theres no hope. We should just release Prince ali now, and turn ourselves in. Maybe that way, perhaps we will be able to find salvation yet.” Alexandria says.

“How can you say this now? You were the one who wanted to do all this in the first place. How can you give up when we are so god damn close to reaching our goal.” Drshoggoth says.

“We failed our mission.” Alexandria says. “Im calling the police and ending this.”

Drshoggoth pulls out his pistol

“Alexandria, Im going to do you a favour. Im going to kill you. That way, you will be able to go to heaven. You just leave the rest up to me.

“Drshoggoth no!” Alexandria pulls out his pistol but is too slow. Drshoggoth shoots Alexandria square in the chest. He drops his pistol and crumples to the floor.

Drshoggoth walks up to him. “Stupid old man, you should have just left the exorcism to me.’

Drshoggoth kneels down and presses his pistol directly against alexandrias forehead.

“It is time for you to enter the gates of heaven now.” Drshoggoth says, and then shoots Alexandria three times in the forehead.

He gets up, pistol in hand, and opens prince alis cell door.

“Its time for that exorcism.” Drshoggoth explains. He unzips his pants.

Just then, drshoggoth hears the sound of the door being kicked in into the church, and a man running upstairs.

“That must be the cops…” Drshoggoth says.

“Thank God!” prince ali screams. “HELP! HELP!! IM DOWN HERE!!” Prince ali screams and makes a run past drhsoggoth for the staires. Drshoggoth shoots prince ali in the back. He collapses. Drshoggoth empties the clip into the back of prince alis head. He drops the pistol and pulls out a second, and keeps firing it into prince ali until it empties as well. Click, click click. The gun is empty. He turns around and faces the wall.

Officer Garfunkle runs down the staires, weapon draw and aimed at Drshoggoth back.


“I thought this way the land of the free, not the land of the homosex.” Drshoggoth says.

“DROP YOUR WEAPON, DO IT NOW!” Garfunkel screams.

“It wasn’t suppose to end like this. I was suppose to be the good guy.” Drshoggoth says.

“You don’t have to end it like this Drshoggoth. You can surrender yourself. The families want awnsers Drshoggoth. You killed a lot of people, and you need to own up to it and have your day in court.”

Drshoggoth stands there a moment longer. He thinks about how as a kid he used to enjoy riding roller coasters.

Drshoggoth quickly spins around and raises his empty pistol.

Drshoggoth is quickly shot three times directly in the forehead.
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