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"White fragility is a neoliberal scam"

I dunno, I always find reasons to stay around.
This white guilt rhetoric has been going on since early June and now he addresses it and also has a recent video about the Federals "illegally" arresting "peaceful protesters". A broken clock is right twice a day lol as in he rightfully calls it out for what it is but its too late. But as for calling them rioters as "peaceful protestors". Well enjoy watching him.


The beatings will continue until morale improves.
Y'all ever notice that these tankies' heroes are always loaded? For some reason all these socialists are rich, yet Bernie Bros never get suspicious.

Look at Krystal Ball. In 2018, this bitch's PAC raised $750k. Out of that she paid herself a salary of $279k. That's 37% of the entire intake. And she has the nerve to say Trump is enriching himself and his family? She is the exact corruption she rails against.

This bitch is straight up money laudering too. On March 23 of this year, she donated $5k to her own PAC. Eight days later on March 31 her PAC paid her $5k right back. Why would you donate $5k only to to take it back the very next week if everything was on the up and up? The answer is you wouldn't.
Bumping my own post from earlier.

Now that transactions from the second quarter have been reported, I wanted to see if Krystal Ball was still playing musical chairs with money. The answer: sure looks like it.

On April 2, she donated $3k to her PAC. Now, the recipients page doesn't break down each individual payment to a person, just the totals, but the current total is now $8k. For those of y'all who are not so good with math, that adds to the same number as the previous $5k + the $3k she just donated.

And look at the date of the last payment: April 2. She paid herself from the PAC the very same day she donated the money. Hmmm, suspicious, ain't it? I'm also sure it's a coincidence that these transactions were spread out over two quarters. The very last day of the quarter and the second day of the next quarter? I'm sure that's just a coincidence. /s

@Qriist, you know Tim Pool, do you? Here's a scoop for the beanie man. Tell him here's a chance for him to do some real journalism for a change.


The beatings will continue until morale improves.
I don't actually know Tim.
Excuses, excuses!

Oh well. But seriously though, I highly doubt Tim actually would look into it anyway. Krystal Ball is his waifu when he wants some variety from his main waifu Tulsi.