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Does he also represent cuckoldry? Because that's what I call letting the DNC walk all over you twice while you smile about it.
A cuck means you were actually getting some at some point in time. I’d say he’s more of a simp.
I mean, 2016 the DNC screwed him over for Hillary, and I think 2020 was just him getting his ass kicked in the primaries (while his more dedicated supporters claimed he got screwed again).


The beatings will continue until morale improves.
I think 2020 was just him getting his ass kicked in the primaries (while his more dedicated supporters claimed he got screwed again).
I think the DNC screwed him over again. He was on track for a plurality.

I can see Buttigieg dropping out before Super Tuesday if not for Klobuchar dropping out and vice versa. With the other gone they'd have been the main Biden alternative in the "moderate" lane. Actually it's hard to see why Klobuchar would drop out before Minnesota voted, where she was in decent shape, unless she was promised something. And Pocahontas staying in just long enough too? In the words of Yogi Berra, that's too coincidental to be a coincidence.

I was born at night, but not last night.


Obama chuckled. "You mean the chaos emeralds?"
If anyone wanted to debate Cenk right now it could be a guaranteed killshot to his online presence simply because there are some significant scandals attached to his name. First there is the whole TYT union fiasco that happened not long ago, but the real shit here is the years and years of financial impropriety. I'm not sure how iron-clad Dame's read on everything was cause I'm not an expert on PACs but there seems to be some extremely shady shit and a history of just sucking in as much money as possible and just moving it around.

You don't need to attack Cenk on his views, his views are reductive and are just "democrats need to be meaner and more progressive" which, in short, just means being angrier at whatever minorities are giving marching orders at the time, which means you are on a constantly-shifting ground of mutating principles.
No, just attack him on the money, you can easily put him in the league of any other capitalist grifter they wanna hang from lightposts. I get the sense that he is panicking right now. Losing 100% of all debates you've ever attempted is one thing, but being wrong on every single political prediction hurts even more, and then being known as a bloated beggar is just embarrassing.
This is why I don't think he'll ever want to truly debate, but knowing his huge ego and small temper I bet you could goad him into something.

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I admit that a fair amount of my anticipation for this coming election is the hope of a resounding Trump victory producing another evening of wailing in anguish from these faggots that I can laugh at for 4 more years.

Though tbh even if it is Trump 50 states Biden 0 on election night, they may still think mail in balloting will flip the results.

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What's up with (((PROGRESSIVES))) and financial fuckery?

Dame's new Soyless Mattshow with Cenk's Rebellion PAC possibly fucking around. Hopefully the FEC will make them find out.

This absurdist taco YouTuber has done more to shine a light on the ActBlue scam than the entire American mainstream media combined. And of course Chunk fucking Yogurt is the one that fucks up his filing and leaves the barn doors wide open.

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I think TYT has lost relevance to the new left over the years as Cenk is no longer getting invited to MSM outlets. And this is despite YouTube backing them.
I wrote something relevant somewhere else about 4-5 years ago. At the time, I saw The Young Turks as successful because each of the main figures there represented a cornerstone of the left (this is from memory):

Cenk Uyghur: The immigrant who wants to fit in as an American, but goes nuts if anyone is even mildly critical of his "former" culture. The left wing moralist who tries to act cool with an affected frat boy vibe (this has aged particularly poorly, and has apparently gotten him in trouble). The generic aging liberal who thinks cold takes about "campaign finance" are revolutionary thought.
Ana Kasparian: The greedy and insatiable career woman who thinks that everything in the world exists for her gratification. She has a paper-thin veneer of nonjudgmentalism and friendliness, which turns into hipocrisy and spite as soon as something threatens her ego. The off-white immigrant woman who simultaneously gets plastic surgery and hair dye to look more European, while trashing anything European. The immigrant spiting her parents by marrying some kind of latinx.
John Iadorola: The white cuckold. Gets sexually humiliated on air by his co-hosts. Tries to be rational but is talked over by the hotter heads. Mistaken for gay.
Hannah Cranston: The utterly vapid Jewish woman who got a job through her connections, and fills up airtime with purely self-indulgent trash.
Jimmy Dore: The older liberal who has failed at life and takes his rage out on his law enforcement family tradition. The talentless artist (comedian, in this case).
Steve Oh: The Asian who seems to think that being liberal is just the thing to do. Seems uniquely passionless among the crowd.

There are a few others I forgot. (It's been a while.)

In the recent past, and especially in the past year or so, a lot of this stuff has become almost irrelevant. To keep up with the politically correct tide, commentators have to be more robotic and cynical than ever before. In their attempts to stay relevant, I think The Young Turks is no longer worth even hate watching.


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Cenk was still going on about not taking corporate money.. in 2020.. 4 years after an orange man won the presidency with 10% of the money that his opponent had.
Citizens united decision in hindsight has benefited the Democratic party more than the Republicans. It's was a lolbert group that fought for the right for corporate America to give unlimited gibs to politicians and its been a disaster for the right in that sense ever since.

Cenk want to live out the Obama era so bad lol not knowing he is just too boring compared to cumtown and CTH.