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This is literally the exact opposite of what the First Amendment was intended to do. It was certainly not intended to protect porn, which it does. It was intended specifically to protect political speech against shit like the seditious libel laws on Cuck Island (which John Adams immediately signed into law when he was elected).
I recall listening to the arguments where one of the justices said something like 'So, if there was a book that had nothing to do with politics, and on the last page it said and that's why you should vote for candidate X , would it be the governments position that the law allows you to stop publication?'

And the government responded along the lines of 'Um....Well...I'm sure we would never do something like that, but yes."

And I thought "Well that's a dead law".

I hate the meme that Citizens United was about corporations being people, or money equaling speech.

OTOH if the government had won, it would be legal for the FEC (Trump) to shut down CNN, MSNBC ect.


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I rarely use this word on the Internet, but this is downright pathetic. It’s one thing that Trump continues to ignore the Bernie Bros and TYT, but are we really expecting Trump to just stop whatever he’s doing and care about the fact that this is going to hurt his feelings?

If I were in his shoes, I’d consider possibly suing these people for libel; at worst, possible slander.