Orbiter TheGatorGamer / "Shannon Gaines" / "Eagle eyes" / CHRONOTR1GG3R - Ethan Ralph's schizophrenic lapdog. Paid in pennies to defend his master online.

Do we need a thread dedicated to The GayturTime Show and his schizophrenic tweets?

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May 7, 2020
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TheGatorGamer is a piss-jeaned co-host on the #Killstream, and Ethan Ralph's most loyal servant. Back during the show's heyday, with Ralph steering the ship, and Zidan offering up the most insightful commentary of the hosts, Gator was essentially just sticking around to be the program's tech support, when he wasn't using his soundboard to "comedic" effect.

Gator's love of anime and Metokur fanaticism definitely made him seem like a faggot, even during the Killstream's peak, but most were willing to forgive his quirk's, since Shannon was unassuming enough. However, inquiries into Gator's personal life tended to be embarrassing, and unfortunately exposed how drab his life off the internet really was.

In the clip above, where Gator blatantly makes up a relationship he had with a feisty Puerto Rican girlfriend, his signature dishonesty and awkwardness are on full display, and one could argue that these two-and-a-half minutes effectively define Gator's entire online presence.

Already a suspected homosexual, Gator's optics only got worse during the Killstream Krew's trip to Knoxville, where he was exposed to be a clinically obese manlet, who, by all accounts, literally smelled like shit IRL. During the travel, Gator, for some bizarre reason chose to stroll about the venue in a luchador mask, holding a camera with film that we've never seen produced.
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Time progressed, and by mid-2019, the Killstream had gone from being the "number #1 late night show on YouTube", to a glorified Discord call marooned on the shores of utter obscurity. After the career ending spectacle that was the Pillstream, Gator's primary concern going forward would be micromanaging every aspect of the Killstream’s dying community, in addition to producing the show night after night. These days, most of Shannon’s time is spent moderating chat rooms, moderating Ralph’s Discord, doing the show’s bookkeeping, and lurking hostile sites like Kiwi Farms and /cow/ to update Ethan on his enemy’s activities.

There’s long been discussion around whether or not Gator is paid for his services, or if he chooses to clean up Ralph’s spilled booze for free. On at least one occasion, Ethan apparently lent Gator a few hundred dollars to help him pay his rent. Ethan's ex-girlfriend, AdeZero, also claimed that Gator was paid a regular wage during a stream she did with Null, originally airing August 11th, 2020.

For what it's worth, Ade is herself a dishonest eCeleb and could be making shit up here.

Gator's Education

Over the years, Shannon has offered up several conflicting reports about his education, and his status as a college student. What we have been told is a mixture of impulsive lies, and mistruths invented by Gator in order to avoid doxing. It's all very confusing, and is best explained by this image, featuring numerous tweets that Gator has since deleted.
Twitter Suspension

On 8/12/2021, Gator's Twitter account of five years was suspended. It being the most valuable thing Gator had to his name, made the loss very difficult for him, and triggered a lot of seething.

These were clipped by @RichardRApe, and you can view the rest of the seethefest in this post.

Gator currently posts on two accounts: His official GatorTime account, and CHRONOTR1GG3R, an account which he's never explicitly claimed, but that is obviously Shannon's shitposting account.

For those of you who are rare Gator collectors, you can find them here!

Twitter (suspended)
Gator's blog
Discord: STEINS;GATOR#7168
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Apr 27, 2015
The most important thing to remember about Gator is that he doesn't do it for free. He's paid. If you ever wonder "Why?" with Gator, the answer is: "Money."
Stating again for the new thread that Gator is a loser with no friends, living with his parents, and a job bagging groceries in his 30s.

He simps so hard for Ralph because the association with the Ralph Retort gives him a sense of purpose and makes him feel like he's respected, even if it's by the fans of a livestream show that gets around 600 viewers an episode.


Dec 31, 2019
The most important thing to remember about Gator is that he doesn't do it for free. He's paid. If you ever wonder "Why?" with Gator, the answer is: "Money."
But is he compensated for his jannyship or for the show :thinking:


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Jul 28, 2019
Gaytor's existence is a joke. Ralph could hire many times better janny/sound guy and a commentator for his show, but instead he pays for this lazy eyed freak. To be fair the gunt pays him a pittance so he does it almost for free, if he wanted some competent guy he would have to pay him at least the minimum wage.