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Randall Fragg

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Don't know if this should go here or in music, please move if not appropriate here.
Basically, what songs would go great as "Theme songs" for certain lolcows?
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Randall Fragg

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Personally I like this for Margy:
I like this for Marjy, Fshmidt, Iconoclast, ROK, or Stormfront. Probably most like Stormfront or Icon.


Trve and Honest
Jay Geis
Chris (the lyrics are quite similar to when the hubbub about Chris died down and everyone sperged about what he would do next)
Wizardchan (the lyrics "The spirit of fantasy in my eyes
If I live or not I can't say
A dark shadow is coming over me
Comes over the whole world" ring true to the wizards.)
I'll come up with more later

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