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So I've fallen enough behinds I'm going to have to do theme posts. First up, Vox on Shapiro, Jews, and the revelation that different faiths believe different things.

What about giving up binary thinking? Shades of grey? Etc

Umm... I don't see a denial of existence in the above.

I... am pretty sure he's misunderstanding a deeper point here. Also not sure a single rabbi is proof of anything, after all you can find single churches and preachers and priests declaring things that are outright heresy.

EDIT: Yep. From the article linked by Vox.
"The Constitution," said Justice Ginsburg, "is old, outdated, from a different era and should be replaced."​
"Funny," says the student, "that sounds just like you."​
I am a Jew, and sadly, that is exactly how our Torah appears to be viewed by liberal members of our clergy.​
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Children, would you like to have been aborted?
Uh, if he actually ripped off a big Hollywood movie, I'm not sure even being in Italy will save his ass.

Still, just like a parasitic immigrant to steal from others.

EDIT: I should say, assuming anyone other than us is even paying attention to Signore Spaghetti's magnum opus
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Shitposting displeases the Omnissiah
"They have to go back" -a man living in a foreign country.

Also three of them were born here. Where should they go "back" to?
Just trace their family tree until you find the place their ancestors emigrated from, and ship them back there. After all, remember that Vox thinks that the USA belongs exclusively to Anglos.

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