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Mar 28, 2019
Ladies and gentlemen, meet ThepitbullTDG and TheDogang. ThepitbullTDG (powername: Charles Burch of Charlotte, North Carolina) is a YouTuber focused on wrestling and "entertainment" who puts out cringy content which lead to him getting frequently trolled. However, these videos usually tend to be low in both terms of actual video quality, and production value. Because of this, he became the target of trolls, many of which leave agitating comments in the hopes of eliciting a response from him. Sure enough, the eccentric and downright, batshit insane behavior of thepitbulltdg is sure enough to get a response. This has also been going on since 2011 according to him. There's also another thread on this individual from 2016, but the information is very outdated by now. Read it here.

What makes him and his gang lolcows?

Thedogang has been the target of trolling for nearly a decade and will blame all their shortcomings on the trolls. They think because of their videos being mass flagged or reported, they're not rich millionaires or among the YouTube elite, not because they're low quality and usually copying trends or popular formats. Pitbull is easy to anger and agitate, as it takes absolutely nothing to get him to threaten to track you down and murder you or berate you with profanity laced insults in all caps. Despite the low quality of his videos, pitbull defends this, by saying it takes a lot of effort to make them.


His style and attitude can be summarized as: violent, batshit insane, and self-centered; all while being wrapped in a crippling case of unwarranted self importance and an inflated ego. His usual replies, even calm and happy ones, are almost always in ALL CAPS, using the excuse of it being his "style". His channel is also where the bulk of the trolling goes on, mostly in the discussions of his channel. Because of this trolling, a good chunk of his videos he either deleted or made private before I could even get the chance to archive them properly. Thepitbull is a huge fan of The Touhou Project, and frequently changes his icons and avatars to various Touhou characters, along with being an avid wrestling fan. However, he's much more obsessive with the wrestling as he's convinced he can "save the WWE" with his alter-ego.


Pitbull was a Kang.

pitbull kang.png


pitbull autism 7.png

Picking a fight with the most obvious troll of all time.

pitbull autism 8.png

Pitbull goes ghost.

Pitbull goes ghost.png

TheDogang/The Wolf Gang:

This little "gang" can be considered his social circle of likeminded individuals, which comprises of two other equally eccentric individuals (though it's highly likely these are very much a la Lily Peet Sockpuppets): The Bull Dog (formerly known as Nemesis960502) and Wolf Man (Most likely just Thepitbull in a cheap werewolf mask pretending to be a different person).

Nemesis960502/The BullDog:

Nemesis is supposedly a fellow member of the gang and a friend of the pitbull, even though evidence through his uploads most likely point to the fact he most likely is a sockpuppet of thepitbull. Most of his videos comprise of gaming videos or archives of livestreams from Facebook.

Wolf Man:

The most obvious sockpuppet of thepitbull is Wolf Man, his alter-ego and supposed best friend. The truth is, its merely thepitbull wearing a halloween werewolf mask acting tough to the trolls. Due to his behavior as Wolf Man, he frequently sees himself at the receiving end of bans on YouTube for threatening violence against other channels and his trolls.

Other bits of autism:

The most well known trait of Thepitbull to his trolls is wanting to "save" the WWE and "end the PG Era". He thinks that this can be done by having his alter ego/character Wolf Man get onto the WWE and bring it back to real wrestling. For a while, it seemed it only ended at his deluded views, but he recently went on a rant about how the WWE is supposedly ripping off his character. As of right now, the only thing he's been beating is bags of ice. He is also convinced that all the trolls on his channel are one person, and this person is supposedly a member of the alt-right, the KKK, and the Illuminati and only hates him because he's black.

The Trolling:

The trolls are basically his only reason for being on YouTube. He rarely ever blocks them, never deletes their comments, and has never disabled comments on his channel or videos. Most the trolling comments usually are requesting him to upload fart videos (in reference to one now deleted video which he lifted his leg up and added farting sound effects as a way to diss the haters) or accusing him of being a pedophile. However, many are also criticizing the channel's content for being low quality or are inflammatory in the hopes of eliciting an angry response from thepitbull and pushing him further.

Some autism from his dA account:
pitbull autism.png
pitbull autism 2.png
pitbull autism 3.png
pitbull autism 4.png
pitbull autism 5.png
pitbull autism 6.jpg

A 30 minute rant of bitching to the WWE:

Some more of his videos:

YouTube Channel | Archive
Sockpuppet | Archive
Alt Account | Archive
Twitter Account 1 | Archive
Twitter Account 2 | Archive
Deviantart Account | Archive
Instagram Account | Archive
UploadStars Channel | Archive
Vidlii Channel | Archive
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Ladies and gentlemen, meet ThepitbullTDG and TheDogang. ThepitbullTDG (powername: Charles Burch of Charlotte, North Carolina) is a YouTube channel that is dedicated to "entertainment".
Post more of his videos. One video isn't sufficient if his primary source of content is YouTube. Add more pictures to the beginning of his posts or other content. Fix your title format. Also, explain in the first line why he's a lolcow.

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Mar 28, 2019
Post more of his videos. One video isn't sufficient if his primary source of content is YouTube. Add more pictures to the beginning of his posts or other content. Fix your title format. Also, explain in the first line why he's a lolcow.
Thanks for the input, I'm collecting more of his autism and just made an edit to the post. Currently downloading some of his videos before he might delete them again.

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Jul 6, 2017
I thought this thread would contain pictures of dogs and I am disappointed

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Dec 9, 2017
Wasn’t on board until I got to the videos, and then holy shit. Thanks for bringing awareness to this cow but perhaps think about bettering the existing thread.

Mar 22, 2017
Fix your title.

The pictures are helpful, but could use archive links to show where they're from and if they have context that could be interesting or funny. Getting direct quotes will help the flow of the OP and doesn't require the reader to constantly open new tabs.

Is there a way to prove that "The Dog Gang" consists of sockpuppets and not just fellow retards? The Twitter accounts you've posted belong to "Nemesis," and I can see that persona being a sockpuppet from how the "edits" posted on the account look exactly the same as The Pitbull's own content, but it would be better to have more concrete proof. I would also put more information about the trolls. People who dedicate time to trolling someone specifically tend to be lolcows themselves, like the ones that follow Erik Mokracek around.

Where did you get his name and location from? Don't give doXxxXxXxx that you aren't completely sure of, especially in the OP. He lists his location as Israel on multiple accounts, and as the Kiwi Farms is a proud supporter of the great nation of Israel, I personally would not want to defame one of God's chosen if he is. Do we have a black Israelite on our hands? That would definitely be another way to get potential readers interested. Another thing I'd likd to know is why his "Walfas self-insert" character is white when he's a proud Kang

The WWE sperging is an interesting start, but what exactly are his issues besides saying it's in a "PG era" and accusing it of ripping off Coldsteel the Pitbull? I'd add a bit of the basics about WWE/WWF too, for Kiwis who have no clue about what it's about, and that WWF was never anything but kayfabe. There's a lot of potential here, but the lack of direct information and quotes kills the OP

Bitchute account (archive)
Wolf Gang Twitter account (archive) - found in the description of this video that wouldn't archive properly
Discord channel