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Dismaying Tree

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Those who have been following the random tumblr posts thread might be familiar with a blog known as therealblacktruth.(archived here just in case)--EDIT: as of November 12, has been deactivated, Tracy is now laying low at
At face value, there seem to be many people like her in the subculture of "black tumblr," crazy people who are doing more to promote racism than stop it.
She is similar to them in some ways in that she wants black superiority and considers white men to be the root of all evil, but looking deeper into her blog reveals that she is far worse. Unlike most tumblr "social justice," types, therealblacktruth hates "all non-blacks." And by this she indeed means all non-blacks, no minority beneath the sun is safe from her spergery.
Since there have already been a healthy amount of screenshots of her blog in the random tumblr posts thread, I'll just quote them here with a sentence of context.
The first mention of therealblacktruth on here, by yours truly. This is in response to an ask where someone calls her racist, and surprisingly, she admits it. Already she is separating herself from the rest of the tumblr herd.
Tumblr social justice comes full fucking circle.
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wtf, man.
Next, @Ho Mo for Women screenshotted one of her post where therealblacktruth praises segregation.
Anyone up for a game of Stormfront or SJW?

This is from therealblacktruth, a black supremacist blog. I think she's been mentioned in this thread before. She manages to stand out as hateful even by Tumblr standards. She openly supports segregation and is "fascinated" by Hitler and Nazi ideology. She hates white people, but also harbors poorly-hidden contempt for her own race. She's an absolute lunatic who may even deserve her own thread.
And here she believes that all white people degrade blacks by making nigga jokes in private. Alright, then.
In other news, a choice screenshot from therealblacktruth.
Look at all the tinfoil hat-ing here. I bet she thinks 9/11 was an inside job.
This is where we learn that she tries to drag children into her twisted identity politics, and for bonus points, the child mentioned here is her four-year-old nephew! That's low!
New content from our friend therealblacktruth. This time, she's pissed about cosmetics and Disney princesses.

Here's another one. I'm linking to this one because there's a video attached:
She writes about her nephew a lot. It's all crazy shit like this where she harasses and yells at him for not hating white people. She claims she'll disown him if he ever dates a white girl, and she encourages the boy's mom to do the same.

The worst part is that the poor kid is only four years old. It must be rough having a crazy bitch like this for an aunt.
White people do all the evil in this world, all of it. Therealblacktruth is very paranoid, since she says some of her hatred of white people stems from fifth grade when a girl didn't want to talk to her on the phone.
Oh, yeah, there's plenty more content from her, all of it showcasing what a terrible person she is. Here's her reasoning behind her hatred of white people:

Yes, she hates them because a white girl wouldn't talk to her about American Girl dolls in the fifth grade. Seriously...

She also makes a lot of posts spewing hatred at black men for dating white women. Kinda sounds like she's bitter that she can't get laid, huh?

And to her, everything bad is white people's fault, no matter how small.
She doesn't like how black women are portrayed in media, and then goes to be genuinely transphobic about a 19-year old transman stuck in India.
Moar racism!
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And an argument that is too fucking long to screenshot, archived for prosperity!
--this is all from therealblacktruth by the way.
Therealblack truth really hates asians, and thinks she should have been given a good grade for not being racist. Uh...
Our friend therealblacktruth is at it again.

Holy shit...
So, to sum up, therealblacktruth is seperatist enough to support segregation, radical enough to want black supremacy, racist enough to hate everyone that isn't black with some self-hatred left over for members of her own race that disagree with her, and she seems to have some parts of sjw tumblr coming down on her ass for blatantly saying she doesn't like transgender people.
Go wild, kiwis.
Also I included this because it's relevant and funny.
Actual footage of therealblacktruth:
also wow my first thread holy shit i hope i don't mess up
EDIT: also wow she noticed her mention on the farms even BEFORE HER THREAD WAS UP. that is a record.
EDIT NUMBER TWO: thread title updated due to new information.
BIGASS UPDATE DUE TO NEW INFORMATION: So, before this, therealblacktruth was a BJD blogger and collector who liked to stir up drama on various doll blogs and forums. Known then as Tracy Lynn, she was just as paranoid and batshit as she is now, purposefully stirring up drama and deleting information to make herself out to be the victim.
Some of this is chronicled on a record of her spergery.
There are several old blogs of hers still up there undeleted, a blogspot where it's revealed she has an eating disorder-
First knowledge of this is given by @DropDaBomb
I made an account just so I could come here and tell you all the true story behind this person. Before she deleted everything off therealblacktruth blog and started it over, it was very well known that she is Tracy Lynn from the BJD community. And, apparently before that, DeviantArt. Don't worry I have links. Now, simple google searches will provide you with a plethora of information on her, so I'll share my links and stuff and then just tell you about her MO. A lot of her bullshit was splashed across this now inactive blog, wont take much scrolling to find info, one of which exposes her unfinished ED page Said ED page if you don't want to scroll her blog her other blog

Now on to her story.
All Tracy ever wanted was attention. The reasons why have been speculated since the beginning of time and we may never figure it out. Absent parents? Over achieving older sibling? Insanity? Who fucking knows but ever since Tracy found her way onto the internet she will do anything outlandish to get attention,and when it's negative she screams and whines and stirs more shit for herself,while playing the victim. If it's support? Takes advantage of them emotionally,whines for asspats and sympathy, treats people like shit then wonders why no one wants to talk to her.
Before she jumped on the black pride band wagon, she was on the trans bandwagon. Yep,all her hate spew of trans people and such? Hypocritical considering she once raged about people not referring to her as he, yet never having stated she was male identified and showing herself dressed in heals and frilly clothes. Whatever floats your boat but at least understand the confusion.
On DeviantArt she complained about not getting attention on her art yet she deserved it,dived into the troll den to bitch and met with backlash. It lasted a long time but eventually she was banned from the place, though raged on her blogger for ages, posting herself naked at the ripe age of 13 and wondering while people called the feds.
Supposedly more happened between DevinatArt and the BJD world but I'm only part of the two, so skipa few years and we arrive in the dolly world. Immediately complains about not affording a doll, gets one, complains she is terrible at it since no one gives her attention, yet is one of the more popular blogs and actually is pretty damn good and gets a great camera that she complains about being shitty (when in reality, it's an expensive, great quality camera.).
Eventually, from what you will see on DollyDrama, she was ran out of the community, and though it was mostly the black BJD side of the community that hated her, she blamed the white girls. This may be where her new trend has started,though it's the same as always.

She wants attention, she's doing this because it gets her what she wants and once this burns out she'll move on to the next. But here, have some info on her, maybe it'll burn her out faster, I'd love to get her off tumblr, she swore off the site after the BJD thing, but came right back, same with dA, but she's inactive there now.
If you search RitzyKat, RuRumichan,TracyLynn you'll find a good bit of info on her.
Tracy has a history of throwing tantrums and purposefully raging and floundering for attention, deleting deviantart accounts in a matter of months, only to make a new one and rinse and repeat with the cycle only a few weeks later.
Got some snapshots of her RitzyKat dA account thanks to the Wayback Machine.

She was only on dA for 2 months before wanting to delete?

Looking deeper into her online history, Tracy is crazier than we first believed. From the beginnings of her internet trail, she has expressed great dislike of her family, especially her sister and nephew, whom she continues to dislike to this day.
Oh! If anyone is from the dolly community or wants a fun search time, Tracy Lynn was part of a HUUUGE scandal where she sprayed TOXIC FUMES for the dolls (the stuff you spray on them to keep the art from wiping off) around her BABY NEPHEW. This shit causes lung cancer near guaranteed and she acted like it meant nothing.
So if you think she's not actively trying to kill that baby think again. I saw an anon on Dolly once that said they tried to contact the family but never got a response, it's possible Tracy intercepted, idk, but I do wish someone would tell her mom and sister about the threat she is to her nephew.
Yes, she apparently tried to murder a baby with toxic fumes. She's crazy.
Final notes, we have found out her full name amongst other things.
Full name: Tracy Lynn Weiss, attending CCAC in Pittsburgh
Her current blogspot:
small edit: therealblacktruth is revamped and seems not to be as batshit as before. We're still watching.
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Sperglord Dante

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I actually toyed with the idea of making a black persona on tumblr who'd go around shouting nigga left and right, berating biracial couples and advocating for segregation just to see how much shit would the sjws be willing to take from a black guy.

Glad I didn't though, it wouldn't be half as insane or funny as black separatist feminist dareelblacktruth.

Alex Krycek

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These rants remind me a lot of ADF, just talking about black people instead of transwomen and even then focusing solely on black people.

These people always say "LOOK AT ME! I'M FIGHTING BIGOTRY!" and in the same breath "DIE EVERYONE WHO ISN'T ME!".

Alex Krycek

He’s a goof, he’s aloof, he’s seeking out reason.
True & Honest Fan
My Trump's Chosen buddy that sits next to me in College Algebra got a better grade on a test recently. The obvious solution is to become a raging Anti-Semite and hate all Trump's Chosen People because of their stereotypical prowess at Math. As an aside, my Asian buddy in my Lit class got a lower grade on his book report, so if he wants to hate all White People for the rest of his life, I totally understand.

sassyma seed

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I'm still surprised that she found out about the screenshots of her blog on here so fast. Does anyone know how that happened?

Also she hasn't shown up yet? Cmon girl, we know you've got nothing better to do than be on Tumblr all day, what are you waiting for?

-Calling everyone on here "whiteys" or some variation, regardless of actual race
-More complaining about how students who work harder than her students who only get good grades because of skin color
-More moaning about how black men won't date her
-General salt
-Complaining about stuff she doesn't know anything about yet still has a stupid opinion on how people don't accept she's right about the evil whites.

Any other predictions?