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Feb 3, 2013




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Dec 20, 2014
Alright since I guess Cat threw me into the fire against my will, i'll share about this guy. He stares into the camera while chewing his food while wearing a suit that is a size too big for him and he says really odd things like "you can do a review at any time of the day really, be it 3 AM or 4:05 in the afternoon". Not much really too him but hes mildly interesting to watch.
I really like this one because he mentions that people complain about him staring at them while he eats and drinks.
He's just a little odd really.

Feb 5, 2013
I am a long time fan of review brah. He's around 20 years old. Shortwave radio and 80s and 90s suits enthusiast. Professional YouTube food and energy drink reviewer. He was dicovered by the misc bodybuilding forum. Then got big on /fit/. Mild social autism like most of us here. His dominoes pan pizza video is what went viral from reddit I believe. Overwhelmed by the surge in interest of his chanel, he shut down for a few months before embracing it and the chan trolls that came with. He has a dry, quirky sense of humor hence the I'm 46 and work a Dunking doughnuts. He knows his suits are larger then usual and yes he wears them every day. He's a good guy that's probably going on a road trip and that's why he has a bed in his car. He has recently brought up being gang stalked, which is worrying but he's been on Tosh.0 and has 75000 subscribers so he probably did have some weens following him around. Also some Canadian guy from /pol/ is obsessed with him and starts multiple threads Daily about him being overdosed on red pills because he acknowledged /pol/. I foLlowed him for over 2 years and here lately his popularity has been exploding. And that's about it
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