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January Cyst

I could eat a knob at night
An epic fight is at hand, John vs. BIRB, who'll win?

Avian adversaries circle the Prius, John is not impressed

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Reviebrah lets the feathered foes know that they are what's for dinner

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Birds made a hasty retreat, FLAWLESS VICTORY

Badass Brah said:
Had to let em' know
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Reviewbrah said:
I'm wearing a mid 90s double breasted suit and pattern tie from the same era.

What has always stood out to me the most about Reviewbrah are his hands. Either he has really weak wrists or those fingernails are incredibly heavy. He sports a wrist limp enough to rival a warm brother.
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It's not a calzone and visibly doesn't have ricotta. It's vaguely calzone shaped, I suppose.

January Cyst

I could eat a knob at night
John is letting the cat out of the bag, prepare for the answer to this age-old mistery.

John "Reviewbrah" said:
Why am I called Reviewbrah? What are the origins - where did it come from? Today I embark on a quest to find out why people call me Reviewbrah and not TheReportOfTheWeek.