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Don't YouTube comments usually have an "(edited)" blurb next to them if they've been changed? Joey's been tricked in the past with troll comments, but he's also made it clear that he has issues with Reviewbrah.

I remember a while back, Joey was complaining on stream that Brah was an uptight asshole who always ignored him and blanked all his messages on SM. Then it turned out that he had him blocked the whole time.

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I swear it's always the fucking fatties. Joey reminds me a lot of Boogie in how disingenuous he is. Whatever thin veneer of nice-guy he puts on for his fans is just that - it's an act no different from a salesman's pitch. That's what makes it all the more sickening when you see this walking minimall going "woo woo woo woo woo I love my fans! xD!! woo woo woo," and then shit on his peers at the same time. Something about being fat just makes you prone to lying and deciept.