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SHH! I sense danger may be near!
Jan 20, 2022
I eat less than 9000 calories a day, I have a slow metabolism. I am overweight.

Calories in vs calories out bro. Unless youre 100 years old and bedridden/completely sedentary in an environment where you dont have to expend any calories to stay at body temperature youre gonnna burn 1>kcal just to maintain weight.


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Nov 7, 2017
Front page of KF at the moment:
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His face has that quality of some cartoon characters where he looks better in profile, but strange when front-facing
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Reviewbrah is everything good and right in the world. He's a fucking weirdo who knows who he is and leans all the way in. I appreciate that in a person especially when they're basically harmless. Well, unless you're Taco Bell. His confidence in who he is makes him so loveable. He must be protected at all costs. I think that in the right hands and light that he could actually be a pretty good model. I love most that he DGAF about that mess. In fact, one of my favorite quirks of him is that he takes his thumbnails and let's us know that's what he's doing. Reviewbrah has it right. He is doing life correctly. All hail.


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May 25, 2013
Has he hit the White Castle down near Disney World and Sea World yet? Seems like it would be in his wheelhouse.