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Theryn Meyer / Daniël Meyer / dominodiaeresis / therynmilkaTrans MRA turned SJW to Fuck Contrapoints & Abandon her fiancé; "fucking wreck"

Discussion in 'Internet Famous' started by ATaxingWoman, Jan 25, 2019.

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  1. Theryn Meyer/Daniël Meyer/dominodiaeresis/therynmilka
    "I used to be a feminist, and I was a fucking wreck. I was eating up everything that feminism fed to me: that the world was out to get me, that the world was structured to not accommodate me. And of course that’s true to some extent, but it was the constant harping about it, and the idea that you can never do anything about it as an individual. When I finally turned my back on all that stuff and I started realizing the strength I have as an individual, that’s when I started becoming strong as a trans woman.” - Theryn Meyer

    Kudos to @Feline Darkmage for helping me out!

    *Note: Because so many people are used to it, I will be referring to Theryn as ”she” in this post.
    Theryn Meyer (birth name: Daniël Meyer) is a South African-born Canadian citizen and controversial flip-flopping political trans Youtuber (MtF/TiM) who has been suspended from Twitter multiple times. Initially rising to fame as a conservative MRA trans waifu who hung out with other conservatives and MRAs, she caused controversy in early 2018 as she did a complete ideological 180° and converted to the ideology of righteous social justice activism. In the process, she decided to dump her fiancé (whom she was planning to get married to soon) and became a Tinder drunkard. Why? Most likely because she had fallen for Natalie/Nicholas Parrott, also known as Contrapoints or Nykytyne2 (Nyk).

    Early life

    Daniël and the gang

    Not much is known about her early life, although Theryn has talked about growing up in Paarl, South Africa as a gender atypical homosexual boy and facing harassment for it in the past. One thing that is probably less well-known about her is that she used to be the pianist in a "popsical" band back in the day when she still went under the name of Daniël Meyer.
    therynmeer.png merinfo.png band2.png band3.png
    Men's rights activism era
    "Feeling my conservative girl fantasy"

    I. General MRA views
    While Theryn has claimed that there was a period in her life where she was a ”non-binary SJW” and a feminist, her claim to fame can primarily be attributed to her activity on Youtube where she profiled herself as a libertarian MRA trans waifu. Some of the people she hung out with during this period include conservative trans dramacow Blaire/Robbie White, Honeybadger e-beggar Karen Straughan, internet daddy modernist Jordan B. Peterson, MRA scam artist Paul Elam and tradthot activist Lauren Southern (who was her best friend).
    notveryPC.png notverypc2.png notverypc3.png notverypc5.png

    notverypc4.png https://archive.li/gaRpk#selection-5411.1-5534.0
    demarxify.png "Demarxify your mind"
    ayhayttras.png offunsive.png

    Examples of opinions Theryn used to hold

    "The lovely Milo Yiannopoulos" (https://archive.li/bxmNn)

    Collab stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMPEAR2imC4 (https://archive.li/erqfr)
    from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_V9_j4dVuY (https://archive.li/t1OtE)
    from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSQ_pZCP1w8 (https://archive.li/FvDjT) and made for The Baron Media, "a new media startup dedicated to preserving western civilization and it's values" which Theryn and her then-fiancé were associated with
    from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4II9JuC0Kg (https://archive.li/Rg5Ng)
    FILFwithFILF.jpg 1512734413968.jpg
    People she used to hang out with
    She was also the president of the MRA group at her university, Simon Fraser University, and testified against Bill C-16 (transcript here):
    II. Trans views
    During the MRA era, Theryn managed to get herself permabanned from Twitter more than just once. This was not only because of her MRA opinions (which she has now denounced and calls problematic), but also because she already had a penchant for drama back then. Here she can be seen provoking Justin ”Riley” Dennis and Marina ”Marinashutup” Watanabe during an argument about the use of the word ”tranny”. About a month later, she was permanently suspended from Twitter (supposedly for calling a feminist a cunt). C8VnDQUXsAArLpm.jpg-large.jpg 08ENQZY.png uV7d4Bc.png troon.png troon2.png troon3.png However, she didn’t merely limit her drama-seeking to lesbian LARPers who don’t like the word ”tranny” and pop culture feminists who won’t shut up. Theryn has also sperged about ”TERFs” and fought with Blaire White over whether trans women are male or not; even during Theryn's conservative period, she held the opinion that ”trans women are women and calling them male is bigoted”. turv.png turv2.png turfyturf.png
    turf2.png turv3.png
    Sperging about ”TERFs” and blocking them. (Theryn had a slap-fight with gender critical Youtuber Magdalen Berns over a video response [archive] she made).
    bw0.png bw.png bw2.png bw3.png bw3-5.png bw4.png bw5.png bw6.png bw7.png bw8.png bw9.png bw10.png bw11.png bw12.png bw13.png

    Slapfighting with Blaire White (whom she has argued with on multiple occasions, although they have reconciled ever since)
    "It's not even a case of "oh, I feel like I should be this way. I AM female." (the original video has been deleted)

    She even published an article where she talks about whether traps are gay. A few choice quotes:
    Dr. Strangelove – Or How Theryn Meyer Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Contrapoints (Political flip-flop and breaking up with her fiancé)
    Hanging out with her new sweetheart

    I. Prelude: Meeting Louis
    During the MRA era, Theryn met the man who would become her fiancé within a month's period of time: Louis, the founder of the UBC Free Speech club (who can be seen talking here). As late as November 29th 2017, she was talking about getting married to him and even being wedded by Jordan B. Peterson (she also uploaded a clip from the stream on her channel which was then deleted in order to cover up; the video title and the description can still be seen in this blog post).
    engaged.png koreansktblogginlägg.png
    II. Becoming friends with Contrapoints/Nyk
    In early 2017, Theryn encountered an individual who would come to have a remarkable influence on her: Contrapoints. Their first public interaction can be traced back to April 8th 2017 and they did a couple of collaboration livestreams together shortly after, titled Is Sex a Spectrum? | Transplaining episode 1 (May 4th 2017) and Conversation with Contrapoints (July 24th 2017). During the second livestream, Theryn stated that going on HRT had made her bisexual (more about that later). In spite of their political differences and occasional internet arguments, they eventually got on somewhat friendly terms with each other. ct.png ct2.png
    The first sign that something was amiss came in December 2017, when a discussion event that was supposed to take place between Contrapoints, Theryn and Blaire (and which the first-mentioned had received a lot of flack for from his fans because he was going to debate with ”literal nazis”) was abruptly cancelled. Both Contrapoints and Theryn blamed on Blaire ”dropping out” (or ”flaking out”, as Nyk puts it in this blowfile) without any explanation. Blaire, however, claimed to have confirmed her attendance multiple times in a row despite a shorter lapse of two weeks of her being hard to reach and that it was Theryn who was to blame for the event being cancelled, something which lead to yet more drama. nyk1.png tm1.png nyk2.png blairemessage.png tm2.png In the end, Theryn ended up organizing a smaller event (archive) with Contrapoints and without Blaire which occurred on February 24th 2018. The observant will notice that during the sequence where Nyk is criticizing Jordan B. Peterson for being against pronoun policing, Theryn is just sitting there and listening complicitly – less than a year after she testified against pronoun policing and argued in favor of Peterson's stance. To quote a Swenglish proverb: "it goes fast in hockey".

    Shortly afterwards, Theryn uploaded a video titled ”Dear Non-Binary People: I’m Sorry” (unarchived but can be seen on the channel page here) and which indicated a significant shift in her political views. Incidentally, this change of heart just so happened to occur during a period of time where Theryn was becoming increasingly chummy with Nyk. dnb.png
    On March 8th, MRA Youtuber Prince of Queens uploaded two videos (here and here) where he talked about how he was called out for "misgendering" Contrapoints because he only referred to him by his name as he was unsure of what he identified as (meaning that he didn't want to assume Nyk's "gender", which is ironic given how social justice advocates constantly preach the importance of not assuming everybody identifies with the "gender that was assigned to them at birth"). The pro-Contra driving force in the conflict was... Theryn (Contrapoints joined in later). MISGENDERING.png MISGENDERING2.png misgendering3.png misgendering4.png
    One day later, Theryn posted an image of her kissing Nyk while watching RuPaul’s drag race. The same day, they did a livestream together where Theryn voiced her support for views that she would never have agreed with before (such as "I understand why some feminists who have had bad experiences with men hate them"and "a lot of men are a lot of shit") and which ended with Nyk drunkly sucking on (then engaged to somebody else) Theryn’s collarbones. Additionally, despite claiming to have become bisexual due to going on HRT, she admitted she had never been able to get a girlfriend.
    III. Breaking up with her fiancé and starting anew
    On June 15th, Theryn called Contrapoints during a livestream to announce that she had broken up with her fiancé and told people to come to Vancouver and swipe her on Tinder. Another steamy session occurred on August 18 during a livestream, where Theryn and Nyk started making out and Theryn also apologized for being ”problematic” throughout (it was taken down shortly after but witness accounts of it can be read here).
    August 2018 marked yet another turning point in Theryn’s career as she (either before or after she was suspended from Twitter for the umpteenth time) deleted her old Youtube channel without any forewarning. Her Youtube presence was then reincarnated in the form of her new Youtube channel, Theryn, and an unhinged video called ”Talking about why I left Youtube while slowly losing my mind" in which she claims that she was akchually just pretending to be a conservative MRA all those years and that the recent meltdown she had was, in fact, a manifestation of her real self. Is it a coincidence that all of this happened after Theryn became acquainted with Contrapoints? Most certainly not.

    Recent events
    >TFW no BF

    Since the creation of her new channel and her first video, Theryn has uploaded four more videos (of which two have to do with a school project) in which she acts deranged and ”exposes herself” to her audience. In one video, she talks about her "problematic past while being fully problematic", and her latest video, she cries because none of her lovers are committal while asserting that she loves being promiscuous and calls herself a whore.
    When creating her new Youtube account, she also created a new Twitter profile (HeyItsTheryn). It is now... you guessed correctly, suspended.
    In November 2018, she started an Instagram campaign called #Blendout which revolved around the subject of ”passing” (unsurprisingly, it features Contrapoints).
    blendout.png blendin.png
    In parity with the ”I love being problematic and promiscuous” shtick she’s got going on, she’s been uploading more semi-nudes of herself on Instagram lately:
    DxfPYxCXcAAY5Dq.jpg DxfPZOYXcAEv9pz.jpg ythou.png
    Social media
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Theryn-Meyer/1820703780 (http://archive.ph/hgXTw)
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heyitstheryn/
    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/therynmilka
    Twitter 1 (suspended): https://twitter.com/TherynMeyer (archive 1 & archive 2)
    Twitter 2 (suspended, no archives available): https://twitter.com/milkameyer
    Twitter 3 (suspended): https://twitter.com/TheTherynMeyer/ (https://archive.li/IsaQf)
    Twitter 4 (suspended): https://twitter.com/HeyItsTheryn (https://archive.li/64FGc)
    Youtube 1 (deleted): https://www.youtube.com/user/DominoDiaeresis (https://archive.li/IAMgc)
    Youtube 2: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVasp64N6SxVD8Hf1RESi6w/ (https://archive.li/maJxv)
    Therymeyerinstagram.png therynsoundcloud.png
    TherynAsABoy.jpg b106950ecd3fbf3c33c288ff4c7fbaf0bc90ddf7.jpg

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    #1 ATaxingWoman, Jan 25, 2019
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    ATaxingWoman Professional Zombie Hunting Tax Investigator

  2. God yes. I'm surprised this crazy tranny doesn't already have a thread. He is just getting worse and worse.
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  3. Thank you for your work @ATaxingWoman you did a very good job at depicting Theryn’s change.

    No matter how much Theryn tries to change for Nyk, Nyk will never love anyone more than himself. Theryn trying to attach herself to him is only going to end badly.
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    JambledUpWords Gorl who loves orange chicken

  4. Saw this person pop up here and there in youtube circles I had a passing interest in. She never stood out much other than being trans and agreeing with some controversial opinions. It doesn't surprise me that she's caught up in a vortex of confusion. I don't think I heard an original thought come out of her mouth on the shows I saw her.

    It's a bit sad, really. A person desperate for an identity that fills their head with other people's opinions until conflicting thoughts just fragments their mind into incoherent mush. Oh well, hoping for a fun thread as this life goes the way it goes.
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    #4 SugarSnot, Jan 25, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2019

    SugarSnot You will not want it after reading the tags.

  5. Theryn is certifiably insane and I'm convinced her constant flip-flopping, complete mental breakdowns, and DFEing/getting banned are caused by unmedicated bipolar manic-depression. It doesn't help that she always winds up in lolcow-filled drama cliques like the MRA's or pseudo-intellectual youtube SJWs and has next to no critical thinking skills.
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    Feline Darkmage

    Feline Darkmage Gay Anime Cat
    Staff Member Moderator True & Honest Fan

  6. Check out this comment about how transitioning was introduced in South Africa, from one of the Lactatia threads here on KF:

    Fun Fact: The first instance of a Government providing HRT and SRS was during the Cold War the South African Army turned their gays into troons to get rid of Homosexuality in their army.

    They did this because they found out it was the only way to cure Homosexuality as all other methods failed.

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    Nykysnottrans Repeat after me: I am beautiful.

  7. I'm not surprised that she finally got a thread, I even tried to find if she had a thread here on here yesterday whilst I was reading through the Contrapoints thread and was surprised to see that Theryn didn't have one but I had a feeling it was going to come sooner rather than later. I just didn't know how soon.

    This also reminds me how a couple of years ago, a friend of mine was talking to me about how they were friends (I would say that they were probably more acquaintances but whatever) and how she spoke shit about Blaire White in a couple of their chats (this was during the period when she and Blaire were friends). It's a shame Theryn turned into what she is now, I use to enjoy her content on YouTube even if I did find a couple of her videos cringy.
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    #7 Nice User, Jan 26, 2019
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    Nice User

    Nice User A very nice person.

  8. Theryn is undeniably unhinged.

    There is no way in hell anybody can convince me that there aren't mental health problems.
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  9. She's a tranny. It goes without saying that there's mental health problems.
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    Nice User

    Nice User A very nice person.

  10. Theryn has become quite the mascot for that notion ...

    But for shits and giggles, let's take the "tranny" part out of the equation: Theryn is still mentally unhinged. She displays abnormal behavior by everyone's standards. Trans or not, I think Theryn is a disturbed individual.
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  11. Nyk claimed at the time that Theryn lost her audience because she began criticizing the alt right. That is simply not true. She lost her audience when she got booted from Twitter for bullying Riley Dennis. A person Nyk once defended against Theryn and Blaire criticizing him. Theryn got back on Twitter because she realized that she could not survive as a vlogger if she didn't regularly get herself involved in some kind of social media drama she could exploit for financial gain. Her account is a drama account and she knows that is her fore. I chuckled when Nyk said of Theryn, "she is too smart for right wing pandering". Well Nyk, maybe she is too smart for you too. What did the scorpion say to the otter? Theryn exploiting her friendship and later relationship to Nyk also plainly smacks of self promotion and exploitation.

    Nyk and Theryn are both very narcissistic but I don't know yet who is manipulating whom here. Is Theryn manipulating Nyk or is Nyk manipulating Theryn? They are both love-bombing eachother hard, and getting lovebombed by their audiences in return who are witnesses to the courtship, as narcissists are prone to do with their target (they love-bomb their pray to passify them) but when you are dealing with two narcissistic personalities it is hard to tell who has the upperhand in such a codependent relationship nexus. It's too easy to assume that Nyk is Theryn's Personal Jesus and SJW cult guru. Because the fact is that Theryn was getting married, and Nyk was basically just her side-bitch for the duration of her bachelor party-period, only Theryn decided to extend the bachelor party and cancel the wedding. So who is using whom here? I think it is best to leave narcissists to themselves. The more narcissists pair up with each other the better it is for the rest of society being spared the damage that narcissists usually cause in their relationships. As for Nyk's obviously sexual relationship to Theryn, Theryn started out as a homosexual boy before transitioning, so Theryn falling in love with Nyk is nothing unusual for Theryn. Nyk on the other hand admitted in one of the now deleted pre-transition Livestreams having absolutely no homosexual experiences whatsoever pre-transition and being "pretty much straight" (though Nyk did alude to being a trannie chaser pre-HRT and was also streaming trannie porn on Blogtv before his audience during his streams), so I guess Theryn is basically "breaking-in" Nyk.

    Don't worry, Blaire herself was making fun of Theryn being such a bimbo:

    I almost regret that the meeting in Vancouver didn't take place in its original line up so that it would turn into a bunch of catty bitchy transwomen frenemies fighting eachother with Blaire dominating everyone in her typical take-no-prisoners domineering style.
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    #11 Nykysnottrans, Jan 27, 2019
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    Nykysnottrans Repeat after me: I am beautiful.

  12. ContraPoints is a disingenuous asshole.

    I started to turn sour on Theryn fast when she completely flipped out on Roaming Millennial in some livestream discussion about a year ago. Some Alt-Right faggot said something about conversion therapy for LGBT individuals, and Roaming Millennial very plainly stated, "I would like to say that I don't stand by ANYTHING that this person is saying," and then Theryn completely trooned out on her, saying she's basically Alt-Right because she once interviewed Richard Spencer. Theryn was literally screaming at her.

    Yes, because interviewing someone means that they agree with them? What the hell? If you are a journalist, then OF COURSE you want a high profile interview like Richard Spencer (who is a nobody at this point but was a big name in 2017, but I digress). It was unfair what Theryn did to Roaming Millennial.

    Shortly after that livestream, Theryn made that pro-nonbinary video, and I was 100% DONE at that point. Since then, Theryn has acted like a damn lunatic.

    Also, that video with Blaire is fucking hilarious. I miss when she was more savage against these idiots. She was a lot more entertaining back then.
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  13. That was on Lauren Southern's Electric Boogaloo Livestream with Nick Fuentes, who was 18 years old at the time and an Alex Jones fanboy clone, of course he's gonna say some dumb, uneducated shit. Nyk, who refuses to debate TERFs and Natsees in principle, nevertheless joined that Livestream with Lauren and Nick Fuentes at Theryn's request (gotta violate your political principles to get a taste of that sweet sweet ladydick), but he got triggered by Fuentes, lost his shit and left the stream early, leaving Destiny and Theryn behind alone to fight the Natsees for him:

    Theryn and Nyk both need to STFU about that Roaming Millennial's interview. Errol Morris, one of the most respected liberal documentary makers just did a docmentary about Bannon where he basically just interviews him, and it's the best political documentary that came out last year, no matter how you feel about Bannon being "the reincarnation of Goebbels". Errol Morris too got a lot of shit for interviewing Bannon for his documentary, so it's typical how these SJW types gave Lauren Chen the same treatment. Nyk/ContraPoints already took Lauren to task for that interview himself, he surely did not Theryn as his lapdog/attack dog for backup. Lauren Chen might have interviewed Richard Spencer but Theryn herself is BFF with Lauren, a far right provocateur who is literally not allowed to enter certain countries for being a known provocateur with foreign intelligence agencies. I don't wanna get all conspiratorial here but I always wondered whether Theryn herself is also under surveillance or banned from travelling to certain countries for being closely associated with Lauren. When Lauren and Theryn were on Rebel Media they used to collab on videos together, so it was long known that Theryn was close associate and colleague of Lauren's, there was even a video of them getting drunk together in bed (with their clothes on) on a Livestream that was later taken down. I also wonder whether the SJW flipflop with Nyk was meant to throw the intelligence agencies off, with Theryn pretending to completely denounce the views that she has long shared with Lauren but eventually that got Lauren in trouble with intelligence agencies.
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    #13 Nykysnottrans, Feb 2, 2019
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    Nykysnottrans Repeat after me: I am beautiful.

  14. When it comes to such flip-flopers I often can't tell if they're genuinely that unhinged and can't stop resorting to extremes and 180 degree turns, or is that just opportunism for personal gain or social favours. Either way better stay away from them
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  15. In my opinion there's a pretty obvious distinction that I'm not sure how to articulate. I just kind of know it when I see it. Theryn would be an example of the unhinged flip-flopper because she seems motivated by some deep insecurity and freaks out all the time. Where-as there is an obviously more cynical and exploitative kind of flip-flopper that does it for personal gain usually politicians like Romney or Clinton but a few people who have threads on here would fit, but I'm drawing a blank on who. Maybe Ian Chungus?
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    Feline Darkmage

    Feline Darkmage Gay Anime Cat
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  16. This was actually really cruel and unethical. Gay men were forced to have their genitals multilated. I don't think you can call these poor men troons.
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    Sinners Sandwich

    Sinners Sandwich Eid, Pmurt, Eid

  17. To think I used to be sympathetic to this person. Well shit, times have changed.
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    #17 Alex Krycek, Feb 3, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2019
    Alex Krycek

    Alex Krycek One Eleven and Oh...

  18. Been there before with Dr. Peterson till he decided to wholeheartedly back Carl Benjamin out of principle when that pos has none.
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  19. Should all South Africans troon out to get that sweet refugee status?

    Also lmao at being "wedded" by Peterson. To clean your room in sickness and in health.
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  20. Its funny, I remember watching her way back when she started, then sort of the beginning of her ride on the crazy train, but the actual decent I had been unaware of. Kinda sad to see how things have gone, but shes got no one to blame but herself.
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