TheTriforceKid vs. OHLA Hiddell - Tard fight

Who is worse this guy or OHLA Hiddell?

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i deff dont see why anyone would feel ashamed of that dick.
btw, do you fingerblast bitches with your devil breaker?
also, are you so obsessed with robotnik because you literally are him, right down to the physique
At least it's not inverted.
Mah Belleh is teh biggus like the chungus. I'm working on it, though. Just slow-going BECAUSE AH LIKE TO EAT.
It's got a vibrate setting. Sit and spin on it.
I thought you were dumb when I saw your shitty posts in Ken Penders' thread, but this makes me think that you're dumber than dumb.
And BTW, you're not getting that job at IDW, you delusional manchild.
There's a position available? QUICK! CALL SOMEONE WHO CAN WRITE COMPELLING STORIES! Like, Stephen King, or Piers Anthony!

Exigent Circumcisions

This little piggy is reeeetarded.
True & Honest Fan
he's been losing so badly he had to vote, himself, to get even ONE against his target victim, and from what I'm seeing, he's created alt's to try and increase the numbers in his favor. It's weaksauce at best, pathetic at worst.
I ticked both boxes, tbf. Maybe he had a flash of self-awareness, making that an option.

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