Thing that personally piss you off. - So, yeah as the tittle says, what pisses you off

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I feel similarly. Byzantine history is fascinating, but even today it doesn't get as much airtime or interest as many other empires. Seems like a big oversight to me, especially if you're trying to understand the evolution of Christianity or the whole of Europe.

And now for something completely different ...

Overwritten Black Library novels. Some are better and some are worse, but the majority of them seem horribly purple-proseish to me, and it really grates. I like the story and I'm interested in seeing what's happening, but I keep running into these thickets of description.
I'm guessing it's the 'Rosy fingers of dawn' type stuff?
Incorrect people defending their incorrect statements with a wishy-washy sentiment along the lines of 'all opinions are equal'. No, they're not. Objectively wrong opinions exist. If you say, hypothetically, 'I think the sky is pink', you are wrong.

I also dislike the way Western granola-girl/hippie-dude types talk about karma, but I can't be bothered to write an essay on why karma is a depraved moral system at the moment. Maybe I'll dig up a passage from a now-defunct blog I used to read, the author explains it better than I ever have.
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People who let their big aggressive dogs run around the neighborhood without any leash, tether or supervision.

There's this trashy asshole in my neighborhood who has a boxer breed that does this. The dog has charged, showing it's teeth, growling and barking at me and some of the little kids in the neighborhood. He's been told multiple times to watch his dog, that it's aggressive and is scaring the kids and threatening others. He doesn't listen. Complaints have been made to animal control. He doesn't listen.

I caught the guy once after the dog charged at me and tried blocking my path, got pissed off at it happening all the time, told the guy people are done fucking around with him, told him that this is a warning that next time it happens, I'll consider the dog a threat and shoot it, he needs to keep the dog leashed outside. Now I'm the supervillain according to him.